[HOW TO] SAFER Bitless Horse Riding with Holistic Horse Trainer Missy Wryn

[HOW TO] SAFER Bitless Horse Riding with Holistic Horse Trainer Missy Wryn

my right handsome I need you to step forward so I can get soon as I ask I release he takes that step perfect you are so perfect you are just the perfect horse in all the world alright let's step away step away from the mounting block and a1 rain stop oh nice to lose that's a nice spectrum can I love you on this side oh very good very good so I like my girth just a little bit a little bit loose I don't like a super tight girth you're a good rider your saddle will stay in place and you want to learn that balance I don't want a real tight girth how would you like to have a tight girth on here around your stomach around your chest that's no fun and oh isn't that nice see I just tucked in my body pulled in my belly button to my back and I pushed down on his brake button which is actually right back here is his brake button so when I push into that seat that automatically gets him to stop and so I squeeze with my legs forward we go hands forward to be have a loose rein I do a little neck and a little direct rain and we're going to do a little side pass to the gate don't get your bum over there there we go so I turn that neck a little bit so I can get the bum over there there we go side side sorry the missus all bitless forward we go so you can have your dressage moves you can have your dressage riding bitless just take the time and work with your horse do a half pass so I'm just using my leg using the rain a little bit to tilt Tim good boy and turn sit back and turn nice turn on the forehand very good and go so you see this all-in-one works just like a bit wood but without a piece of metal in the mouth here nice got your foot in there that's alright where'd we go good boy how call him he was about that forward so you just asked me to go forward and then pick up that energy and move it sideways okay so see how we've cut that route right there get over good job good job good boy Stefan huh watch the right knee on that tree see on the arrow that trail is so I pick up my right rein my right leg keep him off that tree good boy now allow him to have his head he needs his head to be able to run and to pull up now left ring left leg thank you don't want your knees in the trees good job brain left leg okay now we got a big hill to run here wait attaboy attaboy good job man good job nice and loose rain make sure I had enough rain to just guide him because there was that log off to the side and I needed him to shoot through that log that was cut didn't want him running into that one on the left so I made sure that it picked up that left rein left leg a little bit moved him over to the right remember horses move away from the pressure so if I pick up my left rein left leg he's gonna move away from that pressure going to the right it seems counterintuitive but once you've done it a few times in your horse response it becomes second nature so now we got this nice slippery hill so I'm gonna be leaning forward I'm gonna suck my belly button towards my back and I'm gonna lean forward on Paco and squeeze with my knees to balance myself and allow him to work his way down so I'm out of my seat just tiny my bottom is just barely touching it that way I can wiggle with it he's slippin and slidin I don't want to go through the tree so when I ask him over here atta boy atta boy crouch down a little bit more for him there you go there you go good job Paco good job so I'm out of my seat just standing in my stirrups bent knees crouched body oh look at the dance of the Dragons whoa and the butterflies yes into we go let's get deeper so that you can get water but my foot yeah use my office darlin this is where the world is right I love you too bumpin my foot you're so funny I miss kits in that on the camera ah feel good on your feet wash that muck up yeah wash the muck out of the booth nice and is sufficiently fueled you need a bite or two of some grass anybody watching us something I love that mr. small the world are you ready now shall we shall we head up ready you just at the beginning you well we're just about the end of our trail training really easy as you can see you need to just work with your horse in the arena spend time on the trail lotty dine doing your side past your half pass on the trail that's gonna help you maneuver the trees your horse understands side pass and half baths you can see it doesn't take a bit to do it you don't need a bit to control your horse control is through the relationship and knowing your one rain stop and a one rain stop oh good just like that no big deal you're on a runaway horse you just pull slowly and slow them down as they're going sideways with their head I never want to pull hard cuz you flip them over you drop them so you just go slow and I've had that happen little saws are one time he got spooked and we were on a logging road and he got spooked by people that were in the in the forest with their dogs and they're yelling at their dogs it was just mayhem for them not for me little Suzy got spooked oh listen motorcycle or ATV behind us I think we got out of here just in time I think they're behind us we need to get up here and turn around turn around back up nope you're good you're good here let's just go up in here there they are okay they don't even see us yeah a TVs and a little kid all right good they're not even on our trail good job okay I wanted to capture one more thing going down over the route that I came up you gotta see this so you give your horse their head when they go down this thing I'm gonna try to tilt my helmet so that you can see standing up a little bit come on but we're gonna go down and down that route so I loosened I allow my horse's head and I'm standing in my stirrups with my knees bent good shot good job good job all right just wanted to show you that one last thing all right love y'all bye bye you

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  1. Thank you for sharing your videos. I think I have watched them all! Your ground handling methods and gentle training make so much sense. Love the trail riding videos. I see you have boots on Paco. Can you recommend the best hoof boots?

  2. awesome video!  ur horse is beautiful too wow !!  we have the same problems with bikers in our forest…they almost killed us a few times…  plz be safe out there

  3. What a beautiful place! I love your riding videos, wish I could ride my horses like that….someday…..I hope. BTW, I love my rope halter I bought from you, thank you.

  4. from what I know, you have to lean back, so it looks like your feet are nearly touching the horses head. do it so that there is one straight line in your body. that may look weird, but since you are keeping your balance neutral so the horse can easily move beneath you. this is what I heard from a true natural horseman

  5. Check out Federico Caprilli – he was the one that saved many cavalry riders lives by changing the method to leaning forward into the center of the horse's gravity. I hope this helps. Let me know if I can be of support to you in any way

  6. I disagree. Lean forward tucking your belly button back towards your spine and you'll find yourself in the center of your horse's gravity which gets you off their brake button which us under your seat. When riding down a hill you want to get off that brake button and into their center of gravity. I know it sounds counter-intuitive, but give it a try, you'll feel the difference and your horse will thank you for getting off their hind end.

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