How To Stand Out At Soccer Tryouts

How To Stand Out At Soccer Tryouts

so you have this soccer tryout coming out but you want to make sure you do everything you can to ensure that you make the team in this video we are going over how to stand out at a soccer tryout hey what's up guys Dave here from simply soccer where we help you to improve your game and stand out on the pitch and on this channel we release daily soccer tips technique and training videos so if you haven't already make sure you hit subscribe and also hit that Bell icon so you're notified whenever we upload videos or do live streams let's face it there are sometimes 50 60 or up to a hundred players at tryouts all trying to get the attention of the coaches there this means it can be very very difficult to stand out even if you're one of the best players in the group you can end up having a bad game doing something the coaches don't like or you know a number of different things that don't allow you to be picked well in this video I'm just gonna give you some ideas that can help put the odds in your favor because when it comes to a trial it's not always the best player that gets picked which is the unfortunate case now the coaches want to pick the best players but if you're not showing them that you are the best if you're not standing out if you're not making yourself noticeable then it's going to be very difficult so let's go over some tips on how you can get on the coach's radar and how you can impress them during tryouts now first and foremost is you do need to make sure you are prepared for your tryouts I'm not gonna spend too much time on this because this is pretty self-explanatory and something you should already know but if you go into a trial unfit if you go into a tryout not prepared you haven't worked on your game it's going to show when you're there if you could only run for 10 minutes before your body seizes up and you're getting cramps or something like that then you're not going to make it so if you have a trial coming up in a month two months three months even a few weeks do everything you can to make sure you're in shape and that you're preparing for the tryout it's no good having a tryout three days from now on going oh crap I'm not in shape time to get in shape because that's not enough time to prepare just as a little side note there coaches will be able to tell if you're not in shape and they're not going to want players on their team that don't have the discipline in order to get themselves in shape in time for the tryout now this can be a little different if you're coming off an injury or something like that and in that case just try your best to get yourself in shape before the tryout comes up okay second piece of advice is you need to remain calm tryouts can usually be very frantic and full of a lot of nervous players be someone who is calm amongst the storm here if you are calm player you're level-headed you're confident and you're not getting worked up it's going to show as you're playing on the pitch do some exercises before the match to calm your mind do some meditation if you do that or visualization to get yourself in the right mindset and the right frame of mind because it can make a world of difference at your tryout again like I said they're gonna be many players there that are nervous that are going to feel the pressure of having to perform in order to impress the coaches if you can remain calm and keep a level head it's going to be to your advantage okay next is you need to play to your strengths I mean this should again should be something that's self-explanatory but you should not be trying you know to show off or do anything fancy play to your strengths if you're not a player who usually beats players one on one now is not the time to start doing that and if you are a player who does beat players one on one most of time now is not the time to stop doing that play to your strengths so if you're good at running at players and beating them you need to demonstrate that to the coaches if you're good at maintaining possession and not losing the ball you need to demonstrate that you know the coach is gonna be looking for different types of players and if you're trying to play to something that's not your strengths and the coaches see that they're just going to assume that okay that's what he usually does and he's not doing it that well so you don't want to do that play to your strengths and show the coaches what you can do and as a little side note make sure you play your position when they're selecting positions to do in the tryout tell them your position really quickly you know be nice and polite about it but stand firm that that is your position don't argue about it if they do end up putting you another position don't complain but try and get your position and stand firm with it because some players you know will just kind of be wishy washing – the key I kind of play here here and here if you're a strike though I play striker say that's your position and be firm about it because we want to be playing your strengths it's no good if you're a striker and they put you in center mid because those are two completely different positions so try and get your position in the scrimmage that's going to happen to showcase your talents and play to your strengths again this is not the time to be doing new things that you don't usually do okay next one is you need to work hard usually tryouts are one or two days and usually they're just scrimmages where they'll split the players into small teams or to large teams and have you play each other work your ass off bust along I mean you get one shot at this tryouts are held usually once maybe twice a year depending if the team has two seasons or one so you know leave everything on the field don't be the player who was lazy in their trial and regrets it later because they didn't work hard and there's two reasons for this if you work hard you can do more you'll get the ball more you can showcase more of what you can do and two coaches will pick up on whether you're a hard-working player or not a hard-working player and there's no coach that I know who likes lazy players I'm going to tell you that right now there's no coach I know who likes players like that they all want players who are hardworking they want talented and skillful players as well but I guarantee you most coaches will take a not as talented not a skilled hard worker over a more skilled lazy player so make sure you're working hard by the end of it you should be tired make sure you are make sure you're chasing the ball down make sure you're making the runs you know make sure you are tiring yourself out to the point where at the end you are tired because if you're not working hard coaches even if you're a good player may look at you and go well you know what we're gonna take the hard-working player over this guy even though he's more skillful next and this is actually a more important one than players realize because it's very important to make an impression on the coaches and one way to do that is communicate with your contemporary teammates and be a leader most of the times and I've fallen into this as well when I find myself at a trial with other players it's because not really anyone knows each other they're very reluctant to communicate with each other no one steps up and and Beyond becomes a leader but this is where you can step in and really get on the radar of the coaches by being the person who's vocal by being the person who's encouraging his teammates by being the person who's being the leader and I'm sure you'd experience this if you've been to tryouts where there aren't too many players who are being who are communicating you know if someone's on one of your teammates and they're about to get the ball tell them man on if they can turn tell them to turn if someone needs to get back to position get you know direct them back to position be the leader and you get on the radar of coaches coaches love leaders the more leaders in their team the better so this is one simple thing you can do in order to get the attention of the coaches now don't be looking at the coaches during the trial or anything ignore them but definitely be a leader and this they will notice this they will notice if you are communicating especially since most players are not you will literally stand out just from this one thing and then you just need to make sure you play well as well okay and final tip I'm going to tell you is take risks especially if you're an attacking player now your defensive players probably should not be taking risks if you're a defensive player make sure you just solid at the back you're doing your job well and you're demonstrating that you are a very good defender but if you're an attacking player you need to be shooting you need to be taking players on you need to be taking risks because if you're like a striker or a winger and you're not taking shots and you're not trying to score goals and you're not being direct at times I mean then what why would they put you on their team they're gonna want players who can do stuff for them that can be dangerous again play to your strengths but take some risks you have one or two days to show what you can do to these coaches don't be a ball hog don't try and show off that's not what we're trying to do be effective but again think of a trial as you advertising yourself to the coaches but you only have a certain amount of time you've like an hour or two to do it that means you really need to make sure you're doing things that are gonna help you you know stand out from the rest of the players there so beating players one-on-one if you can do it scoring goals and taking shots showing that you're not shy to shoot the ball trust me coaches will not mind that unless you're being really silly about it like taking 40-yard shots or shooting when the teammates in a better position but if you're 18 yards from goal and you have an opening take that shot if you have a person isolated one-on-one on the wing take them on you know you need to take the risks and show coaches that you're not afraid of attacking people of being direct of making things happen and trust me I've been a part of many trials where players are so nervous that they'll do one of two things they'll just get it and pass even when they have an opportunity to take a risk or they'll take too many risks and try and dribble through for people both are the wrong thing to do you need that balance you know you need to play smart but you need to recognize when you need to take risks all right guys so those are just a few tips to keep in mind for your next tryout try and make sure you incorporate all of these in there make sure you're preparing for your trial I'm just doing everything you can to stand out again there are some things on here like the communication thing that most players don't do and if you're doing something that most players are not doing and it's a positive thing it's gonna automatically put you at the head of the list of potential people they're going to want to bring on this isn't guaranteeing they'll bring you one because of this but again it's these little things that can really help you to stand out and once again it's not always the most skillful or best player that makes it it's the player that shows themself the most and shows up to the tryout but most or the best during that tryout phase remember you only have like a day or two or a few sessions to impress the coaches you have to do as much as you can in that limited timeframe that you have all right guys so question of the day is when do you have a tryout coming up let me know in the comments and also tell me which one of these do you need to work on the most you need to make sure you're communicating do you need to do some more preparation let me know all that down in the comments alright guys thank you so much for watching we do have other tryout videos that I made a long time ago and you can check those out if you want they go over some similar stuff to this one but there's some other stuff in them as well so you can check them out by checking out the links in the description make sure you share this video with teammates and friends so that they can get prepared for their tryouts also subscribe if you're new and like this video as well I'm gonna have two videos come across the screen now that you can check out to help yourself even more to become a better soccer player and remember to come back at 5 p.m. tomorrow for a brand new video this is simply soccer where we're helping you to improve your game and stand out on the pitch thank you guys so much for watching and good luck at your tryout

