I Trained Like Arya Stark (Game of Thrones) For A Month ⚔️

I Trained Like Arya Stark (Game of Thrones) For A Month ⚔️

sometimes over exhausting you guys we are back in action for another kick-ass training video and in honor of Game of Thrones coming out this month I wanted to Train like Arya Stark spoiler alert for anyone who hasn't watched Game of Thrones Arya's storyline is pretty freakin badass I love how she goes from this innocent young girl into the complete badass machine over the course of the first few seasons saddle up guys because winter is coming I'm never saying that again my name is Michael Emma professional stuntman a lot of what we're going to be covering for the Arya Starks segment is a lot of things in terms of timing distancing using the weapon is an extension of your body of that doesn't come bring Naturals a lot of people what we're trying to go for is a little bit of a progression of the character what you see in the series is she starts out where she's the first one going to use this one it's very classical very much more of a dueling style or a sparring style and then later on when she actually puts that into practice in the real world it's not quite as clean it's much more dirty there's more realism it's a little gritty er alright so first things first we're going to put a weapon in your hand get you ready and then we're gonna start working on basic footwork so make that weapon yep there you go oh we're going to work on this simple advance retreat four five six good X we'll go ahead and pass forward again ready and pass one to our first cut just cut one right so one bone this to the thigh will go one and then just roll it over the wrist to two it's not like the French numbering system of doing things a lot they use it a lot in like different european sword fighting systems mics like through a one two five eight nine advanced retreat and i'm like trying to do calculus inside my hand trying to figure out what everything needs one almost always is that universal cuts in the thigh on outside one two three four clubs we're going to start blocking these we're going to pay these one is just over here and it's almost like checking your watch right so I thought that this video was originally going to be very focused on sword fighting and then I remembered Aria doesn't just know sword fighting she knows about snap she knows quarter steps and she does a little bit of parkour so we got a full plate of training and all right nice and slow still 25% ready 3 2 1 go 1 2 3 and 1 2 3 excellent there's always a step step and your hands go cross providentially familiar ground in that favorite yeah that's good if you go that smooth the whole time to come with having to like learn all of these different weapon techniques and keeping all the numbering system and movements aligned in my head has been a little bit tough and also an iconic move that I want to get down is a dive roll we're going to start doing some rolls I want to get you doing rolls with a weapon in a second wah and you're going to take your head through the hole and try to headbutt your own Oni just like that good that's a lot later on what I want you to be doing it's yella go and come back up good oh oh oh all right you were to like run at me and you know that this is like I got a weapon you missed as soon as you get here you're like I'm dead it's more about the character and less about buying choreography I feel like I've been so focused on getting in technicalities and everything down that I've completely forgotten to like bring my own character to things and once Mike told me to do that everything just felt so much more visceral hook 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 good there you go now it feels like yeah we're yeah yeah right oh I'm dizzy now so we've been training so much for this project but it didn't really feel real until this came in the mail today is the official game of Thrones replica of needle which is arias weapon are you excited now feels real now it feels real who uses an MK ULTRA upload time Pizza Delivery actually question about you two been changing the algorithm what's wrong Michelle she looks distracted I ask you something sure what's up what I'm going to say is gonna tell you were crazy but she stick with me there is this group of guys who keep kidnapping youtubers and I heard that they're going to the YouTube headquarters to plant a virus the faceless men super-fit what was in black yeah how'd you know I used to be one of them there are unique subset of Hollywood stuntmen who pride themselves on never being in the limelight no fame no fortune wearing the faces of the many actors they double meant I can help you stop them train like that but to be a faceless man it's true who are you Michelle Carr a lion a content creator girl lies again I'm now Oh my back hurts where didn't we just use Airbnb start backing up YouTube headquarters to a few hours house excuse me excuse me sorry excuse me hi hello have you seen my dog sugar she just ran off she's small apricot loves the show downward dog on ABC is Red Dog no it's canceled I don't have the heart to tell her where's your leash hi Oh I don't usually I think it's important for dogs have a strong sense of independence to trying to tell me studious detailed always by the book Allison Raskin with knowing the great California state law yeah I watch you too just what you're looking for the YouTube virus that will change everything my name is Brandon by the way pretty soon they'll be hearing that name a lot let's go thank you one engine to branded into in one instrument to I found I saw half a million people who thought they're calling you MKULTRA in the comments and in faces are for no one you are still some you're decided the many-faced God and now a dead you

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  1. HAPPY GAME OF THRONES DAY EVERYONE! I hope that you guys love this video, we worked so, so, so hard on it! Be sure to give it a thumbs up and share if you enjoyed! Your support allows us to keep making these videos. <3 Any guesses as to which superhero I'm training like next…? The last scene is a BIG clue! 🙂

  2. I was watching part 1 thinking there was no part 2 and then i clicked on this video and realized that this is part 2😂😂

  3. Can you train like katniss from the hunger games😋🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
    Edit please like so she can see this ✌️😜

  4. imagine how safe this girl is knowing how to do all of this!!!!! ❤️❤️ i’m jealous!!! 😂😂😂❤️

  5. I like the fact that these techniques are completely useless in a real life sword fight, but it's still cool I guess

  6. It does surprise me why she does Movies or Series, she obviously is healthy enough to such Training, she seems mentally fit enough to end what she started and she can act? What more do Movies need?

  7. I seriously loved the bit where you got the sword. That is exactly how I would have reacted to getting a GOT sword.

  8. wow! you r so impressive ur acting skills are amazing. keep doing what ur doing, i love this channel !!

  9. Could you train like Mulan? I just want a training montage with I'll make a man out of you in the background with it ending you climbing a giant pole with two weights on strings

  10. I've a background in a number of martial arts incl. weapons and think you should do these professionally. It's evident you've natural ability and it'd be good to see more women enter the field.

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