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  1. We need to make a trip to Arizona. It's so beautiful everywhere you go. This place looks amazing. Those rock formations! And the caverns!! So cool that the guide gives you photo tips.

  2. I always saw this place in a picture but I didn’t know its in arizona, such a a beautiful nature, how many hours to hike to get in there?

  3. Wow really amazing and impressive video. I love the beauty of nature. Horseshoe Bend and Lower Antelope Canyon are mind blowing.

  4. Why is it that every travel video or vlog people are annoying? Is it possible to make videos of people visiting places with useful information without being annoying? Not in this lifetime.

  5. I didn't expect to see that many people. I went there about 20 years ago and we were the people there. I love exploring slot canyons. thanks for sharing your experience.

  6. I've been there 2 week ago. Beautiful place, beautiful people, beautiful America. A big hug form Italy:)

  7. Horseshoe Bend is pretty at sunrise! I didn't realize it's better then as opposed to sunset!

  8. If your don’t mind me asking . My husband and I are planning on going . Where did you stay . Any ideas where I should stay ?

  9. Fantastic video and great depiction of the current state of affairs at all the most famous sites of the Southwest US! Left you a like and a sub and Look forward to seeing more great stuff from your channel!

  10. OMG this is so high on my bucket list! It looks so beautiful, I can't wait to go. The view from above was spectacular, but from inside the canyon that was even more amazing. It did remind me of 72 hours though xD I'm glad you guys were safe and had a great time! Thank you so much for saving.

  11. I'm visiting AZ next year and really want to go here but can't seem to find out how to get there. Could you possibly tell me where i can go to make this trip happen. Xx

  12. You've captured some beautiful shots of both places, especially the sunrise at Horseshoe Bend! However, the massive amount of tourists make both a lot less enjoyable. We've visited Horseshoe Bend in the lower season, so we only got hundreds instead of millions of people 😅. If you'd love to see stunning scenery like in Antelope Canyon, but want to avoid the crowds, make sure to include Staircase Escalante National Monument on your next journey. You'll find three stunning slot canyons, way fewer people and can do it without an expensive guide (https://youtu.be/GArYiunfAQs). Thanks for sharing! Keep it up! Doris & Matthias 🐻

  13. Woah! I was not expecting how beautiful it would look at the end! I've never heard of this place. Also I'm the same way, I wanna take the pictures, not hike! LMAO. Cool video ladies! 🙂

  14. I was lucky that 20 years ago came through this area on a personal photo tour roadtrip (Shiprock, NM; Monument Valley; Page; Zion; Bryce, etc)…they were just starting to charge (think it was $5) and no Navajo scam "tour guide."  It was a couple of folks sitting on the back of the pick up truck bed collecting $.  Anyway walked in and spent probably 3 hours inside photographing.  Not a lot of traffic and there were a few serious folks set up.  Everyone was talking so you knew when you were going to be walking into a shot.  Now I hear it's $78!!!???  And a "guide."  Guiding what?  Here's the staircase?  Here's the bottom of the stairs?  Walk this way about a mile and turnaround.  Glad I got the Kodachromes and don't need to return.  But I guess this is what you get for rounding up the natives and sticking them on a postage size tract of land to live.  Good job USA.

  15. Incredible views, looking over that edge was pretty scary! Great photo tips from your guide, walking through the Canyon looks totally surreal. Makes you wonder what it must have been like to discover this places for the first time.

  16. Those are some of the most famous rock formations in the world. It's so cool you were able to visit and capture their magnificence!

  17. We were there just couple of months ago, we went late morning and it was way busier than your video, had to skip Antelope canyon because of time, now i kinda regret it.

  18. We were there just couple of months ago, we went late morning and it was way busier than your video, had to skip Antelope canyon because of time, now i kinda regret it.

  19. oh lala – the edge is so scary haha – the go pro quality is hella good 😀 guys – what a gorgeous canyon, all that sand sediments!

  20. I am just going to ignore the fact that they did their makeup at 5 in the morning but failed to bring any water for a hike in the desert…..priorities first.

  21. I was just at Horseshoe Bend & Lower Antelope Canyon earlier this year. It would've been neat to be at the Bend for sunrise! Our guide was very helpful with taking pics too 🙂

  22. I've always wanted to go here! It look so beautiful and fun! I'm so ashamed, I lived in AZ all my life and have never been here.

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