How to tie your belt -Taekwondo

How to tie your belt -Taekwondo

okay we're going to work on time to bail first when you start with the bail if you use a reference point like the tag or a striped those prices are going to go over on their left side you measure down about a foot as a bail right down to the belly button the tag or the stripe is going to do everything so we take that left side and we wrap it around two times over the top one two the tag is still over on Logan's left side we take that stripe and we tuck it underneath both of the belts and we pull it out front it is still on the left side so we cross it on the top and come right through the hole and it ends up on the right side making a square knot

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  1. Thx I know this sound stupid but I’m a blue belter now and I’ve been struggling with my belt for a while my Master always says Aljun kun help Calvin tie his belt so I appreciate the vid

  2. Thanks for this vid i am scared if i dont know how to tie my blet i am actually white belt know and after our promotion i am gonno be a yellow bwlter

  3. thank you!!
    ive been struggling with my belt for a wile im yellow belt now and i couldent tie my belt this helped me

  4. This is not how to tie a taekwon-do belt :s You're not allowed to wrap it around two times in taekwon-do. FAIL! xD

  5. Fine – but why do you do it so comlecated? there is a much easyer way I learned it 30 years ago and it is still the best way to do it. look here Of course, the way you do it, it has much more of a ceremony, nice

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