How To Wax a Bowstring – Humphries Archery

How To Wax a Bowstring – Humphries Archery

tip and a police officer so ok so welcome back this is my tech tip because I'm tired working on bugs I have too much wax on so we're going to give you a waxing 101 it's Bo Xing we're talking about so 90% of the bows that come through the stores are over waxed either too much wax or not enough wax or wax in places you shouldn't have wax now this boat isn't over waxed in areas that shouldn't have wax but wax is to be used not generously but very very lightly so we're going to show you a couple things first of all I want to show you how to get the old wax off your string don't just sit and keep over waxing your strings so just take a piece of nylon you know we use this for serving and and repairs tying in peeps but you can take a string put it around the bow and then wrap it one time that's it start at the bottom of your serving and just hold it tight and pull it slow do not pull it fast because if you create friction you can actually melt your string but that's how much wax was on just that string between here and here now there's still enough wax on that string that if I take my finger and rub it like this you'll see that the string cleans back up and you'll get a good vibrant color back in the street everybody puts too much wax on and just keeps waxing and waxing you don't want to over wax the string a string should simply be tacky to the touch but it shouldn't leave any residue on your finger now when you I'm going to hurry and strip this bottom piece real fast again when you do this slow do not do it fast and do not do it vigorously you want to just take the surface off and you can see just between that bottom piece there's that much dirty wax on top of it now when you re wax simply just run and this is boning seal tight it's kind of got a silicone tacky Ness to it you can see that it comes off on your finger you want to use this type of wax if you've got the old white wax with the red cap throw it away no good you want to use and very light you notice I didn't just sit and coat that back and forth I got enough on it to get my fingers on it and do this with your fingers don't use a piece of leather you'll end up getting it too hot and when you do it this way you can feel the temperature in your fingers and you'll know that you're getting the right amount of heat in there to push that wax inside of the string now look at the difference in the color of your string by just stripping that again do not go up and down with it just simply one wrap around it and then just pull it a little bit tight and just to keep on the surface as you drag it down don't overdo it but when do you need to wax your string if you're going out in the rain or you've planned on or you start to see a little bit of the burrs or the little bit of the little just the tiny little fragments of the string starting to stick out that's when you want to wax a string don't over wax a string your bow shop will appreciate it and so will your bow you guys that are running a cable slide if you've got a set of you know like a cable slide over waxing just a tracks dirt and as you shoot the bow it's like adding sand paper to your string and as you go back and forth through that you're just tearing your strings up don't ever attach wax to your your servings either leave your servings clean the cleaner you're serving is the less debris that you're going to get inside your rollers and it'll just everything last longer don't ever wax down around here only the exposed surfaces okay that's your tech tip i'll enjoy working on your bow more and so will your a better bow shop

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  1. Was literally using my dad's old wax while watching this at 2:20…Tex-Tite brand, white tube, red cap…lol

  2. hello, so there isn't any archery shop where i can buy string wax, but my uncle owns bees so he's got wax, would it be ok if i use this kind of wax? of course i make sure there's nothing else in it but would that be ok? btw, by bow is a recurve. thanks!

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