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  1. Now saw this video, Thanks for all the explanation on adjusting recurve bow and you made it so simple.

  2. Black bow, black shirt, black tablecloth. Difficult to see. Needs more contract. Yellow, white or light blue would bet better for one or all of the background elements.

  3. The bow is nice but I don't think that having all the extra equipment attached to it would do for me. My bow is going to be used for practicing anyway and all the extra attachments would make it unusable for me.

  4. I know it's an older post however I'm a beginner to the sport and I found the vid extremely informative and very helpful I've added it to my favourites…..Thank you for it.

  5. I prefer bareback but International is great. Plus International means more choices. How would you say international holds up if you get it wet?

  6. I purchased a Take-Down Hunting recurve.
    Wish I had known about this video then…would have have answered a lot of questions and issues.
    Though I'm not sure what the "clicker" is for…but I would imagine it wouldn't be used for hunting.
    Will definitely keep this for future reference.
    Great video….THANKS For Sharing..

  7. am a bit confused about setting the nocking point: you said set the TOP of the BOTTOM nocking point 1/4" ABOVE square. In my mind that means the arrow is going to be aiming down a bit? or have I got that wrong?

  8. Thank you for this video! It explained so much to this relative beginner. I had a local shop set up a new recurve bow that I purchased from them. I noticed it was rattling when I shot while no one else's bow did. I asked one of the guys who sets up bows there why it did this, and he just said some limbs do that. Then I heard your "sounds like a bag of bolts" explanation of a brace height that is too small and decided to check it out. Mine was 7-1/4 inches for a 66" bow! They have been listening to me shoot at their indoor range twice a week for two months and never offered this as a solution. I twisted the string until it was 8-3/4, and now it's quiet when I shoot. I went through the rest of your video and made sure the rest of my bow was set up correctly. Tiller was good, alignment was good, plunger was good, but nock was off. Again, thank you so much for this video.

  9. 18:33 Stabs himself with the stabiliser…

    I'm good at archery and even I didn't know this technique. Must be some awesome ninja skill or something

    It's called sarcasm. Chill.

  10. also, left handed bows are actually right handed. we've all been lied to so we can be sold wrist guards and whatever else…your bow if right handed should load from the right. this prevents all arrow injuries if they break on release. also, then when you use both of your eyes to aim, the arrow lines perfectly up with your aligning eye. and seems to illuminate that paradox

  11. Is the nock point setup (1/4 inch above 90%) the same for traditional off the shelf archery? Thank you.

  12. Great instructional. I fully respect the need for the detailed tuning for a target bow, I kind of like the simplicity of traditional style as there's less detail in tuning. Of course there is still tuning to be done but gosh how much more simple.

  13. hi, fantastic video, as a new archer just got my first bow, this is really helpful in showing me how to string a bow properly.

  14. excellent demo. so much more than a 'first bow' setup though. my first bow was a wooden Petron takedown bow, set up for me in the shop. a crappy plastic arrow rest. No extenders; rods; weights; clickers, or pressure button. No sight until I added one and no mention of tillering; brace height, or balance. just ut it together and shoot. This video explains loads. Im now looking to get my first intermediate bow. How much for that setup, as demonstrated?

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