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  1. I've just tried this but used two fingers instead of one as it was more comfortable and wow in conjunction with your back tension video my performance has really improved. Thank you very much more imparting all this information. Keep up the good work sir

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you. This video made a world of difference to my shooting, went straight out and tried it out- and it does the trick- consisting . Digging deeper into the love of archery. Hosianna.

  3. Traditional chinese recurve use the bottom 2 fingers to hold the bow, and intentionally put torque on the bow in combination with mongolian thumb draw and rest the arrow on the right side to adjust arrow flight path.

  4. Traditional bows are full of soul . its more than just shooting . if its a hands made bow just for you I csn feel a part of the bowyer every single time i pick it up . your videos are very good . thank yoU .a

  5. I'm glad I found your channel… Just picked up the bow again after a few decades and I'm gonna keep it traditional so your vids are great on technique!

  6. I’m sorry, but I cannot agree with you on your recommendation about how to grip a long bow. It is proper form to wrap all of your bow hand fingers around the longbow grip. That is how longbow legends Howard Hill, John Schulz, and Byron Ferguson shoot (shot in the case of Howard Hill). I recommend John Schulz’s book called Hitting Them Like Howard Hill. In John Schulz’s video he recommends healing the grip. I have success shooting my Howard Hill longbow following John Schulz’s instructions.

  7. NOT A SINGLE THING RIGHT IN THIS VIDEO, not one mention of slings, no pressure point,no bob , pressure on the thumb ???hello arthritis

  8. So I've been shooting wrong for a loooonng time. I kinda just picked it up and started shooting. My groups at 20 yards was 10-15" groups and not consistent. I watched this yesterday and decided to try it out today as I was getting my second strings brace height set up. My first two shot with the new grip were dead center and 1" apart. My group dropped to 6" consistently. Thanks for helping me greatly improving my shooting. I'll put it to use tomorrow when I chase elk with my recurve here in Utah.

  9. Thank you Chris !!! Love ya your videos !!! I'm going to try that this week with my Hoyt Xpert. I'm a six months light weight virgin. I don't buy new but I am collecting the Greats from the sixties. My problem is with my Damon Howatt Contender and he's heavy in the hand, no wrist wrap. I already have a callous on my thumb after one month. I really enjoy shooting him but It's hard trying to extend my thumb not to hold the bow by holding my palm in place. I know I have conflicts with my brain and body automatically holding the bow with thumb. An instructor indicated to me that by holding the bow with my thumb will interrupt the shot. Any Suggestions ? There are not really any videos regarding the "Thumb"…Thank you, Michelle

  10. Thankx for the vid Clay, your absolutely right. I work as a carpenter. When I get home and shoot my whole upper body is beat. I noticed some of my shots were great, then every once in awile they were way off. I noticed i was just strangling my bow and holding to long. Once I made the change they dropped right in.

  11. I have always shot with my index finger wrapped around like you. But with eh heal of my hand more in contact with the grip. but with my wrist turned down just a bit so I am not healing the grip. I don't know if I explained it correctly. Always enjoy your videos. Thanks

  12. I appreciate these videos. I'm still trying to learn how to shoot my take down recurve my son bought me for Father's day. I'm determined to learn to do it unsighted and as close to "Old School" as possible instead of his style of the sighted compound, tuned, competition bow.

    Please keep these going. The finer points are helping me figure out what I'm supposed to be doing.

  13. I tend to have more of a full hand grip (not a death grip) with my wrist turned out a hair when I shoot my self bows. I will play around with your technique and see what kind of difference I notice… Maybe after elk season. Three days before opening weekend isn't the time to play around with my shooting style.

  14. have often wondered how you feel about native am style flatbows? the release is totally different than anything i've ever done before. i'm hankerin to cut one of my smaller staves i got left, from making the front bow on a penobscot into one. maybe go comanche style, i haven't decided yet. hell if i can poke holes in stuff, i'll have fun whichever i make. thanks for the tip. i have arthritis in my thumb/wrist joints so i keep looking for getaround's.

  15. Hey thanks for the tips, I've used all of the them. Getting ready to go elk hunting in Colrado tomorrow. I've shared a lot of your tips with my friends, thought I was crazy until they tried it. Thanks again. Larry Pullan

  16. Big fan of the channel, man. Hitting my first traditional bow hunt here this September for blacktail. Thanks for all the tips and tricks.

  17. Hi Clay, I had my first archery lesson recently and I'm looking at takedown recurves, any recommendations? Thanks

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