24 Replies to “How to Wakeboard Basics with Sam Lutz”

  1. @2:20 you don't have to work?? I've been wakeboarding 10 years…the part I use the most muscle and same with anyone else I know is getting up. We also push up with our legs. I don't question this guys abilities but I don't think I'd pull anybody out of the water if I gave them that advice

  2. Sorry if this is a stupid question, but what is your line attached to? Whatever it is, it's way up high like a kite, yet wakeboard footage I've seen never shows a kite.

  3. Hey man Ben watching you for a while now before you went to Braille. just want to say hello. could you do a vid where people nominate tricks for you to do.
    I nominate heel flip back tail big spin out. can you please try this in one vid. it was pretty much my fab ledge truck to do. if you can't do that could you do a fakeie 5~0 shuv out. those two trucks I had down and the feeling of the tricks was so good.

  4. Congrats on 30 Thousand Subs!!! It's really good to see you do different things.. Next, is Snowboarding… Tino most diffenetly has a good eye. c u tomorrow.

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