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  1. Slightly disappointed that because this is an entry level riser from a top brand we should expect a crap paint job.

  2. +Damiaan Jeurissen Did you ever find out the correct thread size for the clicker for the Hoyt Horizon? Ive looked everywhere and I cannot find an answer

  3. Hi there! I have a Hoyt Formula Excel 25" Recurve Riser, can I use Tradetec Black-max limbs for this riser? I'm a beginner so I'm thinking 30#? thank you for your time.

  4. Hi There, if you could stretch your budget the samick Avante limbs or sebastian flute carbon are both very very goods limbs for the money.

  5. what limbs would you recommend for this riser. budget of anything up to £70
    just starting out but have done about 3 hour long holiday lessons 🙂

  6. I got one of these from merlin as a first bow in red looked great for a whille but the paint is rubbish and chips off so easy . ive only had for 6 months and i just dont want it anymore , im now going to get a GMX [ never buy a painted bow ]

  7. Mayby thay should ban people from going out of there houses too? A man/woman can do harm to another man/woman no matter how mutch they try to ban weapons or tighten the law. I understand your consorn abut what happens around the world, and I don´t like it anymore then you do. We just have to live as good as we can, the best way we can.

  8. I AM NOTE TRYING TO BRING A POLITICAL DISSCUSSION HERE BUT what would happend if someone goes in and kills 5 people with a bow and arrow wil the U.S now ban bows from america? makes ya think

  9. What's a clicker? I really want to get a new recurve bow set. The one I have is very basic–from when I was first learning to shoot. But now that I can shoot much better….It's like wanting a better performing car 🙂

  10. Hi guys I want to start archery so what type of how would you recommend on me buying/using and any tips ect would be much appreciated thanks

  11. Are limbs and risers all interchangeable? I was looking to buy a bow online but I keep seeing "riser" everywhere… I don't want just the handle, I want to buy a bow that I can take out the box, assemble and shoot! Can I simply buy a horizon riser, get a pair of recurve limbs from any given brand and put them together? do I THEN have to get a specific string length too?

  12. Yes, you're not allowed to hunt with a bow in most european countries. You can partially in denmark and france and you definitely can shoot anything in hungary. But Germany, Sweden, Norway, England and more which all have a wide variety of game species (for european standards at least) have outlawed bow hunting. And it's not really looking like it's getting a comeback other than in Denmark and France.

  13. you can't hunt with bows? ok…i've read your comment twice and the only quantifier i've seen is "in europe"…to that, all i can say is…sorry bout that mate…

  14. If you were to hunt with a bow in the UK you would be arrested, fined and your gear confiscated as it is illegal to hunt anything with arrows here!
    You could, if you actually hit anything, also be prosecuted for causing animal cruelty and find yourself in prison, so think on!

  15. I have also seen old recurve bows made metal and some older Bear recurves had aluminium lamination, but they had a problem with them delaminating.

  16. I highly doubt it. If you're making a selfbow just for a project and not planning to do serious shooting with it, I would search youtube for guides about making them with PVC. They turn out pretty well for stuff all money and not much effort.

  17. Is it realistic to make bow limbs out of aluminium? Im making one for a personal project but im not sure if aluminium is elastic enough to be used as a bow limb.

  18. Did you even read what I wrote?
    Read my comment again and decide for yourself if your reply still makes sense. I am not even going to give a proper reply to your rude comment.

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