10 Replies to “How to score an archery target | Archery 360”

  1. These informative movies would be brilliant if it weren't for the unnecessary "special effects" for the actors (Archers) and the annoying and intrusive music. The content is good enough – all that fluff and fart around the edges simply detracts. Someone needs to go on a media course!

  2. you left out the outdoor X ring origins and use. It is the most common question I have to explain to beginners. But other than that great informational video for people that are not familiar with the sport.

  3. On a compound bow indoor competition, the distance is 18 m, the 10 is 2 cm diameter, and the arrow is what diameter? Can you explain if there are limits on bigger or smaller diameter?

  4. This shows you which ring gives which score but it doesn't show you how to score the arrows. It's more important to give information on how to actually score your arrows during competition than what the values are as they are printed on the face so it doesn't need a lot of working out!
    The only really useful detail given here was the one about the "line cutter" but there's no info on which arrow to call first or in which order the arrows should be called in! This is not a video on "how to score a target" but more about the target faces themselves!
    If I were a beginner looking at this, it would leave a lot of unanswered questions!

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