How To Win EVERY Close Range Fight In Fortnite! – Shotgun + 1v1 Tips & Tricks

How To Win EVERY Close Range Fight In Fortnite! – Shotgun + 1v1 Tips & Tricks

hey guys so in this video we're going to talk about how you can win every close-range fight in 1v1 fortnight is not like any other game or battle royale due to how much of the fighting takes place in close quarters yes you'll use an assault rifle or sniper to chip away at people's shields and to begin the engagement but you'll secure a majority of the kills with a shotgun when epic vaulted the pump at the start of season 9 he said one of the biggest reasons in doing so was because it accounted for 26% of all kills in the current meta I'd say the combat and tact shotguns combined account for more than 60% of all kills last season you would hit a clean pump shot and then switch to an SMG but now the combat is so strong you don't need to swap to another weapon you can just sit there like a little Timmy and spray your shotgun until you kill your opponent now this video is not going to be me complaining about how stupid the current shotgun meta is or out over powered the combat is as epic always says we just need to adapt and overcome so that's exactly what we'll do I'll throw some timestamps on the screen now for each major tip or trick I give but you guys know I always recommend watching the whole video through and this applies more than ever if you're struggling with close quarter shot gunfights so with that being said let's start with one of the hardest new aspects of winning close range fights box fighting box fighting has become the go-to defensive move for basically every decent player in season 9 if you out build someone they'll turtle up if you push someone they'll turtle up you could literally just look at someone and do the wave emote and there's a good chance their brain will malfunction and do the only thing he knows how to do turtle up I even do it a ton where I'll immediately turtle up to reassess a situation and bring whoever I'm fighting down to my level turbo building has become so strong that we all feel safe just sitting in a one by one while holding down turbo build so until epic either nerfs it or we find a way to make turtling not as strong as it currently is we need to master the art of box fighting because of how important it is and winning close-range fights in the current meta if you've paid attention to who's qualified for the World Cup in New York City then you'll know that every single one of them is an amazing box fighter players like faze dubs MSF cliques and San Booga who have qualified multiple times for solos and duo's are easily the best box fighters in the world a large part of it might be due to that juicy zero ping they have two young Qualls but just taking a wall won't necessarily secure you the kale alone it comes down to outsmarting your opponent making quick and clean edits protecting yourself while also keeping up the pressure and of course hitting your shots when you get the opportunity to even when these players are the ones inside the box getting pressured they're consistently able to turn the fight around and come out on top I think I'm a pretty decent player especially for a content creator but I know one of my biggest weaknesses is box fighting if I were up against an insane player like dubs or cliques they would completely outclass me solely based on how fast they think edit and build the way in which we can all improve at box fighting and in turn when more close-range fights are to do a few things first is something I've been seeing more Pro players do and that is one be wanting their friends and teammates and box fights they'll still do creative 1/v ones and build battles but pros are slowly devoting more time to strictly box fighting 1d ones just go into a blank creative world have your friend turtle up and then practice box fighting remember the goal is not to just build battle and go for high ground retakes you want to be practicing and building muscle memory for everything you do while box fighting because box fighting is a pretty new aspect of the game it can feel awkward at times to try and place and edit in such close quarters it'll really feel weird if you just switch to new key blinds or you're not that comfortable with the key binds that you're on sometimes when I replace walls I'll hold down W subconsciously and miss position myself where I'll get caught up in my builds and miss an edit just like anything in for tonight though you need to go through the motions to build muscle memory remember back in season 2 & 3 nobody could build at all 90s weren't a thing people had trouble doing protected ramp rushes all we knew how to do was to slowly build a ramp and wall none of us had the muscle memory that would allow us to do any of the advanced building techniques that we know now the same thing applies for box fighting and you can see the best box fighters in the world are the best mechanical players as well I'd recommend most of you guys to strictly practice box fights especially those of you who are creative warriors that can't do well in actual matches along with practicing box fights you should also be applying and using all the tips and tricks they've seen I have something like 4 different videos full of advanced techniques that you can use to counter turtling or tricks that you can use while turtling to counter aggression the best players in the world are always using tricks they pick up and are usually the first ones to master them to consistently win close-range engagements sometimes the normal box fighting moves don't work especially in arena or tournament matches against good players that's when you have to pull out the it's Jerian advanced trick that you practiced and catch your opponent off guard you should be learning tricks that you'll use on your opponents as well as tricks a your opponent's can use on you this way you'll know what type of trick your opponent might try on you and you could use that to avoid falling for it box fighting is a lot of mind games and outsmarting your opponent so you need to be thinking about what your opponent is thinking and then be aware of any possible move they can make next the last way to truly master box fighting is to make sure your edits builds and aim are consistent and fast you'll never catch anybody off-guard by taking their wall and then just slowly editing part of taking people by surprise is how fast you can edit and then get a shot off you want to leave them with literally no time to react you'll notice I mess up my edits a decent amount because I miss edit and I hit a wrong piece or two but as long as you're practicing to make them more consistent you'll have a much easier time winning box fights I've