How To Start A Successful Handyman Business | Everything You Need To Know

How To Start A Successful Handyman Business | Everything You Need To Know

Hey friends Allen Lee here with honest Lee handyman services And I wanted to talk today about the steps needed to start a successful handyman business now I took some notes here So I wouldn’t forget I was thinking about this earlier today and I really think that these steps here are very integral in creating your own personal handyman business Number one what I would say that you need to do and that what has helped me. The most is surrounding yourself with like-minded people Now this doesn’t just mean you know Entrepreneurs or you know people that you know kind of have a better outlook on life, which those are great What I particularly mean by this is surround yourself with other people Who are interested in starting handyman business or have started handyman businesses in the past now? This is extremely hard Around your neighborhood or area because more than likely you only know You know a couple people in your neighborhood and most likely they are not in the construction field often time or sometimes they are You know, I’ve been blessed to know quite a few people in my church that are in the construction field but we have created a great online community on Facebook call it the handyman journey mastermind group on Facebook It is over two thousand people that have either started a handyman business or are interested in starting a hanger business So, that would be my number one recommendation for you to first join that Number two is you got to think about what kind of work you will do and this really includes a lot of different Aspects, you know, like what are your skills? What kind of tools do you have? What are your interests you know oftentimes when you start a handyman business you do a whole? Whole array of things so you do not need to start out Knowing everything because no one knows everything and if they do They’re probably lying to you if they do say that they know everything they’re probably lying to you So what I would recommend is start out with what are your skills, you know, maybe you grew up Knowing a whole lot about plumbing, or maybe you you know a whole lot about replacing garbage hoses Or maybe you know a whole lot about painting maybe you know a little bit about painting maybe you know a little bit about replacing garbage puzzles I would start off with what your skills are and what you’re interested in and start from there and move on from there Second aspect is to think about what tools do you have now? Obviously, you don’t want to go and start, you know building homes if if you don’t even have a hammer, right you can easily go buy a hammer, but It’s very easy to start off with the tools that you have at hand and then grow your collection from there So if you have the things necessary to paint for instance start offering painting services If you if you know how to do painting and you have the tools to do painting I would I would recommend start off Recomm, you know start advertising your painting Business and painting skills and then go on from there oftentimes you’re painting someone’s garage They might say hey, I also have a kitchen faucet inside that I need to be that needs to be replaced Can you do that if you can and you feel comfortable doing that then move on from there, and they might ask you You know to do jobs where you don’t have the tools for or even the skills there are plenty of ways to learn about the skills one of those being the the mastermind group on Facebook as Well as other mentors and other construction training courses like that as well And then there’s always ability to go out and purchase the tools that are needed I would recommend buying the tools as you need them rather than buying them all upfront and then waiting to use them because there’s nothing worse than Having two thousand dollars worth of tools in your trailer and not even using them rather than have two thousand dollars worth of tools in your trailer and you’ve used every single one of them because you’ve only bought them when you Needed them. That would be my recommendation is And and another another thought of you know, should you start out with debt or no debt? I would always say start out your business with no debt. That’s why I always say Purchase the materials as you need them purchase the tools as you need them. Don’t go and buy a whole bunch Don’t buy a new truck. Don’t buy a new trailer use the tools that you have in the accessories that you have I know people that have started a handyman business and all they have is a Prius You strap the ladder on the top throw some tools in the back and you’re good to go One guy started out with a Camry Toyota Camry. You can start out with whatever tools you happen and buy tools I don’t only mean, you know, the tools like a hammer and a wrench and a screwdriver Tools including trailer car truck things like that. Those are tools as well. So start out with the tools that you have In your arsenal and move on from there So when the time comes that you need a bigger tool or a bigger truck or a bigger trailer go out and purchase those Don’t buy those upfront when you don’t need them buy them when you need them The second one is after you figure out what kind of jobs you will do do some market research on Your particular market and the skills that you’re going to be putting out into your market So this market research? You know includes how much do people pay For the specific jobs that you’re gonna go out and do those forces. Now the first thing that I would say Aside from the handyman journey a Facebook group because that is extremely helpful like you can ask there There’s people from all around the world on there that will tell you, you know, what they charge in their specific Area, but if it varies from area to area and needs as well Which we’re gonna get in that tune in in a few here But how much will people hate in your specific area the best way to figure that out is to call around? simply call other handyman this may seem a little a little scary at first, but you’ll get over it you just Know Google’s handyman in your area. So, you know handyman in Sacramento, California or wherever you live Tucson Arizona and then call the handyman when I first