How to Repair a Door Lock. THE EASY WAY!

How to Repair a Door Lock. THE EASY WAY!

00:09 Shane Conlan: Gidday Knuckleheads, Uncle
Knackers here. Do you know what I hate and find really frustrating? It’s when you have
trouble inserting a key into your door locks. Follow me and I’ll show you what I mean. This
is what I find frustrating. You come home from work, you have a box of beer under one
arm and a pizza under the other, and the last thing you want is the hassle of being able
to insert your front door key into your door lock. The door lock’s a bit corroded, it just
makes it hard to get the key in. And once you do get the key in you can’t get it out
or it’s too hard to get out. Eventually you can get it out. I hate that! But wait, there
is a really easy solution that’ll work nine times out of 10, maybe even 10 times out of
10. 01:06 SC: I don’t know. Do I look like I’m
a mathematician? Don’t answer that. To fix the problem all we need to do is to squirt
some lubricant inside that slot where the key goes in. Now, I know it’s very tempting
to race out and get some WD-40 or something like that, a petroleum-based lubricant and
squirt that in. I’m sure that’ll work initially, it’ll work beautifully, but over time, because
it’s a wet petroleum-based lubricant, it’ll attract dust and grime and that’s not that
good for the lock. So, what you need to do, you need to get a dry lubricant, something
like a silicon spray or, in this case, a graphite powder. And graphite is a super fine powder,
and all you need to do is get a couple of squirts of this into that slot. Here we go.
Now, it’s a really fine powder, so it’s a good idea to get your face away from the lock
when you do it. 02:12 SC: So, give it a couple of puffs, like
that. You’ll see it coming out of the lock now. Now just grab your key and insert it
in and out of the lock a few times, turning it at the same time, and what that does is
that it distributes the graphite powder around the entire locking mechanism. So, let’s give
it a go. There you go. Few more times. How’s that? That is so much easier than before.
Do a couple of more squirts, like that. Grab my key. Look at that! That is beautiful. That
is fantastic. Now, because it’s graphite powder it’s very, very fine. So it might leave a
little bit of residue on the key for the first couple of times that you use this key. So,
just grab a tissue and just wipe it off. Just be aware of that before you put it into your
nice white shirt pocket or something like that. 03:33 SC: So, there you go. That’s how you
fix a sticky door lock. Great tip Knackers. Oh, yeah, don’t forget, if you thought this
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69 Replies to “How to Repair a Door Lock. THE EASY WAY!”

  1. Thanks for letting me know about the sub button CrisTooR. I hadn't noticed. How slack is that? Cheers mate ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Now I have to go around all the neighbours to see who has a lock they cannot open, to see if this handy hint works. Thanx Knackers!

  3. Rhonda, you might be able to make a few extra dollars on the side. You'll be amazed how good it works! Cheers

  4. Hi Chandesh, mate, WD 40 still is good but not quite as effective long term as the graphite powder. Thanks for the comment mate. Cheers

  5. Would this also let the key turn? i'm having that issue… The key goes in somewhat fine but the lock doesn't turn when the key is in there. would this fix it?

  6. G'day Luigi, mate it wouldn't hurt. It would be well worth a try just as long as there isn't any mechanical damage done inside the lock. If there is mechanical damage then obviously the graphite powder would not help. Thanks for the question. Let me know how you go. Cheers.

  7. G'day Litz, the difference is that graphite powder is as the name suggests, a powder compared to WD 40 which is a wet lubricant. Both work very well. The only drawback with WD40 is that it attracts dirt and grime due to the fact that it is a wet lubricant. Try the graphite first and see how that goes. Call back and let me know how you go. Cheers

  8. Thank you for replaying to me. I'v got W-D40 from Halfords. i asked them for graphite powder but they showed me 3 or 4 different types of graphite powder so i didn't know which one to get lol, that's why i buy W-D40… but anyway thank you for replaying back.

  9. Wish you'd do a video on how to remove a broken key stuck inside a lock.. I've already found out how to do it (with a saw blade) but you make it so fun and humorous! The other peoples diy videos are boring.

  10. Just tried this yesterday, I had a key that was really having a hard time going in the back door lock. After a couple puffs of this stuff, it worked liked magic and my key was sliding in much easier than his was in this video. Almost did the WD40 a couple weeks ago but I thought better of it and looked up what to do for sticky door locks and this was the trick, it works.

  11. Hi
    I locked myself out my room my key won't work so I came to youtube before calling a locksmith when I saw your video thanks for sharing …
    I tried the Bobby pin the tiny ball came off inside the lock than, I took a butter knife between the wall and door I didn't think it would work because of the way my door frame was made but it did worked!
    Now I'm examining ' the lock' before I throw it in the garbage. I was ready to buy the stuff to put in the lock.. when I said let me take it apart and i got a tiny tiny flat head and jiggling inside the part u put the key while holding it upside down taking my time…. and to my surprise a piece of a paper clip fell out not the Bobby pin ball head!
    Huh interesting. …. anyway the key works fine now no problem now that I removed the object. I even taped the tiny paper clip on the door for the person who put it there.
    God bless

  12. Thanks Uncle Knackers! That totally worked. I was about to buy new locks for the front & back doors because the kids were having problems unlocking the door or pulling the key back out. Came onto youtube to find a DIY video for how to change your locks and luckily saw your video first. A little graphite lube that cost $2.11 instantly got my locks working like butter again. Awesome tip!

  13. I'm having a problem with my door, the lock button on the inside is jammed I tired clicking it to get it un jammed, no progress just remains jammed

  14. Can't believe this worked !!! – Lock wouldn't even accept a key much less let you get one out if you managed to get it in. We had resigned ourselves to the fact we would have to buy a replacement lock. 1.99 USD for a tube of graphite powder, and it is like a new lock. AWESOME VIDEO

  15. I didn't view your video until I already treated the key hole with WD40. Is there a way to remove that product before applying the graphite? What should I do?

  16. Smart! This is the first thing everyone should do before changing the lock or call a locksmith…W40 is a secret weapon.

  17. 1:53 – wow, it really made sense when I turned on subtitles (CC) to understand what you meant by "Payada"

  18. Who knows how many locks i snapped destroyed then replaced.I went n bought the graphite powder squirted it in there and you sir were correct.Thanks a bunch i subbed and liked…

  19. Thank you for this video. I was told to use oil that's used for Sewing machines, but that's a wet and sticky lube so never mind that. I have never heard of a powder lube wonder if you can get it here in Iceland

  20. Great video, ty for posting. Since my local hardware store was out of graphite lube I just covered my key with graphite from pencil. I covered key and inserted in lock twisted & pulled in and out a few times. I did the whole process about 10 times ( 15mins ) I found rubbing side of key so that side groove would absorb a decent amount of graphite was best along with top teeth.

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