26 Replies to “Human Weapon (KungFu & Taekwondo)”

  1. Beautiful. Nice techniques. But Nothing beats the power of a Smith's & Wesson.just pull of a one active finger will do the trick.

  2. Lol yep good ole tae Kwon do…. good for tournaments… useless otherwise depending on practitioner. But fun to watch.

  3. Bruh they pulled all these moves outta the ip man movies.. so surprised this vid doesn’t have a shitty like/dislike ratio

  4. Lan şerefsizler sizlere küfür etmiyorum ama o iğrenç propaganda reklamı kim yaptı lan aşağılık yaratıklar

  5. Everytime I see this I get chills thinking about fighting against these "fighters" in the video, like they know everything and got perfect striking LOL

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