today I channel my inner hunger game skills and become an archery master while attempting to get 3 million coins to buy the Galactic bow the best bow in the game can I get it watching to the end Hunger Games is that that's the bow and arrow noise right Ching yes that's right today we're a brand-new simulator what Rousseau's playing as Simula are you are you sure this is real life I've never seen her so plays simulator yes today we're gonna be playing archery simulator scam is brand new and it's actually made by some legit devs so it's not just a random simulator that appeared out of nowhere it's actually apparently a well made simulator it doesn't look too crazy right now just like a really simple map but I'm pretty sure there's other worlds to go to yellow worlds so there's probably a lot of other builds and cool parts of the map there's quests look at this Robin Hood has a quest I could shoot him but I won't do that because he did nothing to me so I don't need to shoot him wait world built by all I thought that meant I thought that sign said that somebody was in this tent and they owned it it would be so cool if you could have tent apartments anyways today we're gonna be playing archery simulator and becoming the best ever like we always do but I don't even know what that happens when you become I don't know how to become the best I add I mean there's pets in the game there's bows but what I'm probably gonna end up doing is getting the craziest bow ever let's actually look through all these real quick we got a wooden we got a bronze we got an iron let's just skip to the end because that's the one I'm trying to grow what well that looks crazy it's got like 16 freaking bozo ain't no it only has one I thought all those were on this one you're looking as lightning oh this one's actually sick too these all look actually really good I like the models but we're gonna be grinding for the Galactic bow the three million coin bow does three thousand damage per bow so it's gonna be pretty intense make sure you watch all the way to the end alright I'm gonna get this bow and the only way we can ensure that I'm gonna get the Galactic bow by the end of this episode is if this video gets 10,000 likes can you do Blue Crew or people that aren't subscribed yet hit that like button see what happens it turns blue pretty dope and obviously subscribe if you guys have it already uh we're about ten nine hundred thousand like no joke it's about to happen in the next few days we're at eight eighty nine right now almost eight ninety we're gonna hit Oh an Avengers reference but seriously we're about to hit nine hundred K and that is just I can't even believe it and then we're gonna be on the grind blue Crusoe plays to 1 million it's gonna be sick alright so we got our wards in this game we got our shop we got pets and we got bows so we need to check out all those things but first what I'm gonna do is show you guys the mechanics of the game cuz you're like okay you got a bow but like what do you do well you do quests you get all those things that I said before but you also shoot these freakin look at you shoot the targets that's so sick I actually love that you shoot the targets and I think it does different damage based on where you hit it like yeah look if you hit it in the middle it's a seven and if you hit on the outside it does five look at that it does different damage based on how you hit it that's actually sick I actually I was played when I was playing paper ball simulator one of my videos I don't know if yes I but I mentioned that they should add targets and this is basically what I pictured I pictured a bunch of targets around the maps archery simulator was inspired by Rousseau plays of course oh no I ran out of arrows so that's where they gets you so you run out of arrows you have to run all the way over here and I think you have to go to this yellow little circle and that's how you get more arrows is that true is that what you do yes okay so that's the arrow refill that's where you go for that but you can get infinite arrows which we get I mean go to be honest I'm probably gonna end up getting that and there's also coins so I'm not sure oh the club look it's a golden one it's a golden one bro I need to KO this I need to know that's mine okay well we share it so these are the paths right here lady woods Lady Bird don't you mean ladybug I'm so confused that's a ladybug I mean bird I don't know what I'm saying oh what kind of bow you guys got in the comment section below and what kind of pets I actually wanna go back to the shop real quick what is the quiver oh this is where you the boat so there's an insanely good quiver to is it the Galactic it holds 370 bows which is a ton oh my gosh that looks so cool that looks amazing I just spit on my keyboard that's seriously looks amazing okay what about the pets we got eggs in here and they cost gems I don't even know how to get gems bro how do I even get gems bro 30 percent fire rate oh there's some game passes we might have to get in here guys alright 30 percent fire rate I feel like I gotta get that's just like that's just like a given broad would be shooting so fast I'm gonna be like katniss everdeen up in here two times coins man infinite arrows we might force out none of these none of these I don't want any of these okay but I might get is this agility boost that that's pretty helpful because it's sometimes annoying when you walk around in games and you uh you're really slow alright so now we got a few game passes up our sleeves and we're going a little bit faster and look at the shooting oh yeah that's fast baby let's go bro I'm a newbie I'm not gonna be a newbie for love I'm the fastest shooter in the West or in the East I don't I don't know where this game is located but dang it dude that's so annoying the refilling is really annoying I might have to go for the infinite should I do it guys I feel like I'm just gonna inevitably do it Oh a gold one it's a golden arrow targets we need to shoot this no messing around it's golden and it's a steel or metal or whatever eighty point that gave me and it took it literally took twelve arrows to to take out okay I'm about to be out here's what i'ma do I'm gonna buy the infidels I have to I have to do it I know you guys are like so why do you spend robox on I just gotta do it I gotta do it now I can spam click and miss all the arrows I want yes this is what I wanted oh it's a blue target okay everybody