I Turned The Recurve into a SNIPER Rifle!! Call Of The Wild

I Turned The Recurve into a SNIPER Rifle!! Call Of The Wild

so people often ask me why don't you ever use the recurve the recurve is the most challenging bow and call the wild and I agree 100% to the fact so much that I haven't even used a recurve in over two years well that's because it is so inaccurate there's no like aiming point there's no possible way to really shoot consistently with this recurve well that was until I figured something out that my computer actually came equipped to it I don't know what it's actually called but my computer has this little function where it puts a crosser on the center of the screen and well I think it just might make me want to use the recurve a little bit more alright so we have twenty yards right here we're gonna draw back put the center of the dot right on the bottom Wow that is what you call perfect bullseye we'll go a little bit further this time put it right kind of towards the top okay that's still a pretty nice shot we got a nine try it one more time and there's another bullseye so we're looking at 25 yards out pretty much money all day now we're gonna go for 40 and I have a pretty good feeling that was a 9 a very nice shot we'll try it one more time there it is perfect bullseye 38 yards out and we're grouping pretty much like a 50 cent piece at 38 yards out which yeah I'm pretty comfortable with that so now that we know this might work out pretty good let's actually head outside and see how it works alright so we just got eyes on a really nice stag right here it's a nice eight mythical and he's coming right towards us let's go prone and let's get ready and see if we can't get a nice shot I don't have the greatest cover here okay this could work this could definitely work here we have a little bit better cover but you can see right there a really nice rack on this day big ol mythical volts be patient let him come in he's gonna come right past us he's about twenty-five out right there so he's definitely in range in fact for all I could have went for that if that female didn't stop right there and move every time that happens okay we might be able to go for this shot all that look beautiful he's going down he is going down we just smoked a huge tag with the recurve man that was awesome so he shouldn't go too far oh look at that he's down right there yeah we hit him here vital hit and he ran maybe thirty yards now if he breaks I think like eight 90s he would be our biggest egg and I think he might do that take a look at that shot though that was almost a heart shot it looks like it came out right through the bottom of it big ole stag let's go pro and take a look at this guy Wow very cool and let's pick him up and he's gonna score eight hundred and seventy two so he's actually like my second biggest egg but the fact that we got him with the recurve at 25 yards out we made a right lung liver stomach shot beautiful shot on him a nice gold stag and yeah we're definitely gonna get a mounted very cool stag and to take him down with the recurve on top of that there is no way I would have wanted to try and take him down with a recurve before I knew about this new technique but yeah pretty awesome and five thousand nine hundred cash it's gonna actually pay us 1395 cash for him so I mean we'll already make back some of the money just in the fact that we took him down okay guys so we just got to 16 yards away from this nice mealy block right here he's a three pretty decent sized one we don't really have a good angle we have to slide over a little bit more but we know he's definitely in range 16 yards is you really can't get much closer than that alright guys so we just snuck up 214 yards away from this big melee here 14 yards away he's pretty broadside will slide over a little bit more but that should work there 14 yards I'll definitely work and what a nice shot we dropped him very nice shot I think we actually ended up getting double lung we hit a little bit high I mean we centered him perfect but I was actually trying to go for a heart shot not gonna lie and that was yeah pretty high double lung spinal cord shot and we ended up getting a hundred percent though at 15 yards away Wow so we have a mule deer' down and a nice stag down eventually I want to see what this thing can actually do on the Grizzly but for now I think we're gonna head out and try and find some whitetail alright so we just got in our first day and we have a couple of bull elk right here but we also have a whitetail buck that called I did get a chance to see him yet so we'll keep an eye on him as well in fact I see him coming in right there alright so we just got eyes on our whitetail he's right there about 30 yards out I think he's the only buck around but I could be wrong definitely could be another one somewhere although I don't see anything so try and call him a little closer cuz he's about 40 right there which we could go for a shot but ok here he comes so he's still at 30 okay he's gonna come right underneath us so he's within 20 let's just say that and if he holds up right there we dropped him Wow must have gotten spinal cord I was actually trying to catch his long but I'll take it let's hop down quick and pick him up because literally he is right underneath the tree stand and we actually did get lung we end up getting spinal cord right lung liver and stomach he scored 778 not a bad buck and it looks like you can use the recurve and get 100% on them nine point five yards out all right so it looks like the whitetail came back in these are all doze but I would definitely like to take another shot I'm one if we get one close enough actually if this still holds up there at 29 yards out I think that might just do well we have an Elk's it up and out there but it's a cow so she holds up 29 yards out Wow oh I think we just heart shot that doe at about 27 yards out she didn't even flinch holy so I know more than turn to the left and I can already see about 15 of them coming in on the left side plus we have ten more coming in on right side so we're just gonna have to hold tight and see which one's a good bull or we already have more stuff coming in and that's a decent bull so let's get back in the stand where is the stand there merb this bull come from seriously that's a real decent bull is that the for I mean obviously it's a for but is that V for all I know is he's in range and that is not v4 that's a different poor it's a real good looking for oh what a nice shot solid hit on him he's going down that wait did we get no did we just get long and live around that thing about 25 yards out on the truck cuz I think we did and if we did that is one heck of a good shot but yeah this is a doe he took a 30-yard shot at right lung liver shot almost made a heart shot at 30 hearts out man I think we just turned this recurve into a sniper Wow and this is our big bull I would almost have to say the fact that he went down so fast we made a right lung liver shot it's the only way that he could have went down that fast it really is that's a great-looking bull as well no that's double lung we managed to somehow sneak in a double lung shot at 30 yards out on the trot on this gold bull wow that is one lucky really lucky the fact that we got penetration like that and – what an awesome shot there's no way we could have hit this thing that good probably without having these crosshairs but Wow I think I love the recurve now he's literally right underneath this shot look good and he's down just like that big caribou down nice almost perfect my god that was absolutely perfect that's what I wanted and he's down right there perfect double lung shot grab this one that was a 30-yard right lung liver stomach shot nice and he isn't a hunter's 840 in fact looks like we ended up getting a vertebra left lung liver and thro attic yeah just left lung liver and threating vertebrae shot okay so I think we should be about 30 yards out from this moose and I think I'm right 31 yards out perfectly broadside let's grab a recurve draw back hold for heart I mean we smoked her fly yeah there's our moose she's going down in fact I think she just tipped over we were holding four right on top of the heart with 20 and she was about 30 so I was hoping that it would drop right in there nicely and we did make a nice shot but we did not get the heart unfortunately all right here she is I mean that was pretty close to a heart shot man we must not miss by much let's pick her up and find out how we did left lung shot be early we were a little bit too far behind but very beautiful shot though and 30 yards out and we took down this cow moose no problem at all okay so we just spotted another moose I think this is a Kyle as well but she's about to walk right past us so I'm thinking we should get like 15 yards shot on this moose if she keeps coming which way is she gonna go oh there's a bunch of elk coming too okay well if the Moose doesn't come the elk are definitely gonna walk right past us okay there's the Moose she's holding up Ben Oh 20 yards out how cool it'd be if a big old bull elk would step out right now there's the Moose part shot yes indeed right lung heart shot and dang that's some good penetration oh man this thing is a sniper heart shot right through all right so I can hear grizzly coming in I don't know where it is or what it is just yet but I can definitely hear it coming in another female but this one's right below us 20 yards out perfectly broadside so she slows down I don't want to take a walking shot but that looked perfect to me I think we got it yep she's going down you can see the recurve didn't have that much effect on her but she is going down I would imagine we probably only got like a single lung on that actually take a look and see how we did looks like left lung at 16 yards away a pretty good angle for what could have been double lung but I mean we barely got a single lung on that alright guys well I think that's gonna be a good way to end this video so I hope you guys enjoyed it if you liked it give it a thumbs up thank you so much for watching and we'll see you next time