said it like 20 times already but I want to say one last time before I move on there's a reason the best players in the world right now are also the best box fighters in the world so stop practicing face weight high ground retakes that you'll never use in an actual game and go and practice box fighting my next tip for winning close-range fights is something I've also noticed from watching top-tier pro players like mr. savage a tip you guys have heard from the beginning of fortnight is to always build after you shoot build shoot build shoot this way you're blocking any return fire from your opponent's and taking the least amount of damage as possible mr. savage takes us to a whole different level by adding movement and edits to the mix by constantly changing your position all while surprising your opponent from different angles with your edits it's nearly impossible to track you and to get damage off on you you don't really see too many box just standing still and not building anymore we all need to realize we're in season 9 now and everyone is decent so just as old building methods and takes our slow and not as useful anymore so are the ways we fight other players up close one good example is a tea foo classic it's a staple of fortnight and of close quarter combat you jump up shoot your shotgun then build a floor it'll probably work well in public matches but against good players they'll read you like a book you'll never see mr. savage do this because he understands how it's supposed to you are while going for the shot instead what you'll see mr. savage do are a few different things like I mentioned before once he's a level above he'll often edit through to surprise the opponent who thinks he's going to pop up on the ramp or he might waterfall down while going for different angles and Peaks if he does go for the tee foo classic he'll constantly be changing the angle on where he jumps from and a lot of the time he won't even jump so he can just build faster this is just one example of how close-quarter combat fighting has evolved and how you need to adapt in order to win more fights remember to always be on the move and to do your best to catch your opponent off guard you never want to Telegraph your moves just think about it if you are the person you're fighting say there's a wall between you and someone you're fighting by now people expect you to make the window edit people also expect you to build up and over and then edit but not many people expect you to fake like you're building up and over and then edit through on their level the days of simple edits and builds are behind us lads we're in the era of sweat Lords and kids flexing $100 earnings on Twitter this means we've got to step up our games and start thinking on the fly no more just building and shooting if you expect to consistently win more close-range fights you need to be building shooting moving editing and outsmarting your opponent my last and maybe the most important tip for winning close-range fights is to control the fight what I mean by this is to always be in control of what's going on in the overall tempo of the fight you never want to be the person who's scrambling to build up or panicking trying to turtle play close-range fights at your pace and with what you're best at if you're not an amazing builder then there's no point in contesting a soccer skin who's 92 height bring him down to your level by chopping him out or turtling up but if you're confident in your building ability make your opponent uncomfortable and push them to play faster force them into a build battle for high ground and then pull out one of Papa cherien's 5 useful high ground when they drop down and turtle put the pressure on them and do not let them heal but just make sure you're making the right decision for when to pressure and when to back off if you're low on health and Matt's keeping the pressure on them might not be the smartest idea that's when you should instead fall back and turtle up the point is by controlling the fight you're always the one who's deciding what will happen next in the fight if you miss an edit or a shot and die well then you need to work on your editing and your aiming but that's a lot better than following off higher ground because you were out of control building trying to get back height you will always win more close-range fights when you can control the fight compared to those that you can't I know I make it sound easy and trust me it's not but just practice taking control of fights and watching players like T foo or bizzle they're always making their opponent play at their pace and taking the charge of the fight themselves to sum it all up work on your box fighting because of how important it is in the current meta make sure you're moving editing and building during close-range fights to take your opponent off guard and finally take control of the fight and make your opponent play at the pace that you set so if this video helped you guys out be sure to drop a like subscribe to the channel and to turn on post notifications thank you to ever and using coach Arian the ducky one-two mini giveaway is sadly over so I'm gonna need some more ideas on what to give away next let me know in the comments what you all had in mind otherwise that's it from me and I'll see you guys in the next one later production

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  1. A useful thing I do is put a pump and combat shotgun in the same inventory one for close range the other to get people low from far

  2. Just wanna say thank you Jerian, your vids improved my skills at Fortnite a biiiig lot.
    Use code Jerian guys °^°

  3. •́ ‿ ,•̀ I'm that bot who doesn't build after shooting ಥ‿ಥ

    Cuz I switched to kB and mouse a few days ago lol
    any tips s9 sweatlords??

  4. Jerian In combat vs pump vid: If you are using the combat, all you need is an AR and the combat with 3 utility spots.
    Also Jerian: ar combat drummie heavy sniper and 6 minis

  5. I am a good creative warrior but i just cant seem to perform as well in a regular game tho, does anyone have any suggestions that can help me improve

  6. Hi bro…please can you make a video on early fighting strategy in salty springs..i land on salty springs and i am looking for a good strategy for early fights if you can make one please help me

  7. Thanks jerian I practice what I do in creative and brings it into my mobile pub, I killed 7 people just editing on them and popped off with 13 kills❤️

  8. Lmao when people say the pump is better than the combat. If you miss the first shot with a pump it is GG. And the pump doesn't consistently 1 hit, you have to hit every shot. No on can do that every time.

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