42 Replies to “How to Tie a Taekwondo Belt | Taekwondo Training”

  1. Thank you so very much I was having the hardest time but you made it so simple I appreciate you I'm a yellow belt and I wanted to learn to do it myself

  2. Yes, thank for this information because I'm a new black belt and I didn't know how to tie my belt hehe

  3. I Used To Take Taekwondo Classes Since I Was 6 Years Old…
    I Had Black Belt …
    One Time , IN Fight, My Nose Bleeded …
    I Cried And I Didn't Go …
    Now I'm 13 And I Regret Leaving That Classes Beacause Of A Simple Bleeding 😧😣😣😓😭😭😭
    That Time I Had Splits From Centre , Front etc.
    Should I Go Again?
    I Told my MOM
    Hope She Accepts…
    I suggest You Taking Classes…

  4. Finally! Someone who knows how to tie a belt! Notice how he didn't cross the belt in the back! Good job! You were taught well. I bet your arts are just as good.

  5. I’m a pretty high belt, don’t remember exact but I wanted to put a belt on my American Girl Doll. So I watched a couple videos because I did not remember how to do it, then I saw yours. It helped so much. THANK YOU!Because even in actual taekwondo, thanks!!!!

  6. I'm a green belt but believe it or not I didn't know how to tie my belt it was my dad who tied it I didn't get it at first but this video helped me a lot thanks this is the only useful video lol

  7. Why is he wearing a black dobok? Is it black belt exclusive? I mean, I’ve seen black belts with white doboks and the black one looks way cooler. What does it signify and how do you get it?

  8. I think a POV video would've been easier to follow, but this was helpful.

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