started out my handyman business I did that I called about 10 different handyman in my area only two of them replied back But those two were extremely helpful and they gave me some great information that I really needed to Learn about the market in my area and really expand from there So that’s very important to reach out to other handyman or other people in the construction industry and go from there I know I even know people who whose L makeup, you know, fake scenarios like oh They need their bathroom replaced at their house and they’ll call some bathroom remodel company and be like hey I got this bathroom that need to be remodeled in the house and they’ll come take a look at it and they’ll give them a Quote for it. I don’t I wouldn’t necessarily recommend being that deceitful It’s not it’s not extremely deceitful. But you are wasting people’s time in that but it’s in my case it’s better to be upfront with them and say hey, I’m starting up the handyman business and I’m really interested in what the pricing will be and oftentimes, you know can say well you’re probably not gonna get anywhere with that because your presenting competition for people and that’s totally right like I said I called ten handyman when I first started To people call me back because the other eight were probably scare at the competition. That’s fine I mean if you have a good product you’re not gonna be afraid of the competition because you know what you can offer and Really? Yeah, when the economy is in great shape like it is right now. There’s really no need to worry about competition So I would highly recommend just calling people calling other handyman seeing what they pay And other things you have to look into what kind of advertising do people respond to in your area Now this isn’t just what kind of advertising can I do? But what kind of advertising do people respond to in your area now, this is very different from area to area, you know It all depends and that’s why you got to do your market research this is also something that it would be a fabulous question to ask the construction person or the handyman that you reach out to and ask about pricing is you can ask about what kind of marketing materials that Have they had good success with so like in my area Yelp works really good But I know in a lot of rural areas Yelp does not work as good as it does here So it’s very important to figure out figure that out. If you’re in a more tight-knit community where maybe the Demographics are more on the on the higher level for the income then maybe You know door signs might be better. I’ve had a lot of clients that have had because I also do handyman Consulting where I consult people to start handing in business or grow handyman business and they’ve had a lot of luck Where they live in a much more high income area where they do You know the door hangers They leave those on the doors because those people typically like to stick within their community and they like to know that say hey It’s my neighbor from two doors down or two courts down that’s going to be performing this work so they like the local they like sticking in with their demographics and they feel more comfortable when they get a door hanger rather than Finding someone on Yelp or something like that. So that would be something that I definitely recommend Another thing that you got to look into when you do your market research is how old are the homes in your area. So And this really leads into what are the most common issues that you might find in the homes That are in your particular area if I know that there’s one community. It’s an old retirement community up the road here where when they have the houses built they had a contractor come in and he put he put all this this really cheap plumbing in the house and Those fittings on the plumbing actually burst and just flood the whole houses only half of the houses in that community have that issue Because they figured that out halfway through and they fired that guy and hire someone else but anyways, now that contractor he’s gone out of business because so many people have basically, you know, Filed complaints against him and all this not so he’s gone out of business So there’s a huge market over there for that specific issue So if you find out how old your homes are what the most common issues are in those homes You will be able to target those specifically like if you know that most of the homes in your area, you know Say are 50 years old or whatever You can probably go around and recommend new roofs new siding, you know paint jobs things like that You know things that that would happen with the deterioration of age Whereas if the homes in your area are only five years old, then you may not be able to recommend those Those maintenance items as you would where the houses are 50 years old if that makes any sense so yes in demographics common issues these are things to Really do your market research on after you’ve established what kind of work you’re going to be doing and what and your market research? in your area The next thing you’re going to be doing is establish a successful business plan, and I don’t just mean like just throw something together I mean This is the why you do business the biggest thing that you can do for your business period bigger than marketing bigger than figuring out your pricing bigger than creating uniforms is creating a business plan and having a Having a very set why you are in business People don’t care what you have to offer until they care why you care. That is the most important thing in business is establishing Why you care and and being able to effectively tell people that this is why I’m in business I’m not just in business to replace your garbage pool, but I’m in business to change the world or you know What have you specifically our business? Honestly handyman services we have We have come alongside organizations that work in the US as well as outside of the US to help free kids from the sex trade and then we’ve also Partnered with an organization that helps rebuild homes here in California that have been damaged by the wildfires So these are things that that it’s very easy It’s very important to have a clear established business plan If this is why we are in business its way bigger than just the work that we do on a day to day basis