25 Replies to “Illustrator Tutorial: Team Logo Creation (E-Sports/Sports)”

  1. Everyone complaining about his prices. His logo work can easily go for more than 200-400. Quit being so cheap and support great work. I hate cheap people who want everything free. Fantastic work by the way, def helped me a lot. Cheers.

  2. Thanks a lot man. Your tutorial made me just as good as my freind . He takes classes for these so comparing to that you taught me good with just one video. Thanks again.

  3. This tutorial was terrible! you messed up how many times buddy and multiple times said "I have no clue what I'm doing" like get real and take this stupid A S S video off youtube! your terrible and dont know how to use illistrator at all. stop talking like an auctioneer and slow down. you talk to fast and no one can understand you. FIX THIS TUTORIAL NOW!!!!!

  4. who does my rectangle tool look soo much different??? like mine doesn't have all the points yours does and has these half circles along the edges

  5. Great tutorial. Homeboy needs to work on using his layers tho. It would have made it much easier to select items and keep things organized.

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