9 Replies to “How to setup and tune an Olympic Recurve bow – Part 2”

  1. I always thought Changing the plunger stiffness from rock solid to average without touching its position obviously makes the arrow act weaker instantly. Thats why I was always confused with the stiff plunger tuning. My recommendation is to skip that part and jump to the walk back tuning part right after you done the bare shaft tuning with the arrows pointing directly to the front.

  2. How far the tiller bolts can go down in order to increase the poundage? My bolts were all the way down now. This was done by the staff member at a local archery shop but I don't feel very comfortable with it. Especially when I set up or take down the bow.

  3. Very helpful instructions, I have read a lot of tuning materials but this video shows the real stuff and explains the mechanism pretty well.
    Thanks for the sharing!

  4. I've always been a little confused with all the different theories regarding tuning my arrows. A great video so very well simplyfied hopefully I will give it a go tomorrow

  5. Awesome vids Chris!!! I have been a bit confused with tuning with the new setups I have now. These should get me set up right.

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