Hyperlite's Many Hands

Hyperlite's Many Hands

in a world where everything's very disposable we want to make sure that if a customer buys a product that has hyper light on it it's going to last as long as they need it to you know the goal of everybody here at Hyperlite is pretty simple it's to build innovative quality goods for the wake athlete so hyper light was officially founded in 91 we were the first compression molded wakeboard company which really changed the sport there's also a lot of little innovations which were known for that I think a lot of people forget about fully machine PVC core novo boards the first do track mounting system in our boards to close toe boots flex boards our durashell surfboard construction the lightest most durable construction in our space it's really what drives us innovation and quality bringing that to the consumer and making sure that they have a great time behind the boat [Applause] [Applause] you know I think what a lot of people don't realize is something that seems so simple like a wakeboard boot or a wakeboard or wake surfer it is actually a very very complex item there are so many hands that are involved in the process it all starts with an idea it starts with an athlete who is looking for something that can improve their experience behind the boat or give them a little extra edge from there it comes to our R&D team that needs to kind of take that idea and make it a reality taking that idea figuring out how you can manufacture what it's going to look like how it will go to retail what it'll sell for and even the simple stuff I mean it's got to go in a box it's got to go into our warehouse it's got to be packed it's got to be shipped from there it goes to our retail partners that our sales staff is educated to make sure that the consumer that walks into the shop has the best experience and knows exactly what they're going to buy if the end-user has a Hyperlight product that they're not happy with then something's broken down in that chain of communication and product development and we got to re-evaluate it for us when we first moved overseas it wasn't about building a cheaper wakeboard it was about building a better way for partnering with a manufacturer over there with capabilities that we didn't have at the time really allowed us to do that and it allowed us to bring some new innovative stuff to market nobody had ever seen before we've been building overseas for over 15 years now we partnered with a family-run business that values quality that values innovation they have employees that have been there for upwards of 20 years you know it's almost like it's an extension of who we are just in another part of the world we have raw materials that come from the United States from Europe from Japan I mean we choose the best raw materials to bring together and assemble with our manufacturing partners so there's a lot of steps to building a wake board or a pair of boots or a wake server you know if you take wake boards for example you got to start with the foam core bio light foam something that we pioneered many years ago a proprietary formula to us which we feel yields the best most buoyant responsive product within the space it's injected in these giant PU machines we use exclusively hard tooling just to ensure that all of our parts and precise part part part is soft tooling which degrades over time and doesn't yield as precise of a part those aren't corners that we cut we make sure that all of our parts come out exactly the same from the first to the 5,000 the lay up of the board is also a very important aspect of the product development process as well from a kid's board to a woman's board to a pro's board all of them feature a different fiberglass or different material that's inserted in there to yield a ride specific for the end-user that's just one of the things that we've you know really dove into over the years is making sure that the fiberglass combination with the composites and the laminates really makes sense for the person that the products won't go through [Applause] something that we really value is the proprietary nature of our product we don't want to spend all this time innovating our goods just to have somebody else down the street knock it off so we do spend a lot of time setting up our processes the construction the materials we spec and we put it all together in a way that other companies can try to emulate but never will have the same end result as ours all of these things just allow us to specifically build product for each aspect of the sport from the boat athlete beginner intermediate advanced to the cable athlete who really needs something with Flex characteristics and longevity again making sure that the materials we use or quality that they're all put together in the right way and coming out of a facility that nobody else can manufacture like the collaborative effort is so important with innovation they want to push the envelope and create the best product just as much as we do one of the most important parts of being the best within our space is allowing our design engineers our graphic designers our outside partners to focus on specific products wake surfing is a great example we looked beyond our industry and reached out to some of the biggest surf brands in the world it brought in know-how that we didn't necessarily have we took what we knew from behind the boat and combined it with what they knew from the surfing world to create the coolest product out there it's this type of mentality looking beyond our space that really helps out these guys brought new ideas from things like how awake surfers should perform to the materials that go into it you know a lot of times I could ask why do we choose the athletes that we do it's pretty simple most of our guys have a very unique perspective on the sport from Free Riders to cable athletes to the guys that have been with the brand forever each brings something unique to Hyperlight it's not necessarily the athlete that's trying to nail the hardest trick or land on top of the podium what's really important to us is an athlete that can connect to people and somebody that they'd look up to you know at the end of the day I'm just one part of this machine hyper light is comprised of so many people with the same goal we're all enthusiasts we all love the sport from our athletes to our marketing to our manufacturing to our sales everybody has the same goal to build and provide the best product you

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  1. Been riding Hyperlite since the early 90’s!!! I’ve loved every board I’ve had! Just like the other people here I’ve had one time that there was something wrong with what I ordered and I had a replacement in just a few days!! IRIDEHYPERLITE

  2. I've only ever had one issue with one product from Hyperlite and it was taken care of immediately no questions asked. By far the best company I've ever dealt with both in warranty and in my purchasing experience. Plus, who can beat a partnership with Shaun Murray?

  3. I bought a hyperlite 2019 and it delaminated on me the 4th time out. But hyperlite took care of me and sent me a new on. No
    Hassle no worry. #prohyperlite

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