How to shoot a recurve bow (instinctively) (HD)

How to shoot a recurve bow (instinctively) (HD)

hey guys today I'm gonna show you how to shoot a recurve but it's just a standard recurve bow you can tell us a recurve bow the way the limbs are childlike but I did a video on my channel before let's delete it now of how to shoot a recurve bow before the things I said when I I've perfected my way of shooting so so I'm gonna show you how to do that my way there are many different ways but this is just my way and I find this is the best way for me just Matt in the wood stick let's hope no one walks fast so you need recurve bow some arrows a shooting glove or a finger tap and a brace because it hurts if the bowstring hits you're on the different parts of the boat you've got the riser which is this middle part here and then you've got the two limbs then you got the string and then you want the distance between the string and the bow to be about finger and thumb which mine is just under but we get laibach got the arrow rest here which is where you put your arrow hence the name when you knock an arrow basically putting on the strings for mocking with an arrow you have two three vanes fletchings if they were feathers they be fletchings with physical things when they're plastic have two yellow ones and a red one when you knock the error you have the red one or the different coloured one facing outwards when you hold your string I personally hold it with three fingers underneath the arrow like this but some people hold it with two fingers on the bottom and one on the top I just find that quite uncomfortable to shoot like that so I do threw things under so everything in artery needs to be very fluid and natural that's why it's called instinctive shooting you don't aim with a bow you kind of just basically guessing just but when you draw a I'm going to draw up all natural and just let go it has to be very fluid and just nice so when you do it you stand feet shoulder width apart facing sideways see your target I'm just shooting into hill of dirt because these are aluminium errors and I don't want to hit the tree because the ends will fly away if you doing wooden arrows you can shoot at trees because they absorb the shock better than aluminium yes British Allenby new when you that's my weed someone's fucking weak it's nice when you bring up you want to bring it up to your mouth corner of your mouth I use my middle finger people pick different anchor was still an anchor point on their face so you bring it up every time you go to the anchor point you keep both eyes open again this is instinctive shooting you're not aiming like a gun or rifle or whatever you bring it up arm lock straight out shoulders squared off and then right back to your anchor point like that and then let the shot fly as you can see when I shoot it's very fluid and natural so you just bring it up get a little bit and you'll get quite tight groups obviously it takes practice but the main things to remember so when you when you do you want to bring your bow up bring it back don't aim just look make sure the arrow is central though you can't like just look and hope the arrow will go in the middle and then be aiming over there it's mostly its practice the more you do it the better you'll get get at it like I've won trophies for artery and certificates and medals and it's just because I've practiced and I've perfected my way of shooting this may not work for you but I'm showing you what works for me and I'll show you my grouping in a second and this is just how it should I'm not taking the arrows out and putting them in all nicely so once again bring the bow up Anchor Point shoot bring it up I'm locked out anchor point shoot now that was actually quite a bad shot because I've had this flood for ages so as you can see there's not just in it so sometimes it catches but yes so it wants to be very fluid bring it up shoot none of this business like I said last time in my video if any of you saw that bring it up anchor point shoe and no matter what always look at your target look for the smallest part in your target so if you're aiming at an actual archery target you down for the little cross in the middle you wouldn't aim for the whole gold because this is saying as aim small miss small so the smaller target you aim for on a big target you're more likely to hit more big target if I make sense did that make sense yeah more or less yeah just I'm gonna do one more shot and we'll wrap this up so once again bring it up anchor point both sides open and then just stay there you basically want to freeze because you don't want to move and throw off the shot so just look right into the center of your target freeze you'll be good thanks for watching guys go yeah just tilt it slightly dress up as it didn't happen haha it's Ross wrong real man make sure that's central bring out good good shot now you want me to set myself yep you're older here on your own for this one it's alright yep kind of yep it's alright no one died you just hit the truth I've actually surprised that era didn't been for that school right well then turn again you sure yeah am i guessing New Era's anyway some nice cool didn't ones ever true this time okay no promises alright yes I am when you bring out let me let me coach Cheapside okay stop your child fun when you bring it up that means that like I didn't even notice that you put on top is I know that was me um when you do bring it back to the cornea mouth and then keep yeah that's fine good shot hey solo no let me try this again so along you sir it's all on you again again it's all you man you got this oh yeah you've got a bigger draw you've got a bigger draw length than I do so you're pulling the era back when you do it kind of so doing that kind of tilt the bow so that lays it stays on and it's literally just gravity for the back and that hurt to that glow make my own future yeah bushwell make your own bushcraft hello up with you be ready number two perfect hold on

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  1. His instruction is dangerous to his student. student has a significantly longer draw length so the short arrow is dropping of the shelf, risking that he will shoot an arrow through the hand. He should have had longer arrows available for a longer limbed archer.

  2. Hey it's your bow but you shouldn't use vaned arrows on a recurve because it'll throw the accuracy off and could damage the riser, you're supposed to use fletched arrows for traditional bows but you do you

  3. Hey man, I like your videos. You're in the UK right? Where do you do your bushcraft and archery? Im into all that stuff but have no clue on legal places to do it hahah xD

  4. Never used an arm guard. Your form isnt correct if you ever hit your arm. Recurve definition is that the string touches the belly of the bow.

  5. Also, is 29" draw length considerd XL? I was going to buy the samick sage and the description says for draw lengths over 29" inches long to get the samick spyder XL

  6. Thank you. That was both fun and informative. Do you use a string nock? What are the advantages of having one?

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