33 Replies to “Illinois Horseshoe Meal | Food Network”

  1. That last place literally just wastes food. Customers continuously never finish those pancakes nor take them home.

  2. The horseshoe is starting to migrate south to St. Louis. A few places here now offer it. Shamrock's in St. Peters and O'Fallon (MO) has them.

  3. Central IL does it best! I'm from Central IL and currently live in Southern IL where they try to mock it. It just isn't the same.

  4. I’m from Chicago and next time when I go to Springfield for business meeting I’ll definitely go there for lunch.

  5. Just ate there for the first time today. The horseshoe truly is amazing, I wasn't hungry until after suppertime and that was only a light snack.

  6. hmmm 4 16" pancakes …. and its free … sure no problems .. whats the time limit if any
    I do 12 8" normally with canadian maple syrup and butter melted together and Canadian smoked bacon not the pancetta the americans mistakenly call bacon.

  7. It used to be called the Northside Diner my grandfather went there every day for breakfast for a long time that place is cool

  8. One of the best places to eat in Springfield. Dublin Pub makes a good shoe too. Darcys Pint has went downhill in the last 4 or 5 years. Jungle Jims is awesome too. Most restaurants in Springfield serve variations of horseshoes. Ham and hamburger are probably the top two, but chicken strips are good too. Rueben shoes are very good, if you like saurkraut.

  9. I mean no disrespect to that lady but I'm pretty sure her secret seasoning is Worchestire sauce. Granted, she could have had other things in there too but most horseshoe cheese sauce recipes call for it.

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