14 Replies to “Hoyt Satori 21" Riser Unboxing and Uukha Limbs Recurve Bow Combination | Archery Uukha Limbs”

  1. I put these same limbs on a 21" Dalaa ILF riser β€” Love them. Kind of strange Lancaster puts the limbs in the Olympic limb category. Limbs are limbs β€” I use these for target and 3d.

  2. Please don’t load an arrow like that slide it across your riser then snap in you nock it makes you look like a kid at summer camp

  3. Hey. Hi….I have a doubt about the satori riser 21", seems weak to me the down part of the riser, because the two large holes, …

  4. the satori riser remind me two dinosaurs head where the limbs are connected. πŸ˜€ but it's a great bow.

  5. hey there, how many pounds you have on your fingers? whats your draw length

    thinking about to buy the same combination of riser and limbs!

    another shooting video would be nice! πŸ™‚

    how many fps the bow shoots in this combination?

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