I'm the BEST ROCKET JUMPER EVER in Hot Dogs Horseshoes & Hand Grenades VR Gameplay

I'm the BEST ROCKET JUMPER EVER in Hot Dogs Horseshoes & Hand Grenades VR Gameplay

so now I can do this I think I'm creating like some sort of a nuclear weapon here goodbye Paul this here is probably just a good old regular shotgun so why don't we how do I they just put a me Oh then how do I just like this oh yeah that's the way it works nice shotgun that's what it is are you a blast jumper you can change I want to try that thing today but before that I'm just gonna get to know every weapon because I want to try them out and this looks almost like the colibri but it isn't the colibri I think you just reload it and chew it fine I know that one easy the wrench I know how to use the wrench you just hit people in the face with it these ones easy I got that under control this over here this here I tried it in the last one it is a flamethrower and the way you reload it is do this oh boy it's just a good old flame thrower that's where they throw that away isn't this the exact same thing it's dessert same shotgun and then we have this thing why is it that we have two of the same shotguns here actually scratch that three of the same shotguns and two of the same pistols why is it why is that I don't know this one I also played around with in the last video and I really liked it take it out load it in oh crap not the way I wanted to do it there we go loaded in do you like that and then shooty shooty shooty shooty shooty throwing or butterfly knife let's go baby how do I use this how does one part there you go Oh baby I did it I think okay so then I can put it okay I need to learn this oh look at that I'm hanging oh I'm so clumsy man the butterfly knife are you guys proud of the fact that I knew that at least I think that's the butterfly knife I'm not sure what is oh yeah oh oh baby this is this is you know some sort of some sort of grenade launcher thingamabob there you go put it up Oh can I change what it's gonna shoot nope I cannot do that kaboom oh it's just a grenade launcher that's what it is I know that thing and this here is not a grenade launcher verdes something else I think this is how the hell did I reload this oh that's the way I needed to do it and then like this and then put all these in there drag that out close that up and then start shooting and then once they are stuck to things we can click a button then they all explode oh yeah that's really nice good old ghost kangaroo Babu I think I don't know what this is it could be anything you just smack people with it makes a crashing sound like a bottle breaking sound but it doesn't break indestructible bottle scratch that four of the same shotguns four of the same now what is this oh yeah this is the machine gun I played around with this already you plunk it down over there and then you hold it like this and then you show right what else do we have here we have a bazooka with some sorts I think how do I know I don't put it in but put it in here that's the way I do it okay now is it just is it just oh I thought I was gonna have to kind of put a safety off first Oh how in the world am I gonna aim there's no way to aim with it there's nowhere to I thought I was gonna have to take a safety off first but I forgot this is team fortress so it doesn't really doesn't really matter then we have a shovel and then we can dig our own graves with now this thing it's oh this is the medic gun I know this one yeah then you shoot needles good for faced with an haha it doesn't even hurt that much then we have a double-barrel shotgun of sorts I think how do I open this one up maybe I don't need to open it oh yeah I knew this three four five seven come on it doesn't work good just shooter this how does this oh no way oh it shoots two times and then you need to cook it like that oh my god yes that's amazing like that one and then we have a baseball bat because I've tried that one this one has a dent in it so this one has been used I think I tried this in the previous video I'm not I'm not sure I think I did yeah this is this is a bolt-action sniper rifle and you can only load one bullet at a time shoot that bullet and then you know load another one which is very time per times take time taking or whatever I have no idea how you're supposed to do this quickly because I I don't know how to do this quickly it's really fun one three it's a huge scope though like this is a mega scope this is what you could call them also has it red outside but also and also that so it helps to eat it it helps what else this is the next to last thing yeah that's amazing man the machete I think this is the machete you think yeah surgery looks like it okay now I'm wondering should I try the blast jumping you know what I think I should so I'm gonna change my HP to 100,000 and I'm gonna do the spawn options panel we're gonna do movement options and we're gonna do which one is smooth locomotion smooth locomotion Oh chance crap well how do I even toggle this how do i how do I even enable this can i lock it into place how do wins thick single choice but enjoy pad maybe that's the one current movement mode arm swinger snort snort Twin Snakes print mode left winces twin-stick toggle mode hold the sprint controller forward hard right oh it works now okay so now when I have this enabled I should be able to shoot a rocket at my feet and I should gently get you know a liftoff here we go whoa it works oh boy what is happening why is my computer oh boy hello computer don't die on me oh don't die I've done the booboo at some