act natural I don't know what the difference is with the color targets that's how you get gems okay so basically there's different kinds of targets and the golden ones give you more coins and the blue ones give you more give you gems there's also metal ones so like look at these this is a normal like wooden what target but this one over here this is a metal target this gives you more than the other one because it's like double the it's double the HP so basically if you find a yeah this is a plastic blue one so we only get three gems but if you find a metal blue one you get a lot more gems for your buck so that's good to know a dungeon wait there's a dungeon okay snap there's a dungeon bro I'm playing dungeon quest all of a sudden you're going in this dungeon and then what's in here what do I do in this dungeon there this is a refill right here okay I'm gonna go this way oh this is cool you gotta like a limit you gotta touch all the buttons in order to get across dude this is sick dude this is actually sick okay so you have to go into each room and do that and you only have a short amount of time and that's actually super cool I love that idea all right so you gotta hit all these targets um oh wait did I miss where's the other target where's the other target bro I guess I got to keep going alright I'm just gonna walk this parkour I'm a little bit scared oh gosh oh no I fell okay not good gonna keep going I need to try this again I don't know where I'm supposed to go guys and I'm going a little bit fast cuz I got that sprint thing oh ah this is so scary oh my gosh there's fire bro maybe I need to shoot that there yeah I need to shoot these in order to get the fire gun oh okay there we go I got it I figured it out no hopefully they didn't know they didn't reset they didn't reset okay we got this no this is so hard I'm just gonna skip it I failed you only have a certain amount of lives oh my gosh but that was actually epic that was cool this is a simulator that is being pretty innovative so I hope it does well honestly I saw a lot of dislikes on this game so I didn't have high hopes for it but this is actually pretty sick they added like dungeons to it so there's not only quests but there's dungeons and there's a fun like repetitive type of gameplay like usually in simulators you just walk around collecting coins or clicking and this one you're clicking but you actually have to like move around the game find different targets there's different targets in different worlds that are better etc and there's pets so honestly I really like this emulator so far let me know about you guys got in the comment section below and I will be getting the best one the Galactic by the end of this stay tuned let's go ahead and talk to Robin and destroy ten targets in world one so those are what the quests are looking at basically you just you basically just destroy ten targets in the world one and then you get something from Robin which is cool but I want to go to another world I know I haven't been in this world that long but I want to go on another one so I don't know how to do that I just realized we'd already pets which would probably help us in our progress I think getting pets like probably gives you multipliers of some sort let's check out the worlds though this is the first world Meadows pretty bland you're just in a meadow but then we oh wait world undiscovered oh we how do I discover it how do I discover new worlds bro I need to figure this out how do I discover oh is it right there I think that's it right there so I think you basically just walked to the end and how far can you shoot by the targets by the way bro you can shoot them from so far away okay you have to be a little bit closer yeah they look I mean range now I'm so far away dude that's sick I like that this gets fun so this is where you go so you basically go to the crystal cave you need five thousand coins and that's how you get into the next area so we'll get there in a second first what we need to do is grind a little bit more so we can afford some pets and get closer to that galactic bow I can't lie like whatever I play a new simulator I don't have high hopes people but people make some pretty bad simulators I cannot lie but this one's actually pretty sick like it has like this normal repetitive simulator filled but they added so much more to it with the quests and the dungeons kind of feels like dungeon questing away and it's kind of fun that you only have five minutes to like complete is it like gives you like a task to do oh and you can find gems are on the map I'm gonna grind for a little bit see what else we can get and oh my gosh that's the beautiful alien glasses version of me hello you look beautiful where'd you go oh they all have blue crew I don't even know who's ooh I guess progress so far I frickin woodland bow it's one of the best and it's so satisfiying to do this check this out ready Bam Bam Bam Bam oh wait am i close up ready Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam dude I can kale all of these targets in literally one hit look dang boy this thing is good and now I can make my way to the crystal cave so I completed that first quest I got enough money and I bought something with some robux I had to in order to get the woodland bow and now I can make it to the crystal cave so let's go through here and see what this is like oh and as you go on the the worlds look completely different and the targets actually looked different too which is pretty cool so you know these are worth 160 they're giving me much more but I still one shot him I think there's a gem one you know 160 gems baby let's go this is sick I actually like this new sim I really think it's good and there's another shop here but I'm assuming it's just the same yeah and I don't think there's anything better in here it's just the same stuff so the Galactic bow is still on our agenda that's what we're gonna be getting I did get some pets though I didn't buy the best egg I think get the crescent egg but I got a slime egg and let's see what I got out of it I can't even remember I got a bead a rhino and a rat none of these are really that good the rat is my best one and it's not even that good it does a times 1.2 multiplier and one point one speed which is pretty good look too you could shy defy them you can make them shiny that's pretty sick and there's different ranks here as well bow mask for being the biggest with water Balian damage we're