If You See This in a Wall, Don’t Touch It and Call the Police!

If You See This in a Wall, Don’t Touch It and Call the Police!

Every day we all get up and try and make
some money that’s what most humans do day in day out you may make your money
working in an office cooking great food writing great music but some people
don’t make their money by creating things but instead taking money from you
that’s right some people are big scammers and want your money and
possessions today we’re going to look at some new scary scams you need to watch
out for from a Bitcoin scam involving Elon Musk – why you should never touch
the USB Drive you find in a wall I’m Charlie and today we’re going to look at
if you see this in a wall don’t touch it and call the police if you want to learn
about some more amazing scams and things you should watch out for why not
subscribe and press the notification bell – the first scam we’ll look at is
cookies if you saw a cookie under your doormat you would probably just ignore
it you will assume maybe some innocent kid left it there and that’s exactly why
this scam works this scam is all about how burglars and thieves gather
information about your routine if you have a walk out of your house and hear a
crackle under your doormat then be sure to check underneath it there’s a good
chance under your doormat will be a crushed cookie after hearing a crushing
sound and this is a sign you need to call the police immediately
you see burglars often place cookies underneath your doormat this is a way
for them to know if you’ve gone away on vacation and also a way to learn at what
time you leave for work and what time you get back they use cookies because
they’re seemingly very innocent objects also it’s very easy they just need to
check back and see when the cookies crumble that way they know you’ve left
the house and roughly at what time and if they leave a cookie under your
doormat for many days and it’s not broken that this means you’re likely on
vacation this is why when you go on vacation you should put your doormat
inside and also be hyper cautious for any crunching sounds when you leave your
home next up is flash drive scam imagine if you were walking to school or work
one day and you see a USB sticking out of a wall or perhaps it’s simply on the
ground a lot of the time people will pick these up simply to see what’s on it
and sometimes they won’t declare it to use the USB stick forms
else but you should never do this there’s a common scam which involves
criminals leaving USB sticks around these USB sticks are rarely simply
dropped by a normal civilian usually a computer criminal will stick it in
between the gaps in a brick wall they do that so you notice it or sometimes
they’ll simply leave it on the ground they wait for you to take it home and
put it into your computer and then the fun for them it really starts there will
be a ransomware virus on that USB stick as soon as you plug it in you don’t even
need to open any files it immediately infects your computer and encrypts every
file you have you then need to pay them in Bitcoin an untraceable currency to
unlock your files examples of ransomware include the wanna cry virus in 2017 this
locked millions of people out of their computer files and made an estimated 24
million dollars for the people behind the hack the US UK and Australian
government said North Korea was behind the attack but anyone can put this on a
flash drive and leave it around so never pick up a flash drive if you see it in a
wall or on the floor instead handed in to your local police department that way
if a drill the owner can come forward and if it’s not no one else will get
infected next up is plastic bottle in car this one is a new criminal ploy
people use to steal cars so whether you’re a driver or a future driver you
should learn this trick did you know that before you get into your car you
should always check that your wheels don’t have any plastic bottles wedged
inside them the reason why is because of this scam thieves will find your car
parked up in a parking lot they’ll then place an empty plastic bottle inside the
wheel area of your car it may be at the front or the rear but it’s always on the
passenger side so it’s far away from you the driver then when you start your car
and begin to drive off you’ll hear a crunching sound which is the plastic
bottle of course you won’t know that though so you’ll jump out of your car to
see what’s going on you’re being instinctive and they’re just popping out
for a quick look and that’s the reason you don’t turn off your car and take
your key but while you’ve jumped out of your car to see what’s going on a
criminal has hopped in and taken your car or if they don’t take the actual car
they’ll take a valuable or two which is inside it so if you see a plastic bottle
in your car’s wheel then abuse to call the police and obviously take it
out this is a famous scam which has been going on for years in South Africa but
now it’s coming to European countries and the United States too the scam is
also apparently very popular in India and if you search Facebook there are
thousands of people complaining this has happened to them first a good way to
avoid this is parking in a secured or paid for parking lot next up is Elon
Musk Bitcoin scam now have no fear a billionaire is not trying to scam you
for Bitcoin but if you use Twitter you could be mistaken for thinking just that
click on any tweet by Elon Musk and the top reply will say I’m giving away 5,000
bitcoins to all the community the tweet will be from an account called Elon Musk
with Ellen’s picture and it will even be verified so it must be him right well no
this is actually a very popular scam which has been running for many weeks on
Twitter the scam happens every day and follows a very similar pattern scammers
hack into a verified account they then change the display name to Elon Musk and
the avatar photo they then replied to Elon Musk’s tweet with the scam and then
they pay bots to promote the tweet so it ranks highest on the list of replies
sadly many of Elon Musk’s followers actually fall for this and pay bitcoins
to these people but how exactly does the scam make money well they usually link
to a website where they claim to be giving away Bitcoin they simply ask you
to send point 1 bitcoins and then they’ll send you 10,000 bitcoins back of
course they’re doing this while pretending to be Elon Musk now you may
think who on earth would fall for this but Elon Musk has over 31 million
followers so some people do fall for it to say they’re working to prevent this
scam but it’s very hard to get ahead of they’ve been banning many of these fake
Bitcoin scam accounts and even accidentally banned Elon Musk’s real
account once according to the wallet which the scammers linked they got
around 28 bitcoins at today’s value that’s worth around a hundred and twenty
thousand dollars this scam is clearly lucrative so stay away and if you see
these scams be sure to report the tweet so Twitter can take it out next up is
car envelope this is another scam involving cars it
works like this you get into your car ready to drive to work or the place
you’re going but then you notice on the passenger seat there’s an envelope that
wasn’t there when you locked your car yesterday this means someone must have
broken into your vehicle and put the envelope in there inside the envelope
will be a letter saying we’ve tested your car’s alarm system and there’s a
possibility for a break-in as we demonstrated here there’s big security
flaws in your vehicle we expect some financial payment and in return we’ll
send you a recommendation to make sure this never happens again they’re
basically saying they’ll offer you a security service but really what they’re
saying is we’ll keep breaking into your car until you pay us ask a cop and
they’ll say never deal with someone trying to blackmail you in the letter
they will attach a phone number and an account number to a bank account but of
course you should never pay it as this will simply encourage them to come back
and do it again next up we have fake Corp this popular scam originated in
India and it’s also used in the USA in this scheme a scammer will impersonate a
police officer they may target someone like a new driver who’s scared of
getting a ticket or maybe an elderly driver who doesn’t know any better
they’ll pull them over by the side of the road and say there’s been some
scammers in the area in order to make sure you own the car that you’re driving
they need to look inside your wallet and your driver’s license the driver will
then hand over their wallet including their license by the time the fake cop
has given you back the wallet some money will be missing that’s right that fake
cop has taken your money this is why you should always ask for the cops badge
number and verify they’re a real cop before giving them anything you can
never be too careful next up is website visitor you may go on a website that
looks very authentic and then on the site it will say you’re the millionth
visitor and you’ve won a prize you may begin to celebrate but I
wouldn’t if I were you because that’s exactly how they scare me
well you’re excited about getting your prize and they’re clicking for exactly
what you need to do they say you have to pay for the delivery of the prize you’re
so excited to get the brand-new iPhone or the gift card for Amazon that you
just paid the delivery without thinking after all the prize is worth a lot more
than the few dollars he spent on delivery but the scam is they never
actually send you any instead you simply send them a few
dollars for delivery and never get anything they then do this on a mass
scale to build up a lot of money in some more sinister versions of this scam you
have to put in your credit card details they say this is for you to pay the
delivery fee but instead they simply steal all your information they then use
the info to hack and drain your bank account to zero this trick may seem very
old but millions fall for it every year and it’s thought every year seven
billion dollars is lost to scams just like this did you know the most common
scam on this list is the Elon Musk Bitcoin scam and those scams usually
originate from India Thailand and the Philippines also the main people to fall
victim to that scam is Americans and British people so watch out but now it’s
time to make your opinion heard vote in the poll in the top right corner have
you ever seen one of these scams on this list in real life if you want some more
amazing videos check out my second channel but as always thanks for
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  3. Me: Hey Police uh there is an USB drive on the wall..
    Police: And?
    Me: You need to help me it’s an emergency
    Police: uh hangs up

