HUGE time saver with the Nomix – grass cutting

HUGE time saver with the Nomix – grass cutting

– Afternoon YouTube, I just want show you a really, really fantastic way to save a lot of time and effort for all you guys who strimming and run the edges of the
gardens, are these things here, called CDA gun. It’s a droplet sprayer. I’ll just show you how it works. The capsules are in sealed containers. There’s 750 mils, so one
half of it is a carrier and the other half is the product, so it’s important you give
it a really good shake. It’s recommended to shake them for a good couple of minutes to make sure the products
are mixed through. One of the key benefits of this is there’s a really low risk operator because they come in sealed units. Unfortunately the video doesn’t really show the product come out because it comes out so fine. It’s really important
to have a steady hand. On this driveway here I’m
just spraying the drive and not actually the
grass,this is a key thing for this product as you
can use it on both hard surfaces and soft surfaces, that’s like a really big
selling point for me. Areas like this here are
perfect, getting around these posts and stuff,
getting around the trees, you can do a nice, really nice, tiny circle with this machine. I’d just like to point
out that you would never spray a driveway around because it’s just too expensive. The products pretty, pretty expensive. I think it’s about £100 a box for four of the containers. You just want to use it for little tricky areas such as these here. All of you guys are probably watching this saying “Well, I have
a traditional sprayer, something like this here. Why can’t I use that?” You can and you can get these ends, I use this here for whenever
I’m spraying driveways and stuff because the NoMix sprayer is no good for doing big areas but you can never, ever, get a steady edge around the garden, around the edges, a nice round circle around all the trees as you can with a CDA gun. A CDA gun is just about accuracy and using very, very
small amounts of product. (birds chirping) So I use it to spray
around edges and lawns and around flower beds, well so I use it to spray
around edges and lawns, if there’s stones around
of the side of a lawn, I spray that off. The best way to sell it to the customer is to say if you spray
off underneath the clumps and the brushes and the
shrubs it’s far better for the shrubs because the weights and the lawn, the grass isn’t competing with the shrubs so if you spray on underneath them, the
shrubs during the summer don’t take as much water. The other key bonuses to this, you don’t have any strimmer damage, so whenever you’re strimming
underneath bushes and shrubs, there’s a good chance
that you’re gonna damage the bark on the shrubs and the trees, or else you’re going to
leave a tuft of grass, that tuft of grass looks really untidy. So we use this here, we spray underneath and it leaves a nice round spray pattern or if we’re going up the edges, it just leaves a nice, sweet, tidy line, saves a lot of strimming. So what I would say to customers is if I’m doing that around
their house, I say, “Look, I spray off any weeds
around the property as well.” so they’re getting something for free, it’s a massive, massive time saver. So what I’ve found, I use these here, we spray around the vast
majority of the gardens, some customers don’t like it,
that’s fine, we don’t do it. A majority of customers are
happy enough to let us do it. We save loads and loads of time. So we grow lawn, we’ll cut the grass, most of them don’t need strimmed or some of them just need
a bit of strimming done, or a bit of edging done
around the flower beds and stuff, because obviously don’t, you’re not putting it in the flower beds, where there’s herbaceous plants. So all it comes down to
as you’re cutting ten, twenty, thirty gardens a day
and you’re not having to do, as you’re cutting ten, So if you’re cutting 10
or 20 gardens a day and you’re not coming to do a lot of strimming around all the gardens,
there’s only a bit of strimming here and there, you’ll
find you’ll squeeze in an extra two or three gardens a day so that’s quite better
extra profit on your day. So again I would stress, sell
the benefits to the customer. Say to the customer, “Look,
this is a really good part. It stops the weeds competing
with your shrubs so if you do this here it’s far better,” but I’ve actually found
that some customers that are resilient to start, after a year or two, they’re saying, “Robbie, that’s really good, when are you coming to do
that again? This needs done.” So this product here I use,
it’s called NoMix Dual. So it’s got Glyphosate in it
and it’s a systemic weedkiller and its got a residual
weedkiller in it as well so you only need to do this twice a year. At the start of the year
you can always do a bit of strimming, get them under control. Come in as soon as you can, get these sprayed off of this here and then halfway through the
summer spray it off again, jobs a good one, generally
the weeds don’t start growing again til sort of
September/October time. I wouldn’t spray it off again,
I would tend to just strim from that point onwards. So the downside to using this here, it absolutely has to be
done on a dry, no windy day. You can’t use this on a windy day at all because of just the nature of the sprayer, it’s a droplet sprayer and
they’re very, very tiny droplets and if it blew just a drift on them, there’s a high probability
that there’s going be dust on a windy day, so you’re best to not
use them on a windy day. One of the little considerations is you can’t use if there’s
wind in the forecast because of the residual
element in the weedkiller. If there’s winds, there’s a chance that it would shoot out wrong. So you’ll spray up there and then we come back a couple of weeks later
and you see where it’s wrong and now that area is gonna
be dead for quite a while so it’s really important
that if you’re going to use this here use it on a dry day. (birds chirping)

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  1. I use traditional backpack sprayer, but often use a sheet of cardboard or plywood to protect plants or grass you want to keep. But an interesting product.

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