probably never gonna hit that but now I can go to different world so Meadows crystal cave and then there's two more worlds and they're probably gonna add stuff in updates and stuff though this is pretty sick and I'm gonna keep grinding for that galactic bow oh look there's a golden one look how satisfied this is I could literally just click on each one and I love the little animation of them disappear and getting the coins check this out I'm dominating row these got no match for me oh you know what I want to check out I want to check out the dungeon in this area is there a dungeon in this area oh there's a quest there's there's quests everywhere let's talk to this guy or this girl amber destroy 5 targets within a minute in world 2 two three four five easy quest baby let's go but can I touch this water I can there's a coin yeah and then another coin right here I will take that I'll be excuse me I'll be taking that I wonder if there's a dungeon in every world I really hope there is because I would like to I would like to see it oh and there's a crystal chest here it spawns every hour so definitely clutch to come check out it once in a while and get that there's another quest over here but I don't see a dungeon Jonathan he wants me to do a quest but I need to find this dungeon baby I don't I don't know if they have a dungeon in this one I'm gonna go all the way to the end just to see but it doesn't seem like they actually do it seems like they only have one in the first area not sure what am i cool if they had a dungeon in every area but that's kind of asking for a little much let's let's just see what they have in this area right here this takes you to the dunes okay so it doesn't seem like they have a dungeon but we can already make it to the dunes so we might as well go and then we climb this ladder Wow okay this area is pretty nuts this I did not expect I did not expect a giant freaking sand biome we got salad it's Aladdin salad man I don't know how to say his name I'm sorry and we got oh these are way too strong now so these these targets I can't ko with the woodland bow in one hit I need more damage multipliers and they need a better bow so dang that's actually crazy all right I need to keep writing for this galactic boat let me know in the comments what kind of bow you guys got and if you're not already subscribed and you haven't liked the video what are you doing I've been grinding out these vids and I'm so happy with the content lately I've been uploading less and they're better quality videos so let me know what you guys think of the channel follow me on all my social medias while I'm plugging and I'll see you guys in a sec what i unlock the Galactic bow and become mister Hunger Games on my quest to become the best bow and arrow archery master an archery simulator I finally made it to the village the last area in the game and I've been going to Hamm I've been playing for about an hour and a half and I got almost 500 thousand damage Delta which is pretty good I'm a sharpshooter I'm no Katniss Everdeen but like I'm on my way to the Hunger Games marathon I'm not gonna lie but I'm in but not only am I in the new area but I made it to 3 million coins and you guys know what that means alright if you stayed tuned till the end you're gonna get a treat alright you're gonna get to see the Galactic bow in action make sure you subscribe and like the video and let's purchase this thing it's gonna cost a lot of money it's all my money that I just worked really hard for so I hope it's amazing this is the galactic bow it's so sick I hope it looks as cool as it does when you have it out right here ready oh man it sounded like I ate it ship it sounded like I crunched a ship alright here we go this is it all the marbles oh my gosh bro it it like matches it literally matches it matches me bro it was made for me the Galactic bow was made for the blue crew do you see this thing it's freaking dope oh my gosh I'm obsessed with it I love it it literally exactly matches my hair color and it has static lightning electricity effects this niggas freaky dope let's test it out so it does way more damage than the other one I just had oh my gosh so in the final area it one-shots these things if I shoot them in the middle only if I shoot them in the middle dang dude that's crazy oh wait some of them it doesn't like the metal ones and the golden ones yeah those two those it doesn't one shot but at two shots which is super insanely helpful and the fact that I have infinite bows I could just hold down the mouse button and just look at this bro this is crazy I was missing I love how the arrows are actually blue to do oh my gosh this is dope and I'm getting so many coins it's still gonna take a while to get up to where I wasn't coins and the next thing I want to get is obviously more pets but I also want to get I forget what they're called but I want to get another holder even though I've infinite I want to get the Galactic holder to match my my bow but that's gonna pretty much wrap it up for now because I got what I accomplished out to do alright or I got what I sought out to accomplish I don't know words all I know is I'm the best freaking bow and arrow or in the town and you can't mess with me alright so if you guys won't see some more videos on this game definitely let me know the comment section below honestly it's a sick simulator I like it it was fun and it added a lot of new elements including the dungeon which I really liked I don't think each area has a dungeon and I think they should add that because it doesn't really make sense that the first like you have to travel all the way back to the first area if you want to do a dungeon I believe I I could be wrong maybe there's dungeons in other areas but I haven't seen them thank you so much for watching hopefully you guys enjoyed if you did it smash the like button subscribe if you're new and I will see you guys in the next episode every single day upload a video and there's super hot fire bangers and summers coming up and the vids are about to get crazy alright so make sure you guys are subscribed and during the blue crew I want to see if we get somehow hit a million subs by the way don't forget to follow me on Twitter and Instagram ever so talk shameless plug and use code for so plays if you guys are purchasing roebucks it helps out a lot thank you guys so much and i'll see you next time good bye

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