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  1. Me sangran los ojos de ver esto… Decir horrible tul/forma es poco. Lo peor es que hay gente que sigue a estos "Masters" ._.

  2. I don't know hwy the guy was trying to move in slow motion, but he could have just used editing for that instead of throwing weak moves. I come from a different style and we have a form with the same name. But strange fact the first three moves are the same then it changes a lot.

  3. These are the type of forms/patterns my daughter is taught. (upstate ny) They are not the same as the ITF forms but "are" compatible in AAU competitions as well as many others. My daughter is 9 yrs old and currently in the red/brown belt advanced division. She has competed in 6 events now, placing 1st 4 times and 2nd twice. She recently finished 2nd (silver medal) in the 2018 AAU Nationals held in Florida. We really appreciate these videos from Master Rana. The pacing, the artistry, the focus, the stances, the snap. Well done… Thank You very much.

  4. master rana is 3rd dan honestly my master (master lonely) is 8th dan and my instructor is 6th dan and the students are 3rd dan 2nd dan and 1st dan and some of them are 10 or 11

  5. My instructor learned from Nam Suk Lee. See TKD history. Chinese waves coil and spiral and are not on just one plane though.

  6. Read the actual historical minutes kept by the dojangs and the creation of TKD within the schools. There was a LOT of arguing and confusion about who was head boss/right. Look at the minutes kept by records rather than just believing what you are told.

  7. Bouncy ITF sine wave is fairly recent. Recently meaning I have been at this for 30 years. Chinese martial arts coil and spiral to produce a whip like strike. Not sure where that sine wave fits into that scenario but when I learned there was no sine wave.

  8. what stile is this because in ITF the 5th move is fast motion and we have a thing called singhn wave motion

  9. I guess because of the different ITF Federations they are now teaching the Forms completely differently from the Gen Choi Encyclopedia. This form compared to the Encyclopedia is completely wrong but if that's how they teach it at your ITF then it should be correct the way you do it. Thanks for the video tho.

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