Then after you establish your business plan, you’re gonna want to establish your prices. Now, this is a Very hard thing to do Establishing your prices as a handyman is one of the biggest the hardest things that you’ll ever do is a handyman We’ve created a course over at handyman that that walks you through your pricing and how to figure out your pricing so that you will actually Make a profit rather than lose money and be in business for years to come So with pricing there’s a few different things that you have to think about. Number one would be your need as a handyman what are your specific needs as a handyman and This also leads into you know, are you married do you have kids does your wife work? Is she a stay at home wife? Is she stay at home? Mom? Does she bring in income? Does she have insurance outside of the home? You know, there’s a lot of factors that play into that if if your wife is a stay-at-home mom And she doesn’t have any income coming in from any other place Then you’re gonna have to factor in things like like your needs would be You know would be expenses that are needed on your home, you know mortgage, you know Electricity water things like that and then also things that go into your need is your cost to run a business So aside from your personal need you have to think about your cost of running your business So that includes, you know your truck payments your trailer Your you know your insurance your licenses your marketing your vehicles things like that These are all things that go into establishing your prices And again, we have a in-depth course over at handyman if you’re interested in that and then after you’ve established What your prices will be you need to establish your marketing strategy We also have a course over at handymen about establishing your marketing strategy a marketing strategy that will work for years to come and this includes all the things that you’ve learned on the steps prior which was Doing your marketing research. So you can’t establish an effective marketing strategy without doing your market research first So what you’re going to do is place ads with intention So you’re not just want to throw? throw money at advertising every which way you’re going to want to do your market research before and figure out which marketing strategies work in your area and Target those and spend the money on those. Don’t be afraid to spend money on marketing That’s the number one issue that I see people Do when they start a business is they’re afraid to put money into marketing and then their business fails the moment that you think that you don’t need to market anymore the moment that you think that you have enough business Is the moment that your business starts going downhill because you cannot get new business You know word-of-mouth and customer retention That’s the number one key But you also have to have new business coming in in order to sustain Future growth if you want to remain just a one-man shop and just working on the clients that you have Yeah, two three years into it. You’re gonna have enough work just by word of mouth just to stay busy But if you want if you have a bigger vision for your business and you want to continue and have that future growth You’re gonna want to need to keep bringing in all those new clients So that’s very important And the next thing you that you have to do is network Network and never stop networking with people in the business in the construction business and people outside of it one of the one of the greatest things that you can do and my marketing professional talks all about it is getting involved in a Chamber of Commerce in your local Chamber of Commerce is huge because you’re really meeting other network Professionals that will help spread your name amongst your community and you’re becoming known as a community leader in your community I would also recommend in that is getting involved in community organizations, you know whether that is a Neighborhood Association or City Council or things like that? I would highly recommend you do that as a business owner because that will help, you know, establish yourself as a leader in your in your neighborhood The next thing you know pass out flyers if you found out that that is a good marketing strategy for you do in most areas except if it’s super rural passing out flyers will definitely help and then Last but not least is post on social media So the the statistics are the average person by the time they’re 20 years old knows about 2000 people So if you say, you know your great aunt Betty or whatever She’s on Facebook and she say she roughly knows 2000 peoples by the time she was 20 so she’s 40 multiply that but to so on so on so on so when you post on Facebook And say she shares it you’re reaching her two thousand four thousand You know eight thousand people that she possibly knows, you know You are you are reaching more people than just her. So by posting on Facebook a simple post on Facebook it can do wonders for your business more than you even imagine and Another thing that I would recommend is create a business profile on all social medias and post on there daily You need to have a good website and this is getting more into the marketing side of it which we go very in-depth into in our marketing course on handymen journey comm But you need to create a website and then you need to link that website to every social media post that you do So remain active on social media every single day and link that over to your website because you’re gonna be getting You’re gonna be transferring those leads from just seeing your posts on facebook or instagram Over to actual leads that want work done off of your website So these are just a list of a few things that I’ve compiled on how to start a successful Hanneman business If you have anything to contribute, I would highly recommend you leave me a comment in the comment section below definitely go and check out Handyman We have a free ebook over there that we’d love for you to read about starting a handyman business And getting involved into that So thank you so much the link for the handyman mastermind group is in the description below and if you any questions Feel free to leave me a comment also like this video and subscribe to this channel Thank you all so much and have a fantastic day

