How To Weld A Horseshoe Wine and Glass Rack With BarbieTheWelder

How To Weld A Horseshoe Wine and Glass Rack With BarbieTheWelder

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  1. I would love to make 3 of these are give them to 3 hard working ladies at our hospital here in smooth rock falls Ontario Canada. Thanks barb for the great idea and project. Cheers hon.

  2. I've made 2 of these 1 with all #2 shoes with the glass holders cut & 1 with #2's & #00 for the glass holders bent together in a vise & they did bend slightly at the round end, as well as about 8 other projects since I got your book, in fact I used the last 40 shoes I got up.  Tried something today some might find interesting?  I had ground a weld down with flap disk that was shiny compared to the grey color & put some etching solution on with a small brush for about 20 minutes & it darkens it.  I use etching solution on some of my knife blades I make.   You make a design with nail polish, let dry then dip the solution in plastic container, I usually go about a 1/2 hour, but the longer the darker , rinse with water, clean polish off with acetone.  If you haven't tried it especially someone as creative as Barbie might be able to add this effect to your creations.  🙂   Can get etching solution at Radio Shack I think its around $12

  3. BarbieTheWelder
    You sure like horse shoes.
    You are not hoofing around with them that's for sure.
    Great ideas and that's why I bought your book 😉
    In my shop, I have 12 welders (Tig Stick and Mig)
    5 Plasma cutters and a CNC plasma table.
    I am running out of room in my shop.
    I do this as a hobby and maybe went a little overboard (so I am told) 🙂

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