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  1. In this video, we go over how to stand out at soccer tryouts! Use these soccer tryout tips to make the team! Get my FREE Ebook "Game Changer" here:

  2. Tryouts in 49 days. I kinda wasted 12 days I was jogging and building up some stamina because Iโ€™m really unfit , today I finally had my first 30-40 minute interval/endurance training damn I feel sore. But I want to be a starter my school is small but we were ranked #8th in state last time and a lot of our graduates are off for college Iโ€™m gonna be a sophomore. Iโ€™m not that fit I lost 5lbs in 12 days Iโ€™m aiming to lose 20lbs more and hopefully I will be a starter. Wish me luck I have 49 days left to train until practiced and 54 until our first state tournament. ๐Ÿ’ฏ


  4. Iโ€™m having a tryout soon but one thing I have getting in my way is that Iโ€™m kinda chubby and I feel like people would be starring at me cuz of that and I start getting nervous ๐Ÿ™ any tips ?

  5. Everybody, one more tip that helps me so much is, "if you eat like crap, you'll play like crap." Make sure you eat right

  6. This did not help me on my tryouts at all, I got a really bad score, and I had the worst one to say least

  7. I stuff up every Time in tryouts but at home and school I am a boss that rainbows everyone, whereas at trials i can barely do a stepover

  8. Bruh Nashville is having a Barcelona camp thatโ€™s going to have professional drills and stuff and Iโ€™m kinda nervous

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