17 Replies to “How to Whirlybird on a Wakeboard”

  1. Hey Dave, can you teach us how to do that cool Toeside Whirly BackRoll thing you do? It looks soooo sick!

  2. So I went and I gave it a go and I ended up tantrum to blind rather than the whole 360 for a whirly any tips?

  3. Hey David, so I ride regular and on a trampoline I backflip 360 by looking over my left shoulder. Could I still do the whirlybird that way or would I need to learn how to do it the opposite way?

  4. Hi David. Your vlog is briliant. Could you make some playlist for tricks for winter on trampoline. From easy to hard or step by step from beginner to pro:) or like some program for training for winter.

  5. I have literally tried this trick for the past ten years and never landed it. Always sketchy and always wrapped up weird when I land. I think the tantrum to "fencing move" is the trick I never knew. It makes sense. I always thought it was a whip. Good Sh!t!! #landingawhirly2017

  6. nice! and don't be like some of the other pros (won't mention any names) and be like alright double half cab! so medium cut pop hard and look twice 😂 I know you won't just had to put that out there!

  7. Let's get some more how to!!! Frontmobe, 7's, detailed Backmobe, Whirly 5, TS BS spins, cuffed tricks, Pete Rose, BS Roll 2 blind. TIA

  8. Hey David I have a question. I have no idea what fencing is. Could you please explain it a little?

  9. Great video! I'm looking forward to what else you have in store. For the whirly, is having a solid HS BS 3 a pre-requirement for this trick?

  10. Good stuff, great to see you trying to give back to the wakeboard community in a different and more hands on way, keep up the good work!

    If you can, try and get some footage from different angles, I think it would help a lot

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