12 Replies to “How to Repair a Split-Rail Fence – This Old House”

  1. Why did he fill the holes with just the old dirt? Why didn’t he use concrete or stone dust to stabilize the post?

  2. What a short term botched repair.Try treating the base of the new post and fill the hole with concrete. You'll find it'll last 20 years.

  3. Some drunk run off the road and destroyed my fence last night. Now I have to figure out how to make a new one. This is a good start.

  4. If you would just maaahhc that with a maaackah, love this show such great videos i learn something new each vid!

  5. When we install wood fence posts in the ground, we coat the wood that will be underground with foundation coating, then fill the hole with concrete… The fences have lasted well over 20 years as long as the the exposed wood above ground is protected with a stain, paint, or preservative.

  6. Not actually a split rail fence. It's a mortised fence. They call these split rail, but they're sawn rail, not split logs. Dern city folk!

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