Hungarian Bow of the middle ages / Horse Bows and Horn Bows – Subtitles available

Hungarian Bow of the middle ages / Horse Bows and Horn Bows – Subtitles available

Hi! Some times im getting tired of all our own rules about shooting those rules we have inventet our self! Psychotrigger Being aware of targetpanic remembering backtension are we pulling long enough? are we creaping forward? and a lot of other things Some times i just wanna shoot the bow, without thinking about all that stuff! Like we did 1000 years ago I dont think the Vikings was thinking about Backtension or pulling to a psychotrigger I just beleave they where pulling back and released. However! The Vikings where traveling to the east And was carrying stuff like this with them back I picked this one up 8 years ago This is a cheating model with fiberglass inside But it havent changed the last 1000 years We are still picking these things up in eastern Europe like back then This one is picked up in Hungary The Hungarian Bow of the middle ages Is the name It is above 60 pounds 62 or 65 pounds, i cant remember The label has fallen off But a bow like this is perfect to "dont care" with and just shoot And this is of the hand no rest just a peace of roe deer to prevent friction from the arrow But lets give it some shots It is originally made for horse back use But im not gonna do that he he There is not a lot of noise in it. Well, it was average ok But it was fun, non the less Lets check them out A little spread on the group, at 18 meters Of course, it could have been better two in the killzone and one outsider But thats okay, shot of the hand i think! lets take them out! Lets cut the video But when i got this bow 8 years ago this one i was researching on it and found out, that they was not like this 2000 years ago there was probably no leather on them back then The leather is only for display Back then there was buffalo horn on the belly and sinew on the back and and when it was fiberglass in this one, i was thinking, no! I want a real one! A "real" one So I had to buy one Here we have a real one There is only one thing on this bow there is not natural, and thats the string! cause thats a Dacron the rest of the bow is only natural material Sinew here wrapped with sinew here sinew this way and on the side buffalo horn on the belly and wood in the core of the bow sinew wrapped out here to reinforced with horn on the syah´s And sinew on the back of the syah´s reinforced with horn on the riser, or midt section actually its quite nice and impressive This is supposed to be a copy of how they looked thausands of years ago I cant stop thinking about how many peaces of wood they have snapp´ed to figure this construction out? Cause this is not a long bow, look how short it is look how short this part is The working part of the limb, is only about 25 centi meters long You are able to pull it quite long check this out! If you did that with an Elm stave or ash or a hasel stave in this lenght it would break! Well, lets give it some shots this one is easy´er to handle, cause its only 50 pounds it shoots well, and its fun to shoot its making a sound on the riser cause there is no lether on it But there is horn for protection, so the arrow is not terring it up its only noise It will start raining soon And its of the hand so its an intuition to hold the same grip, every time If you´r being attacked by a zombie this bow is also relevant Then there is no thinking, just up and shoot Okay? No such thing as targetpanic, or keep pulling, keep pulling just up and shoot thats cool! lets take a look at it lets take a look this one was placed well lets check the other this was good to this one was 18 meters, the other was 15 meters Luckily we got him! even in the right place its not working to shoot him down here But if you have any questions about the bows feel free to post a comment and ill answer See you! shoot straight

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  1. Love your video. I'm from Australia, I can only speak English. This video inspired me to buy a hun horn bow, even though I've been shooting compound bows for years, the hun horn bow from Groźer is awesome

  2. I believe he's speaking one of the beautiful nordic languages, but it sounds like an utterly drunk scotsman. 😀

  3. I love Hungarian Magyar culture and people i want to learn how to do archery like a Hungarian salutations from America and Mexico friend 🙂

  4. Beautiful bow! I wish I had the skill and knowledge to build a sinew/horn composite bow. I’ve been building longbows for 12 years and eventually want to try one of these. Thanks!


  5. Hi Peter, you seem such a nice guy, and I do appreciate your video 🙂 However, as a Hungarian archer, let me tell you that this is NOT a Hungarian bow, as we do not have string bridges on our bows (Mongolian bows do). More information:

  6. Beautiful bow, and i understand that some of European people pray: protect us from hungarian arrow….awesome

  7. I`m from sweden and have a very hard time to understand danish, but as I got it, you were trying to explain the simplisisty of shooting a bow, instead of all the tecnical pff pff… And you had a bow at 60# at 30".. 🙂 Anyways, nice video, and thank you, understanding the language or not, I "think" i got the drift 🙂

  8. Great shooting as usual Peter! I would love to see you take a roe deer with that horn bow. That would be quite impressive!

  9. Ja, det er jo det som det hele startede med, men vi glemmer tit glæden ved blot at gøre ting. God film

  10. Fed film som altid Peter 👍😊
    -og du har så ret, alle vores regler og obs'er kan være rimeligt trættende 😊

  11. Fantastiske videoer, især dine videoer om bueprøven, de har givet mig mere ro på inden jeg skal op til efteråret 😊👍 Du nævner at du må til “lommer’n”.. hvad måtte du betale for sådan en bue om man må spørge? Fortsæt det gode arbejde! 😁

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