HVAC Heat Pump Air Conditioner Fence DIY Cover – Backyard Upgrades #5

HVAC Heat Pump Air Conditioner Fence DIY Cover – Backyard Upgrades #5

welcome to specific lab today I'm gonna show you I put together this simple yet decorative heat pump cover that looks like a fencing and works great you know with any backyard let's begin my son recently discovered that our new dog was getting behind her heat pump and chewing on the piping fortunately at this point the dog had only ripped off the insulation wrapping so I jumped into action I grabbed the pool noodle and placed it over the piping I then position a couple pallets into place and screw them together this was a little ugly but kept the dog out for now I then went to the store and picked up some pressure-treated two-by-fours and cedar fencing I then cut the two by fours down to make separate frames to fit in place of the pallets the lumber was still a little wet and would shrink a little over time so the setup has to be able to move for the cedar fence post I cut them in half making them three feet each and doubling the number of posts available for the tops of the lower halves I cut 45-degree angles to match the design of the top halves I also needed a three foot long four by four which was saved from an old playground set and cut it to size I then swept out the floor and began assembly I laid out one vertical beam and three horizontal pieces I then checked the squareness with my carpenter square and then used two and a half inch exterior screws to secure them in place I next flip the wood upward and added a second side also notice that I left a two inch rise on the bottom to keep most of the wood off the ground and then assemble the second frame with the same process which is a little narrower to fit in the location needed a quick test fit allowed me to see everything fit together well and it was time for the fencing I then laid out the fence post using just my eye to get them about even between each one and ready for screwing and then I added two screws at each horizontal frame the posts on a corner were left overhanging so they would cover the four before when in position and after another test fit I moved everything outside the fencing looked great so I pulled it back apart and used a fence post driver to hammer in a large rebar stake on the inside corner of the fencing I then placed the frame back in its position and screw both of them to the 4×4 using some hanger tape I attached a frame to the rebar stake which should keep this fencing in place this will also allow future removal of the fence for maintenance and repairs now if you enjoyed this project make sure you click the like button until its roots sing about it in comments also I have a couple other videos right here that go along with the backyards upgrades so make sure you check those out

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  1. Its a nice idea but being a HVAC technician it may be to close to the unit and you may end up having issues with it heating or cooling properly.

  2. The blind is well-done, of course, but that doesn't teach he dog not to gnaw. He could go after other things, like furniture, etc. I'm sure he will have a wonderful life in your family! : )

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