How to Spin Like a Pro: Table Tennis Techniques

How to Spin Like a Pro: Table Tennis Techniques

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  1. i need to work on my rpg i can do it but its always a flick of the wrist i dont have a stroke for it so it lacks power it just has spin

  2. Salut Entraineur , je ne savais pas que tu parlais francais , bravo. Aurais-tu la gentillesse
    de publier les références des articles scientifiques , merci .

  3. Most european people even can not squat, not like asian people who always squat om their daily life… that is why, not many european players can apply "power from the ground" 😁

  4. Hi thanks for videos can you please teach how to reply under spin balls with top spin very fast like ma long?

  5. could you go over the principles of traditional japanese penhold please with example of maybe someone like ryu seungmin? thanks

  6. I think u exagerate a bit when u say young western players are told by their coach to play with a high speed blade as soon as possible. To go further, it's not exagerated, it is just wrong….. U should'nt criticize this much western school^^….. Anyway, i love your videos 🙂

  7. That's good material. Congrats for this work Coach EmRatThich. Science based comments for this real class! Thank you for your contributions.

  8. Thanks EmRatThich. Can you help me how to improve block in table tennis. This is my weakness, thanks!

  9. Sir i am a fan of your coach asked me to buy either joola carbon blade or butterfly blade . Please say me which I should want to buy

  10. Coach can tell me what to do I use yasaka allround plus forehand rubber is donic coppa gold backhand is Dhs c8 long pips I am just a beginner can you tell me what to do what should I learn first to play better

  11. Hi coach emrat. Wondering how soon you should start teaching your students from a simple forehand drive to forehand loop

  12. Holy cow!! This is way too interesting as for not to subscribe. Another jewel on the Internet. Thanks.

  13. Btt plzz take out a tutorial on how to get spin in serve should we use our wrist fastly or wht explain that plzz!

  14. Dans la plus part des cas, c'est la vitesse qui résulte la rotation de la balle. La notion d'accélération dans une petite intervalle de temps est absurde. La notion d'augmentation de la vitesse dans une petite intervalle de temps qui est similaire à une grande accélération est plus raisonnable. Il y a deux facteurs qui fait tourner la balle c'est le frottement et d'effet de catapulte qui résulte une force tangentielle appliquée à la balle. Le fait que l'on doit faire une grande accélération en touchant la balle est pour la raison d'augmenter la présion et la consistance de la frappe.

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