Hoyt Satori Recurve Bow

Hoyt Satori Recurve Bow

hi this is John from Lancaster archery supply ATA show 2017 I'm at the Hoyt booth when I go around the ATA show I'm looking for traditional archery stuff it's my focus and what I appreciate the most I happen to have Fred eichler here world-famous bow hunter and Hoyt has a special new product that Fred put together or helped design for them that I'm really excited about I see a lot of different lengths I see a unique limb connection something's changed if you're familiar with Hoyts traditional bows you know the Buffalo bow has been really successful and something new this year that kind of takes that up to the next level is what is it this is the Hoyt Satori and you're a hundred percent right there's a lot of things that are different about this bow when you say different lengths we're offering this in a 1719 or a 21 inch riser what makes that cool is you can literally with the short limbs or the longer limbs you could take this from a 58 60 62 or a 64 inch bow so it's great for anything whether sitting in a small blind sitting in a tree stand where you want to go with a little longer setup or you're not going to get the finger pinched and maybe you want to do some target shooting we've also got a lot of just ability on making it Center shot it's got a patented system that you can literally change Center shot by 40 thousands of an inch by taking out some plates so you can Center shot this bow doesn't matter whether you're shooting a small diameter axis or a big large maybe a 23 15 aluminum arrow whatever you're shooting you can center shot it perfectly also adjustability is the tiller like usual hoitz known for their olympic bows and winning across the board I mean they have some pretty amazing Olympic boats and we literally put a lot of that technology into a hunting book right so you can adjust the tiller you can adjust the weight how much does the weight change you know what you can just about 5% of it you can adjust the weight by a few pounds but more importantly it's the tiller adjustment for your individual style of shooting if you're shooting three fingers under for example versus split finger Mediterranean you know however you like to shoot now you can adjust this bow to perform perfectly for you I see two riser colors what's this call this is the buckskin and then I also have shot the black I think they may have one other off I'm not sure I've been shooting the prototype okay and I actually took two white tails with it December but they made me fuzz it out you know the whole absolutely that's the fuzzy bow we saw yeah it was the whole top-secret thing they were like Fred you could shoot stuff but we can't really show it yet but I've actually been hunting with this bow in the field already and I love it again it's Hoyts technology from their Olympic side going into a hunting traditional bow and that's what's really cool the Shelf has been refined the grip is refined I love the new radius yeah I'm really excited to play with the new rest and the shim so we can get center shot for traditional archers last thing I noticed the limb cores have changed the limbs are now bamboo yes sir they've got a bamboo offering which is a pretty awesome awesome setup because it's just so smooth it's like fast it's really a if you try and shoot it I think it'll make a believer out of it and you've been successful already you you said have well I shot a big a bird squirrel you know I kind of like to shoot anything I can get a hold of and I shot two white tails with it in December in Colorado and I actually was shooting very light poundage because I banged up my shoulder a little bit and it performs great and I got both of you so that's also fantastic fantastic thank you Fred we're excited for the new bow and can't wait to get it in the hands of our customers at Lancaster archery if you guys have any questions about the satori or any of the new stuff from Hawaii see us at Lancaster archery comm

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  1. Just took delivery of my new Satori from Guns and Bows in Morrice, MI.
    Scott "Shooter Turner set it up and his first test shoot was a pinwheel at 20 yards. Sweet bow, tons of adjustments, especially the patented center shot.

    Shooter get his today just in time for the upcoming season.

    Get Ahead of Your Game, See Guns and Bows in Morrice, Michigan.
    Get Hoyt, Get Serious

  2. Looks really nice…couldn't help but notice the Hoyt Tribute on the end "fingers compound". Wish they would have showed it. I just ordered one!!!!

  3. Looks like a great bow…! It was good to read it will be made in a LH version. The light colored riser looks good, and with the availability of a 21" riser I could see the potential with the 64" AMO. I'm hoping to see it in Canada sometime late in the spring and could make a decision based on determining how the Satori would work as a hunting bow.

  4. So Hoyt don't support the Buffalo anymore? What limbs do Hoyt sell that will fit the Buffalo riser? Or have Hoyt just hung us out to dry? Thanks.

  5. that satori sticker on the bow looks an awful lot like the jaguar sticker on my martin jaguar elite. i like this bow though. might be my next one

  6. It is always good to see a new product that should improved something from last but I will stay with my Buffalo 🙂

  7. I kind of like the Buffalo look a little better but this is also nice. ILF is the benefit of this bow. Use whatever limbs you want.

  8. The buffalo looks better that looks a bad colour and the limbs seem expensive though Lancaster have assured me they arent.

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