How to string a bow – PSE Razorback Takedown Recurve bow

How to string a bow – PSE Razorback Takedown Recurve bow

hi everyone this Gino scuba reviews today I'm going to show you how to string your bow today I'm using that PSE razorback take that recurve bow but for any recurve bow this is generally the idea of using a string tool to string it up you don't really want to use it by hand you can but I don't recommend it you can twist your limbs and also hurt yourself I have two different stringers here one is just a universal strainer I don't remember what brand it is but all stringing tools have relatively the same an angry person you have a cupped in which will go over my lower limb and then moved in take the flat part well sit here on loop under and on top of my limb you put your pressure on your feet and pull up on the bow and these pull down on the bow so you can easily slip your string right on this stringing tool is the Martin artery genuine leather shrinking tool and again has a flat part and a cut part and that does the same thing you will note on both of my strings I have them tied a knot in a little in the middle sorry not a little I'm short I'm only 5 foot 3 and if I don't do this I can't reach the end of my bow to place the string on so if you're having a little trouble and it feels like it's out of your reach just tie a little knot play with the distance but I will not in the middle of your string and that should help you I like this one a little better so I'm going to show you I use this one first thing they're not about your strength when you look at it you have two loops why do is is bigger than the other loop the bigger loop goes on the top of your vote the top limp upper them the little loop goes on the lower limb so what I'm going to do is take that top loop I'm right-handed so I always keep my upper line to my right I'm gonna slip it on just over the leg bring the lower in them up bring the string on loop it into the grooves and I also make sure that it goes right into that groove then I take my string until I take the cup down put it on the lower limb actually first since I have that knot in there to make it shorter I take my top line or top part put it just below where the string is then take the cuffs part and put it on the lower limb so it's all the way on there line that up stand up put your feet wide hopefully you can see this make sure that's as far forward as you need it don't look at this otherwise you could get snapped in the face very easily so slide that out with a lot of pressure pull up on your bow while sliding out this I just look like I shouldn't you slide it down slide it on and then you can take this off there you go that that is how you string your boat to unstring it you do the same thing but in Reverse I take my flat part put it loop it over take my cup part clip it on to the bottom leg again stand wide pull up without looking at it and just reach down and slip it off remove your string baby and that's how you do it it's how you string your bow if you have any questions please leave a comment um please like my video I appreciate it and look forward to more video and reviews of archery stuff outdoor sports camping the all kinds of stuff on my channel every day

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  1. Very good! Thanks for sharing! I know the knot in the middle of your bow stringer works, but you can untie the flat part loop end and pull the string up through until its the length you need. Then simply as you keep the larger loop tie it off with an overhand knot. …How do you like your pse razorback?

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