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  5. Yes I have seen these scams an the military scams and so many others. Lucky for me I dont fall for it cause I dont got no money no bank account for anyone to steal again. FACEBOOK has a scam as well and so does other high up places but I tell anyone if you to have pay for something they say you are due for then it's a scam. An I for one arent falling for an most military scams are originated in Nigeria an Iran and Iraq.

  6. Similar to the plastic bottle scam I've heard of someone lightly rear ending you, you get out to check the damage and then the passenger from that car or a follower jumps in and steals your car.

  7. I have had the 1,000,000 visitor one wich it said every time it reached 1,000,000 it would reset the amount. I have had it several times with the same thing.

  8. I don't think the bottle thing would get me. I tend to keep driving when I hear a strange noise in the hope that it will go away. Plus my radio would probably drown it out because I always leave it turned up too loud and blow out my eardrums when I start the car. Pisses me off all the time. Even when I'm the only one using my car. :-/

  9. Imagine if thieves are watching this they would be like thank you for the tips I will surely use this

    But this video is helpful though for us to be careful

  10. Elon musk scam can catch anyone that believe numbers don't lie cause anything online can fake, streams etc yes everything on internet can fake

  11. I find it kind of sad that a video needs to be made on some of these. I can't speak for everyone, but it should be common sense to never plug in a random USB Drive you find on the streets or to believe those "You're a Winner" ads that pop up.

  12. 6:18 28 bitcoin worth 120k very wrong because 28btc = to 270k to 300k since the past 5months so I would like to know when this video made

  13. The scam with Twitter and sending them money and they send you money Facebook had that going around for a while and I think it's still going around but supposedly it's coming from the guy who owns Facebook

  14. I came across a handful of USB dead drops, as I was working security for the site at the time I even alerted the BBC about the dead drop on one of the buildings in White City, London.

  15. I've seen sites that say you can watch movies for free. You think cool start the sign on then it says we need your credit card but we promise we won't change you.

    On Facebook for a while I kept getting I'm Ellen Degenarus (sp?) And you have won a prize. I sigh block then another Ellen account pops up with the same tag line. It got to the point I had to lookup every Ellen and block them to get it to stop. Now a new person has tried it.

  16. Maybe if they make a law saying anyone caught scaming people receive the death penalty automatically that would stop a lot of this crap.

  17. The Letter-left-in-the-locked-car one is a variation of a protection racket, like the mafia used: The real message is, "Pay Up or You'll Be Sorry!"

  18. I had the "you've won an Apple iPhone or something else," I haven't entered any competitions so I know it's a scam. I don't trust most sites and I do not give my phone number or bank on line, who's had the last laugh 😁 😂 😂 😂

  19. Yeah, the last fast and the furious movie used cookies to track people. Best quote: "Family is the most important oh and Levy go check the cookie" -Dom

  20. 911 what’s is your emergency. Hi yes there is a cookie under my doormat. Next thing you know you are getting arrested for pranking 911

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