I May Like Grass A Little Too Much // Soccer Field Stripes

I May Like Grass A Little Too Much // Soccer Field Stripes

today I'm going to remind boot so better be mother boom gonna get out for today but still first yummy let me every angle yuck mean it's disgusting um so yeah this is what my lawn guys a little bit of funny cold this time of course of these dirty dogs and this is a lot frost normally get heavier frost and this look at my ear accommodate my mare goose anyway the Sun will come out later and it will dry out and we'll be able to mow this bad boy yo mate what up welcome to another lawn tip speed yes I do have a flamingo still my here so better treating with the right respectin in the belting but anyway today we're getting into ammo because Lauren has actually grown in the middle of winter which I'm excited about so let's not dilly-dally and let's get straight into this mode let's check and see if this is cutting all the way across no was not give in the middle there his side down yeah yeah and you can hear that sounds beautiful so the reason we do this is just so our reel to bed knife is perfect and we're getting a nice clean cut so today we're gonna do some I bet shouldn't YouTube actually able to pop up this morning you know I basically it says 34% people voted for checkerboard stripes 31% diamond this 24% carpet hallelujah 7% dubs and bobis in singly dubs so that's 300 something boats 300 votes so guess who's winning checkerboard so today we're gonna do checker boards drops we're gonna do double white checker boards though just so I've got more time alone cuz they're not made of ages so let's do it checkerboard straps boy now I haven't started this mower in six weeks in here before I went as E raaah oh man that looks good you up this is why I love grass cuz it's just it's just a beautiful thing now I haven't measured this in ages so I'm actually not sure what the exact height of cut is on this grass but we will find out now I say there's no way you guys know Susan camera but 12 mil 12 mil I don't even I was at 12 mil brah looks good love 12 mil yeah a few American guys 12 mil is pull up in the screen exactly at least I'm but Mike my stuff is beautiful there's still a little bit yellow tips on the grass from winter but what if me looks good looks crazy so I used to catch today I'm basically just because you know there's chance of disease this time of year so I decide I one used to catch a bit do like the nice crisp clean look of using a catcher stand influence meet Conor my look at that mmm smells like summer even though it's winter it's like no yellow in there I don't know what's going on my lawn is looking mint today we have had some warmer temps for the last couple of days but it shouldn't make that much of a difference it's why I love perennial ryegrass just because it looks like this most of the ear and hold his colour really really well told ians colour bit better than it did last year because a little bit more established but mate it looks great yeah I'll go mow the front yard and emit up I'm not gonna video that just because you know so I enjoy the Sun at the moment and the shade starts coming over the backyard soon but I'll take a drain shut over top of this area and just show you guys how those checkerboard stripes came up so I love those chuckleheads drops they sort of remind me of you know soccer fields or football fields where were you from what if you want to call them but I love it you love it thanks so much for watching guys hope you enjoyed that video I really enjoyed shooting it and getting out in the yard finally and mowing some grass it's looking good look at look let's not believe and meet that is looking anyway subscribe the channel if you haven't already liked this video if you enjoyed it make sure you go check out my website i'ma put a free calendar up there at the moment so jump on along tips or net slash shop and you'll find the calendar in there under plans and consultation just a little awesome thing to schedule a year and your schedule in yourself well I haven't schedules anything in there but yeah somebody can do there but you know I thinks guys again and you have a good week oh I almost forgot share that to my man Jeremy of the greener lawn forgive me this shirt I'd say what I always ask for large shirts from the guys ever in the States and I forget that your size is slightly different so there's like a dress on me me gusta you know I mean really appreciate it Jeremy of the grain alone

30 Replies to “I May Like Grass A Little Too Much // Soccer Field Stripes”

  1. Lol anything I can do to get you in a dress brother! Looks good on ya, now ya need a cap!

    Maybe a little of that Lawn Tips love will translate over to my turf!

    Thanks as always brother! Lawn is mint…. IN THE MIDDLE OF WINTER 👌🏻

  2. I’ve been mowing mine twice a week, even this time of year in the NSW Southern Highlands. Could possibly do more since upping the secret mix ingredients. Got the Scotty out for the first time in 2 months, been using a rotary. Need the rotary again, to get it down to a point the Scotty will do the job effectively. Lawn is looking great, praying for rain though, cheers.

  3. I wish I could give an additional thumbs up for use of "mint!". Could only have been better if you went for "mintox".

  4. Grass looks like green carpet. Probably the only yard where I wouldn't mind walking around barefoot. Good stuff.

  5. Voted for the checkerboard and got it. Looks good. Can't believe the look. My Sir Walter Buffalo lawn in Sydney looks terrible. Another quality video.

  6. Look-in Good Ben for the time of year. All your neighbors lawns have checked out! Quick question what Camera are you using for your vids I see you upload in 4K what a difference in 4K on Vid quality. I just bought a DJI Osmo Action it was between that and the GoPro Hero 7 black, jury is still out as I have only had it a week. Thanks as always for your awesome editing and content! Chad Upstate NY

  7. Questions: I'm starting a football/soccer club in about a year. I want great quality grass. Would you suggest RYEGRASS for the playing field? Based in Johannesburg, South Africa

  8. We all have the same 'problem'…it's the love that drives the obsession…and also makes for great content!

    The lawn is healthy & growing because the soil is healthy…it's the humic my brother!

    Just a few weeks until the season starts. Time to a PL title to the trophy case!

    Best to Emma & the kids


  9. its an amazing lawn for a while I was thinking it was a fake lawn especially with how well it lines up with the drain. but for someone that cares so much about his yard do ever think about putting in some more plants even a hedge to hide the head or tree or bush in the corner

  10. I have buffalo grass that turns from a lovely green, to brown during winter months, I have tried everything to keep it green over the years, not watering it, watering it a little, watering it a lot, mowing it once a week, mowing it once a fortnight, buffalo lawn feed from Bunnings, nothing seems to work through the colder months. Any tips would be appreciated.

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