– Welcome to South Florida. I’m Adam Bazalgette, founder
of Scratch Golf Academy, two time PGA Teacher of
the Year Award winner here in Florida. And today’s subject, one
that affects a lot of people, how to stop hitting behind the ball. Stay tuned. (upbeat music) Okay, so how to stop
hitting behind the ball, this affects a lot of people. I’m gonna show you at the beginning of the video here in just a moment, the two big variables
that really govern that. And then the bulk of the
video we’ll talk about, what are some of the mental obstacles, maybe give you a few drills
that I think would help. What are some of the ways
you can crack this thing and get over the hump once
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and details there. Okay, let’s get started. Okay, so what are these
two primary variables that would cause someone to
hit the ground behind the ball? Well, to me they’re these two, first off, and not necessarily
in a particular order, but first off is a premature
straightening of the wrists. I mean, even the most simple grasp of geometry would tell you that the sooner you straighten your wrist, the sooner the club gets
down to ground level. So an early release or
even a premature release of some degree is gonna make
you hit the ground sooner than holding more lag. We’ll get into that in just a minute. The other thing, of course,
your arms are attached to your body so it’s the
location of your body. The more your weight is
back on the back leg there, and the further over here you are, the sooner you’re gonna hit the ball. I’m gonna show you a couple of pros here in just a minute or two, briefly, and you will be amazed how far for an iron they are on the left side. So those are our two variables. They’re not that difficult. Put your body more here and release the club a little bit later, but clearly they are, in fact, difficult for a lot of people. So what are the barriers? What are the things that
cause people not to be able to do this consistently? That’s what the meat of this video, I hope, is gonna be about. Let’s have a look through one element here that I think is critical. Then we’ll look at a
couple of other things that might hold you up,
and a couple of suggestions as to how to sort this out. Okay, counted number one on my list, most people’s target
isn’t really the target. It’s the golf ball, that’s really what they’re
aiming their swing at. Now, the mind controls the body. You know that, but deep down
if you’re really just trying to make contact, and you’re
worried about hitting the ball, you’re not gonna move
freely enough in a direction that would be appropriate
to energy going out there to consistently hit in front of the ball. So take a risk, and by risk I mean, hey don’t worry about a bad shot. Loosen up a bit and say hey, if I really did not worry
one ounce about contact, could I swing in a manner
that’s related to the target. You maybe won’t make contact first try, but can I unlock that? Because if you can unlock that, you’re well, well on the way. And come back to check
in this once in a while, your mind will go back to
aiming at the ball again. So I’m gonna make a setup here. I’m gonna try in my mind’s eye to only think of creating
energy out there. Hopefully we’ll hit it,
we’ll see what happens. I felt a really free swing there. Happened to be a pretty good shot, but I felt some freedom that’s number one. Let’s check out the next things. Okay, so here’s another thing, and this is a biggie that
comes along with that. People don’t realize it,
but deep down most of us have a deep fear of not
making contact with the ball, not even not making solid contact, sometimes just not making contact at all. And when the mind’s too keenly aware that that’s gotta be
hit or those whatever, emotional damage, it’s gonna tend to strike at it a little bit more. You’ve gotta allow yourself some freedom to make some mistakes. Now, I’ll get into that in just a moment. Let me show you a couple of pros, and you will be amazed,
relative to most golfers, how much they’re moving
to their left side, and how much the hit is
out towards the target, not down at the ball. Check it out. So Lydia Ko, watch her lower
body slide forward there. Look at the wheel of that car. Now her head’s pretty still, I’m not suggesting she moves
her head in front of the ball. And look there, if you draw
a line up from the golf ball, look how much she is past that
golf ball with her lower body Even if the camera angles off a fraction, that gives you the idea. And look at how far past her hands get before she snaps those wrists straight. So it’s not like she just
doesn’t have any release, it just happens much more on
the front side of the ball than the average golfer would have. Sergio Garcia, always a
favorite example there for sure. Just move him up just a hair, and again, camera angle might be off a fraction, but you get the picture. Look at him move towards the hand of that guy that’s a martial, and look at how far past the
golf ball the handle goes before he snaps those wrists straight. Okay, here’s the thing, if you’re gonna make
a change in something, several suggestions for you,
and these are really important. They’re not difficult. Number one, you cannot make 100% of your mistakes on one side. If you’re learning to ride a bike, and every time you lose your
balance it’s on one side, there’s no learning going on. There’s no adjusting happening. But again, people’s fear
of missing the ball, I’ll bet you, if this is
a problem that you have, ask yourself have I ever really hit so far over there it’s
been a catastrophic mistake in terms of outcome? Probably not, probably 100% of the time you’re either
hitting a little behind it or maybe just getting up into
the zone of solid contact. You cannot learn that way, so don’t be afraid to
make some real mistakes. Mistakes as defined in
terms of unsolid contact and make a few mistakes
on this side of the ball. Let me demonstrate. That divot was too far forward there. I hit too much down on that ball. It was actually a manageable, sort of, 75 yard shot or whatever. I was just fooling around with it, but don’t be afraid to
make some mistakes here. So that you can feel the
proper kind of position. Second thing I would do is a drill, once you’ve made a few mistakes
on that side of the ball, you might hit the top of
the ball on the way down or something like that. Play around with ball position to learn some different feels. So let’s setup with a ball, maybe more in my middle of my stance. Hit a little pun shot there. Now let’s play the ball
way over here forward. Now the only caveat in this, you can’t come over the
top to get to the ball, and let’s see if playfully
I can move enough to get to that golf ball. I was able to get over
there and take a divot in front of the ball that time. No real swing thought,
just a playful intention, just making some adjustments. Here’s my final point,
and this is a big one. I guess I’ve said that for
every point in this video, but this is a big one. Don’t prioritize good outcomes, and solid contact at the beginning. Don’t try for good shots as a benchmark, try to make a broad change, make it playfully as we’ve showed you, and then let contact work its way in. You’ll probably find, if your mind’s free, and you’re able to change around and play with it a little bit,
it won’t be 15 to 30 shots before you’ll just start
noticing your subconscious is starting to make good
contact with the ball and start to find its way. So in summary, don’t
make the ball the target. The target’s the target. You know what the two variables are, and playfully make some mistakes on the front side of the ball,
move around a little bit. Do it on a small scale, pretend
you’re a 10 year old kid, no consequences of outcome. The driving range doesn’t matter, play with your ball position a little bit, and again, let solid contact
be the last thing to come. It’ll work its way in. Well, I hope that helps you, hope that gives you some thoughts and some strategies practice wise, as to how to stop hitting behind the ball. Hope you’ll have some fun with it. Please subscribe to the
channel if you like the video. Would love to get you more free content. Leave a comment if you
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