How To Shoot A Soccer Ball With Power And Accuracy From Far

How To Shoot A Soccer Ball With Power And Accuracy From Far

hey everyone welcome to the video today we're going over how to shoot with proper technique from distance so 18 yards or more I'm going to show you exactly how to do it I'm going to give you some demonstrations of me doing it I'm even going to give you a diagram of where you should hit the ball how to lock your ankle and all that that's coming up next okay guys I'm going to give you a few examples here what proper technique looks like in these examples I'm mainly just looking to hit it properly I'm not necessarily looking to putting in the corners but a few of them like this one will end up going there so the first thing you want to remember when you're shooting from distance and you're trying to apply proper technique is you want to concentrate on the contact of the bowl and your technique over power don't worry about how fast you're swinging your foot I mean I'm sure plenty of you have had moments where you've looked at the ball you had a rush of blood to the head and you just tried to swing as hard as you can don't do that focus on your technique it's not a very heavy ball if you hit the ball correctly you're going to get the power you want but if you swing your foot wildly at it you're not going to get the power that you want and in fact you will lose power by doing that so let's take a look at this example again you'll notice a few different components about it we're gonna look at it twice I'm going for contact over power here I'm leaning over the ball I'm locking my ankle and I know that I don't need to smash it I just need to contact I hit it almost perfectly and it goes towards the top corner now I am gonna show you a little later in this video what your ankle should look like and where on the ball you should be hitting so make sure you stay in for that now a lot of these examples you'll notice I'm also leaning over the bowl or my body is upright I'm never really leaning back as well take a look in this example my body is slightly forward or kind of upright when I'm making contact with the ball and you'll notice in these following examples I'm also doing that now something that's a little hard to tell is that I'm actually locking my ankle now it is a little hard to tell but if you take a look at some of the slow motion in slow motion versions from earlier or you just pause the video when I'm about to shoot the ball you look at it paused on the follow-through you'll notice that my ankle is locked and this is very important and we'll describe that a little bit later as well and you'll also notice like with a lot of these shots I'm not trying to smack the living crap out of it I'm just trying to hit it well and that's where you should be focusing on when you're practicing this technique when you're practicing your shooting focus on hitting the ball correctly do not focus on trying to hit you know hit it as hard as you can because ultimately that's going to end with you not getting much power okay guys so I've showed you some examples of shooting and now I want to show you the mechanics behind shooting so you can get a better idea in case some of you are not getting it from those clips so first and foremost when it comes to your feet which will use these cleats here as an example you want to make sure you're locking your ankle every single time when you shoot if you don't know what that means it basically means pointing your toes down and keeping it locked in that place throughout your whole shot you can definitely find some more material on that I don't have much time to cover in today's but make sure your ankle is locked the next thing is you want to be hitting it generally in this area of your foot now I want you to feel for the big butt if in that area look on your foot right now and look at the big bone on your foot or feel for it there's kind of a big bone that goes down your foot do you feel that that's where you want to be striking the ball with a locked ankle if you lock your ankle and hit it in this area you're going to get sweet connection on the ball most of the time however you won't if you're hitting the ball wrong so before I tell you how to hit the ball we first need to know where or what happens when you hit the ball and certain areas so start with the bottom what happens if you hit the bottom of the ball it goes up every single time the ball will pretty much go up if you hit it in this general area for shooting we don't want to do this so avoid that if we hit the top the exact opposite obviously happens it goes down now this might sound okay but I don't mean it goes straight I mean it goes down as and it hits the ground and bobbles sometimes this can be okay but you lose a ton of power if you do this so you want to avoid that too obviously if you hit it on this side here you're going to get spin going that way and if you hit it on this side you're going to get spin going that way so there actually isn't the worst thing getting that type of spin on the ball but it's not what we're covering today because we want to talk about good shooting technique from distance so we're going to be concentrating mainly on this middle area this is where you want to be hitting the ball okay if you hit the ball in this middle area with a locked ankle with the big bone of your foot here while also leaning over the ball you're going to get amazing shots most of the time that is what good technique looks like if you need some more examples of this just take a look at the examples I gave you and take a look at the slow-mo versions especially and also feel free to pause the video when I'm shooting if you want to see what my ankle looks like when I'm shooting where I'm hitting it on the ball and so on and that's really it guys if you can lock your ankle and you can use this part of your foot lean over the ball and hit the middle you're going to get some incredible shots trust me practice is a few times I also mention this in the examples but remember please remember this every single time is that technique technique always is better than power it doesn't matter how hard you swing at the ball if you swing as hard as you can at the ball and you're not using proper technique you will not take a good shot however you can use proper technique while swinging not that fast and still have a good shot alright guys I'll leave it there let's get on to the next thing okay guys so let's recap some things really quickly that I think are super important that you really need to remember the first thing is remember you do not need to try and hit the ball really hard if you try and hit it hard what's going to happen is you're not going to concentrate on using perfect technique or good technique which is going to mess up your shot concentrate always on technique that means focus on your ankle being locked leaning over the ball hitting the middle or upper middle to lower middle of the ball you know keeping that ankle lock through contact and just making good contact hitting it on the right part of your foot if you do all of those things correctly then you don't need to swing hard remember the ball isn't that heavy if you hit it with good technique it's going to go fast but if you swing fast and you hit it even a little bit off it's just going to go into either you know Rosie or it's going to go to the left or right at the goal and not go in so make sure you're concentrating mainly on your technique another thing is make sure you remember to practice this remember practice makes perfect and this is especially true because locking your ankle hitting the ball in the right spot comes down to muscle memory and the way you develop muscle memory is by doing it over and over again so practice your technique as often as you can I'd say at least three or four times a day just go out to a wall a net or something and just practice the technique you'll be surprised how well you hit it if you just concentrate on technique alright guys thank you for watching the video make 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and I'll catch you on the next one you you you

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  1. In this video, we go over how to shoot a soccer ball with power and accuracy from far away. When I say far away, I mean at least 18 yards away from goal. In most cases farther than that. Check out my FREE Ebook here:

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