hey guys Jackie and today we've got some very exciting news the code to disable the force field has been cracked and we can now access the Phantom bow and I wanted to put a little video together showing you guys from start to finish how you can unlock it for yourselves first things first you're gonna have to meet a specific set of requirements to access the elevator that takes you down to the secret phantom facility requirement number one you need to have completed all of the previous phantom program assignments this means phantom prospect phantom trainee and finally phantom initiate and we'll get back to why you need those assignments in a second requirement number two you need to have found at least one of the secret final stand dog tags and have a minimum of three of the people to go in the elevator width that are each wearing a different secret final stand dog tag there are four secret dog tags in total and these are found in game on the new final stand Maps you'll find these dog tags hidden in tiny white boxes scattered around the levels if you find one of the boxes slash it with your knife and it will reveal a dog tag that you can interact with once you've done that you've now unlocked that specific dog tag these are quite hard to find because they're so small and spawn in many locations on each level a lot of people have used this image album created by death 3d and hjp to help them find the dog tags on ranked and official service it shows you the most common spawn locations on each level and is linked in the description below if you want to use it as a reference this is the most tedious part of the process but once you've found at least one of these you're on to the home stretch once you've met these two requirements join the ranked or official hangar 21 server with three friends you each have a different final stand dog tag make sure you all have a different secret dog tag equipped on the left side and the phantom prospect dog tag equipped on the right side when you're in the server before you deploy you need to customize your character and equip the Phantom camouflage on your weapon and also on your soldier this is very important now your in-game head over to the dark elevator at the back right of the hangar and the top of the service tunnel where the Jeep spawns before you go into the elevator double check with your friends that you're each wearing a different secret dog tag on this occasion Barack is wearing the hangar 21 dog tag Tripoli is wearing the giant's dog tag Neiman yell is wearing the hammerhead dog tag and I am wearing the white out dog tag so we're each wearing a different secret finalist and dog tag on the left side and we're all wearing the Phantom prospect dog tag on the right side once again notice how we've all got the Phantom camera on our soldiers and on our guns when the last person enters the elevator the button will activate and you can press it to go down if you meet all of the requirements you'll be scanned in the elevator and eventually reach the phantom room with the force field and the number pad but what's the code check this out on each of the new final stand Maps there is Russian Morse code being broadcast from specific hidden locations on whiteout it's this flashing red light under the globe near the D point it says 1290 everything is normal transmission begins control program completed on hammerhead inside the ice boat is a beeping Morse code signal it says four to nine leave tomorrow morning start preparations for a new expedition on hangar 21 on the control box of the satellite on top of the mountain the button is flashing it says three nine seven six four eight we need reinforcements waiting for your response and finally on Giants of Karelia by this rock near the F flag a small antenna sticking out of the snow says 970 factory all right Walker is not ready yet they did not suspect we'll wait now if you take the numbers from these Russian Morse codes you get this sequence one two nine zero four two nine three nine seven six four eight nine seven zero and this is in fact the code to disable the force field and enter the room input the code into the number pad and you'll be granted access to the room once you're in there simply walk up to the bow and pick it up there you go the Phantom bow has now been unlocked for you and you can use it in any official or ranked match but wait there's more down here too if you climb up onto the cabinet here you'll find a small document interact with that document and it's gonna unlock the phantom operative assignment which when completed rewards you with the phantom program dog tag we've still might actually unlock something else or produce an easter egg however it looks like the assignment in battle log is bugged at the moment but you can still check your progress in-game at the end of the round to see how far along you are and what about that second keypad in the room well as it turns out you can just use it to activate deactivate the force field by inputting the code again and that's all it serves a purpose for finally one interesting tweet from Daisuke jju he stated this those who have seen the door at the back of the room you can't open it currently in phantom program four so does this mean that soon we will be able to open it will there be more updates to the Fanta programme will there be more DLC for Battlefield 4 well based on the fact that the premium calendar for Battlefield 4 was recently extended to December 2015 I think it's safe to say that there's plenty more new content on the way so there we go guys that's how you unlock the Phantom bow good luck out there and also if you go back up in the elevator you'll be treated with some swanky celebration music a big thanks to everyone in the community that took fire in the search are singing the next one

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  1. I've unlocked the peacekeeper from battlefield 1, and I'm not going to do that again( even though I don't have BF4 lmao ) thanks it took me a long time for the peacekeeper and now I absolutely hate it. So no. ( Not saying that you shouldn't if you want to go for it )

  2. Lucky for me
    All the phantom assignments are bugged for me
    None of them track
    I’ve well over the amount of required kills and challenges
    I’ve 120 hours put into BF4 and premium but I’ll never get phantom

  3. And here I am almost 5 Years later, not able to go hunting on the boxes because there are no servers for final stand maps. F me

  4. Allways so smart to think every person in the world is for ever gonna play this game. Fuck these, take a friend and go there shit. I ain’t got no friends Online? Especially non on bf4 in this year

  5. Step 1: Go to Operation Outbreak.
    Step 2: Go between C and D under some rocks.
    Step 3: You'll find a bunch of boxes. Knife them until you get flashbanged.
    Step 4: Search inside of the tiny box you just knived and there will be the Phantom Bow.
    Step 5: Grab the bow and you can use it forever in every server.

  6. Holy Shit when Battlefield community all came together to find something and it was fun and also 4 years

  7. That sucks now that BF4 is almost obsolete that some people can not unlock some of the things that require more people for the task to be completed or play a certain thing for a certain amount of time.

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