21 Replies to “How to Start Wakeboarding : Starting Positions Dos & Donts When Wakeboarding”

  1. hey, i have a question about your bindings. Could you tell me how they are called? I think they could be good for beginners in this sort of sport? I bought a wakeboard without bindings and want to buy the same like you. I hope you can help me 🙂 thanks.

  2. @MTW96709764 if you want to do tricks and stuff I think you should have one fin on the tail of the board, to stabalize yourself after you land, I'm no expert though so dont take my word for it, just got myself a wakeboard :p

  3. @ManOfTheModOfG
    so with wakeboarding is it just letting the boat pull you, or do u have to do something?

  4. the front and back will be used.. technically you could use just 1 fin.. but if you flip your board to ride with a different leg foreward.. you won't have a fin in the back

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