8 Replies to “How To Repair Leaning Fences”

  1. Good vid. One thing to consider is that like you said in the beggining, sometimes the issue is wind. If you live in a windy area it might make sense to place strategic holes in the fence to allow wind to pass through and apply less pressure on the fence. It can be done in a tactful way that doesnt negate the usefulness of a privacy fence.

  2. Looks great, Nice work! I have never heard of putting screws to help secure the post in the concrete. Very cool! Keep it up!

  3. Thanks for posting this video! I have been searching Youtube for a video that reflects my wooden fence problem. Your video details the exact situation I currently have where there is a small exterior gate fence on the other side of my wooden fence that is leaning. What are yout thoughts on using a fence mender to secure the current defective post rather than inserting a new post? Also, can I reuse the current pix that are removed to assess the defective post? I ask this because my wooden fence was specially designed with each pix shape by saw to reflect a circular design.

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