39 Replies to “How to ride horse in Hindi / tricks and tips /by street star”

  1. घोडे को ट्रेनिंग कैसे दे…… मेरे पास अभी 11-12 महिने का बच्चा है /

  2. मुझे एक गोड़ी खरीदनी है बच्ची प्लीज बताना

  3. Horse age should be 30 months thats 2.5 years …this horse dont seem to be of that age . May God bless this horse .

  4. His reins are very short to the point where the horse is jerking his/her head back. If that horse is wearing a bit it could really being hurting the horse. Also, your feet shouldn’t be that close to the ground. That horse is way too small for those men. I hate to be seen as rude or be rude , but this cold really hurt the horse. The horses back is dipped a lot. These men are too much for the horse.

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