16 Replies to “How to Replace a Rotted Fence Post”

  1. This was a very helpful video. I'd have never thought of cutting the post to make it easy to reove the backer rails. Also, the tips on putting it all back together made it easier than I thought it would be. Maybe the best tip was to put the gravel and/or cement in AFTER getting everything back together.

    Oh, thanks to changes in EPA regulations the formula for pressure treating chemicals has changed and it provides no protection to anything in contact with the dirt. I wish the stooges that put the fence up five years ago had bothered to sett all of the posts in concrete or gravel.

  2. They should have turned off the home owner's mic while he was working. Savage breathing and nose whistle.

  3. Wouldn't coating the post with Jasco or that copper spray stuff etc etc help make it more moisture/mold/rot/termite resistant?

  4. I"m definitely not putting any wood back in the ground like that. Even with the stone dust as drainage. It holds moisture and wood doesn't like that ever. I have a fenced in back yard with 15-20 year fencing. All posts placed in concrete have rotted at the concrete/dirt line. I'm simply digging out the base, cut it flush where it rotted. Pull the bottom part out and fill the hole with concrete and a metal post holding bracket. It will never rot again!!! If it sags or tilts. Pop the nails out of the metal base, dig it and level it then re-nail. Maybe the lack of concrete is helpful for future renovations or changes. I'd rather not have to replace due to rotting. That seems wasteful. But maybe the metal with rust in 30 years?

  5. How would you fit a post into really soft ground in a really windy area? Not a year goes by where the fence doesn't come down.

    I have tried;

    Back filling with soil
    Back filling with stone packing material
    Filling the hole with post mix.

    The only thing I can think of that I haven't done is using concrete posts.

    It is a 6ft fence and I have gone as far as a 3ft foundation but still it comes down.

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