50 Replies to “'I'm in charge here': Mountie shuts down family soccer game”

  1. I thought cops always say they are busy and overworked yet they have plenty of time to harass families playing soccer. Notice they didn't' ask the other families only the brown ones.

  2. Way to go " Dickless Tracy " !!
    Hey, thanks be to God the family name wasn't Dziekanski, someone might have been tazed to death !!

  3. The royal Monty police are in charge of our parks now was there a safe injection site near by and these kids playing in the park was disturbing them 😆

  4. The RCMP has progressively turned into complete ASSCLOWN idiots, thanks to the hiring of only women and 3rd world immigrants.

  5. Government they are becoming the GOVERNOR of the prison they are slowly building and you f.ckin payed for it with your tax WTF UP

  6. I guess the crackdown on 6 year olds lemonade stands was a success and now need to move on from that operation.

  7. This moron is a disgrace to humanity, on the other hand she's a shining example of what to expect from members of the R.C.M.P.

  8. And the RCMP are puzzled why the public have so little respect for them…?
    At least the family playing soccer were not tazed or shot. For that we should be thankful.

  9. Cops don't use discretion anymore or common sense… there condescending robots who are being militarized… the was she says I'm in charge here? In charge of the public parks? I hope everyone she knows saw this and she's shunned for her behavoir

  10. You don't need a permit to kick a ball around. Never forget, when you deal with police, stand your ground! But remember police officers are stupid, armed, and frightened. Treat them as you would any dangerous animal.

  11. Women who like acting like Men….. But if not for the Men on the Force the Police Forces wouldn't exist long,the Bikers and other Aggressive Males would put these Women back where they belong ,producing Babies, Running the Household, and Cooking Meals for their Familys…..Putting Women in Male Roles is more Liberal/Left Perversion.

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