33 Replies to “How to Shoot a Bow and Arrow – My First Beginner Archery Lesson”

  1. “What has 18 legs and isn’t making another move? Your next move will be your last..” Thats what you say before you shoot. It’ll make you feel like Robin Hood

  2. Im wondering after you take out the arrow and put it on the string. How do u make it stay on the string and release the bow at the same time???

  3. Hi, I’m not quite sure but to me when you said “I also used a compound bow” I think it was a Geonisis training bow not a compound but can’t quite tell, there both similar but Geonisis bows wouldn’t be used as a bow that you would always use. I do archery as well by the way.

  4. I am glad I found another person who is left eye dominant I took a archery course at sleep away camp and I was the only one left eye dominant and everyone was facing one way while I was facing the other and then the teacher tried to give a demonstration and then she did it as if er left eye was dominant even though hers was right and she missed the target.

  5. I want to start taking archery lessons. I hope if I do, my instructor is like her. She seems very friendly and patient.

  6. Great beginner guide i found at youtube! Thanks to Tara to answer everyone questions… easy to understand

  7. you honestly dont need a tutor for this lol
    i taught myself with videos and basically forged forms into my own

  8. Been getting into archery after playing a few vr games that have make you use a bow and arrow, now I wanna try the real thing

  9. My friend just found my wooden bow that is actually for decoration. But then he can shoot it. Everytime when I try to shoot its just fall

  10. Did you set her up LEFT because she is left eye dominant or LEFT handed. (I'm also left eye dom but right handed).

  11. I tried archery as a teenager in the 80's and never became proficient because I was doing so many things wrong. thanks to your video and a few others it's all lining up now. many take social media for granted now but im very grateful for all the knowledge we now have access to.

  12. hey, i just bought my arrows and bow..i can pull it but the problem is my right arm.my arm is kinda weak and i cant point it straight..do u know how to strength it?

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