26 Replies to “I Turned The Recurve into a SNIPER Rifle!! Call Of The Wild”

  1. DD33 I recently went back to Big game hunter pro hunts and was just walking around in game and shot a 16 pointer whitetail

  2. I used a rifle to figure out where the center of my screen was and then I put a small piece of tape on the center of the crosshairs and I use it all the time with this bow lol๐Ÿ˜‚

  3. Nice video man like usual ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

  4. I have the best two days on this game a mythical stag and my first diamond ๐Ÿ’Ž a 995 rated blacktail buck now to try my recurve should be fun great video DD ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  5. Genius,… Great shooting.! Looking forward to seeing what's next. So many videos I need to go back and watch as well. Keep up the good work.

  6. since I'm a Console guy I figured it out as well that it is in the middle of the screen so what I did is just put a piece of black tape in the center of my TV

  7. If you can do this on console the recurve will definitely replace the compound bow in my load outs… + if you can use the recurve on whitetail which is weapon class three Iโ€™m pretty sure maybe 7mm can be used on white tail soon

  8. I want to use the recurve, but it's not as versatile as compounds. I wish it had the arrow variety as the compounds. Hopefully we can get more traditional archery options someday.

  9. Please try to get some footage of your real life hunting this year. Even just your setup and weapon would be awesome

  10. Wow that's awesome that you figured that out with the recurve! It kind of reminds me of when you used the one in Classic

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