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  1. if getting big air off the kicker you want to set them as wide as you can if you like your knees and lower back..

  2. Thanks for sharing.. I am 5'11" and I riding 18.5"(inside bolt to inside bolt) on my wake and kite boards. It feels ok.. I just thought other people might be interested..I am making my own carbon boards with a fixed stance option.. but I am looking at putting a T track in them in the future so you can change to suit..1 inch incrementing thread patterns are a bit limiting..

  3. Some people like a looser feeling board and some people like a more "locked in" feel. It certainly would be easier to switch back and forth between goofy and regular if you had them off. I would say you should try and ride your board both ways (fins off and fins on) and decide what you like more! When you purchase a wakeboard they come in all different fin configurations from 1, 2, 3 or 4 removable fins on each end… not to mention all the modeled in fin options there are! Find your style!

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