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  1. Great Video. I've been in business for 5 months and am a member of the Facebook group.I love going to work everyday. I work from a 2003 Honda Civic.

  2. Do you currently have a handyman business? How long have you been in business or what do you currently do for work?

  3. Honestly Lee, I'm 60 years old and want to retire soon I have about 400 clients that I would like to refer to someone whose competent. I built up my business over the last 20 years from Simply repairing fences 2 fixing my dentist x-ray machine working on radar and sonar at the yacht clubs restaurants food processing plants and a myriad of other businesses. I'm more interested in leaving my clients in good hands and working so much. I have too much work and now feel like the business owns me instead of the other way around. I would like some names of competent handyman in the Sacramento area that I might be able to refer my clients to. I need people that are good at carpentry electrical drywall Roofing concrete appliance repair lighting and other things that handyman get asked to do. Can you recommend someone? It'll probably be more than one cuz I don't know that many people, in fact I don't know anyone,who does all the stuff that I get into?

  4. Hi lee, quick question: Why don't you make more videos of your actual day to day work rather than these types of videos? That's the main reason I subscribed. Lately, it has been just the opposite. I've noticed a huge decline in your per video views as well so I can't be the only one thinking this.

  5. Mmmm…as a professional painter. This isn’t a area just to start in. Yeah the “tools” are less but to do painting right it’s actually a true trade. Big difference between pro painting and a maintenance painter. And you were talking about weather or not to go into debt from the start…you have to pay money to make money. So yeah you don’t want crazy debt but you have to invest some money into it…..(just my thoughts). Good video

  6. Step One: Work for someone in the construction/home repair field.

    Do not call people for fake quotes. It's disrespectful of their time.

    Pricing is the easiest part.

    Don't spend money on marketing.

  7. I’ve been in business for two and half years, I’m at the point where all my work comes in by referral. I went from being a handyman to a licensed contractor, however I still do simply handyman jobs. You’re advice is spot on. Thank you for bringing this topic to YouTube.

  8. Here in the Sacramento area, I started doing HVAC service and repair with some tools that I already had and those that they gave me in school. I work out of the trunk of my car. I do buy tools as I go and I can get others when the need arrises.

  9. Great Video. I've been in business for 3 1/2 years. My business was built on word of mouth, and a Facebook business page. I now have a website and offer online booking. I just joined the Handyman Journey Mastermind group last month. Networking with other professionals is great, and it is always nice to know that there are guys and gals out there who are working just as hard as I am to change the way people value trades people and our skills.

  10. All good advice bro! I feel it’s very important to have a supportive spouse/significant other to encourage you,it made a huge difference to me. I couldn’t do this without my wife’s help and support. Even my grown daughter will help me on a big job if I need help! That’s a support system I know I can count on.

  11. Worked with my dad for acouple years. Work as an Automation Tech fulltime and school full time and handyman work on the side. Work out of the back of my new bmw x5. Get a lot of funny looks pulling tools out of it and people telling me I'll wreck a nice car haha. But in the cities there is way too much money to make doing handyman work, it hurts to miss out on the jobs you are offered. And best part is you can pick and choose what to do. I am all referral. Did two jobs and a hundred people heard so am booked for months.

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