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  1. Hello for everyone who is skeptical about the strength of the this type of fence its stronger than you think my personal fence at home is built similar and still standing strong after 7 years no issues. Would a pole with concrete feel stronger? Yes it would but that doesn't mean this type of fence wont work this fence is designed for people on a BUDGET. To build a fence with with poles concreted the traditional way you will spend at least 3 times as much money/time after labor and materials. I have built plenty of fences with and without concrete and they are all still standing any who doubts me is welcome to come see this exact fence in the video located in Casper WY which has brutal winters and high wind and see that it has absolutely no issues. That being said if you have no budget restrictions then a tradition fence with concrete might make more sense for you.

  2. Good job. What makes me laugh is when you string the line to install the pickets at the same height. You can see in the background that the previous installed didn't take the time to do the same.

  3. I'm using this method soon to repair my leaning fence, plus Manny's recommended brackets as well..I'll shoot video and post it here when I get it edited.

  4. Excellent video. I have watched several videos on how to fix a broken fence and I like this method the most.

  5. I like scrolling through the comments and finding all the "professional"opinions from all the haters.. lol. Im sure he tried to sell them a new fence. Get the work, do what the customer wants, get paid and move on. Everyone cant have a beautiful, 6ft, all cedar shadow box fence guys….jesus!

  6. What you've just did.. is paching up a fence..is ok for temporary use.. but at the first powerfull wind those poles will endup bent or will drop down ..same as the fence. Make it as it should to be made.. strong and to last a long time.

  7. The wind knocked down a section of my fence. This video helped me out a lot. I did not want to put up a whole new fence because sometimes idiots tag the fences in my neighborhood. I rather just fix it as needed.

  8. You know the expression "putting lipstick on a pig"…? This didn't need a "repair", it needed a replacement.

  9. God I hate wooden fences. They're easy and cheap to put up, look good for a few months, and then you have to deal with years of ugliness and maintenance. Next fence I put up will be plastic or composite.

  10. Cheap doesn't have to look this ugly. And those brackets are not cheap either. Last I checked they are about the same price as a bag of concrete. So six brackets would be the same as six bags of concrete, but you only need two or four of those. Then the pipe is a few dollars more than a 4×4.

    Take the time and do it right.

    Oh and that picket pounder costs like 20 bucks so add that too. Add the cost of caps. LOL. A must since you don't have any drainage at the bottom of the pipe. Water will stay in there long after everything else dries up. It will and up rotting the pipe way before its time.

  11. On ok quick fix. But please use Call Before You Dig before you drive anything into the ground. i assume in this kind of tight housing development there might be city water, sewer or even electrical. Trust me you don't want to drive pipes through any of those.

  12. I assume the client just wanted a fast fix, cause this fence looks pretty bad.
    The new wood is going to look odd for several years too, unless the whole fence is power washed and stained.
    Heres a huge hint for you to make this quick fix easier. Dig a shallow hole where you will put the new posts, then soak the the ground well. Do it again if needed. The soft soil will make driving the posts far easier.
    While post w/o concrete can work, they will never be as strong and stable.

  13. This method works well IF your soil is NOT composed of High Iron, such as Red Dirt. High iron will rust the post off within a few years (technical term is "Cathotic Cell" in which the Zink (AKA Galvanized Coating) the protects the steel post sacrifices itself to "Protect" the iron in the soil then continues to Rust out the rest of the steel) and you will have the same problem. It's always best to concrete any mental post in the ground. Wooden posts rot off because they are concreted in and when the concrete dies it Shrinks,,,leaving a small gap between the post and the concrete where Water stays and rots the post.

  14. How about using either pressure treated wood or cedar, or redwood to do the splice nd repair…………………………….

  15. By the time you do all this i can build a new fence…or even faster a section..
    If fence rotted is because it either need replacement or new post / section…

  16. It would take too long to put up a new fence.
    You don't use pressure treated wood to battle the elements?

  17. why not spend an extra 30 sec on each post in the first place and slope the concrete away from the base of the post so water doesn't trap there eventually rotting the base. they don't snap off at ground level ten years later then. Really simple but most fence builders don't?

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