30 Replies to “How to tie a nocking point on a bow string for archery”

  1. This video shows the woman talking, but not what she is actually doing. When it finally shows a close up, they repeatedly skip the part where she does the knot… Plus the music… Overall this is a poor tutorial. Not even a mention of what type of thread she is using… This is what happens when tutorials are made by artsy producers…

  2. I guess if u need to change it, you won't be able to.  So initially maybe don't make it so permanent until you know it can be permanent and then make it permanent.

  3. No need to go double on nocking point. Just in one direction with let say Angel Mayesty 0,26" and melt it with lighter. No ned to aply CA glue. It will stick to your serving and you cant fine tune nock point afterward. I am shooting like this and never experience loose nocking point.
    Anyway nice video World Archery

  4. At the nocking point YouTube channel, we endorse this method! 🙂 Great tip on the hot melt! Thank you.

  5. Thanks for the tutorial! I used brass nock points before and they were unsatisfying.

    Time to try a new technique!

  6. It's as if you've been following me around.
    I started Archery (Recurve) just a few months back and I've never made my own knocking point so while I was shooting today it started coming loose and I was talking to another new archer about me wanting to learn this and have it done.
    So thanks for this. Perfect timing 🙂

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