point let's just see if we can start the game and maybe it works okay it's not lagging anymore okay cool so now I can do this I can rocket jump baby I can do that again I think there's a pump yep my browser history is my business leave me alone okay right let's let's see if we could get up on the roof here poof okay forwards whoo no almost holy crap that was really close stop shooting at me of more rockets for you as well I'm doing I'm doing a thing here oh that was a good one that was a good one okay here we go let's get off here okay right I'm up on the roof I think I can get to places now that I couldn't before I'm gonna try and get up there and oh baby oh baby oh and up on this thing I'm standing it there you go good job buddy who's shooting at me I failed okay I failed he's not the highest point I can I think it is damn it I really want to get up here meet me from that roof stop this I could potentially do it from that roof let's go over here baby oh this is so much fun okay stop stop stop stop stop down there be how much health do I even plenty of health come on get up here yes I am at the highest point of the bloody map cuz I can rock it jump damn it this is so much fun okay let's just shoot some things at people oh I can't multiply these ones that's a little bit of a shame well okay then oh yeah unlike support from a blah that's what I am here you go have some in my have some in my rockets oh yeah now if I do this they can also do it from oh my god I'm flying so high right now I'm like an local airstrike of sorts I don't know who I'm shooting it I'm just shooting it every ah I'm on the mountains okay it's so much fun to move around like this I love the map as well now I think I'm on team I've forgotten on which team I am on air strike away Oh somebody's shooting at me I think I'm on the blue team because those are red guys and they're shooting at me oh I need more enemies there's one there's a blue guy don't die it's fine it's a smoke screen I'm giving your attention okay here we go it's not gonna hit actually I don't think it is its aim slightly higher there you go that's a good one that's a good one nice all will actually went in holy crap I'm like a sniper but with rockets I'm actually surprising myself oh this is so much fun okay let's go forward oh you you okay rocket jump again first here we go Oh No okay look at your buddy damnit rocket jump why didn't I do this in the previous video I'm such an idiot this is so much fun pick one up there I think over there some people I got your cover buddies you know airstrike wacky they call me I think I hit him not sure die I think that was my friend I think it was blue I'm not sure though there's one he's dead and there's one there's one there's one what I can't hear you over the sound of my rockets hitting your face oh that's my friend I think I killed my friend it's fine there's sausages they don't have feelings I'm trying to see if I can kind of glitch the thing so if I have this cook Oh baby okay yeah I can kinda okay fine fine there's a guy hi oh that's my friend it's not my friend well the help ways everybody's shooting at me oh hi there bud Montilla they're both dead okay crap crap crap crap crap for too far too far here we go hey I actually did the rocket jump from a freaking wall that's a wall rocket jump Aoife oh my god this is so much fun if there you go get dad there's one more here gonna go get dad good boy wacky's off I just need to find out who the hell my teammate is I think I might be on the red team because they are not shooting it I've been killing my teammate this whole time it's totally fine as I told you they're frickin sausages Hey I'm so good oh my god I'm so gonna open I can fling it I'm wondering what this guy is doing because he I don't think he sees me yeah well that's what you get from being an idiot I have 82,000 health left I know buddy get kill me oh I missed okay let's do this again oh no oh well there you go that's you bunch of you guys dead I have a infinite amount of rockets you guys can't do shit against me and I can also rocket jump I know somebody's gonna spawn right here hello die die die oh three rockets with one jump I'm shooting my teammates it's fine they need to be tenderized to little bits a couple of guys over there as well as just rocket jump to them and shoot them in the face imagine being these sausages and having me on their team what how lucky is that they must feel so privileged hi doc here that are their friend dodge this what are you trying to do there you go what did I get him oh I did this game could be the fact that I have you know I'm pretty much unkillable as well that's probably what makes me so good at it lovely lovely sausage explosions how's how's life would you mind to get blown into pieces what are you trying to do friend what are you trying to do making bacon is that what you're doing are you honestly making bacon y'all gonna die y'all gonna die oh good let's rocket jump away and shoot somebody what window there's nobody to shoot okay oh that's my friend oh crap I'm so sorry so sorry here we go rocket jump you know for every friend that I kill I kill at least at least 10 enemy so it's you know it's a positive net result it's all that matters my friend get dead we saw away oh my god where oh this is so good this get dead yes I can I was wondering if I could use like momentum or you can use go oh my god I'm so freaking fast right now Oh ah what a lovely view okay I'm wondering can I get on top of the giant orange mustard bottle I can't get on top look at that holy crap oh no no no no stuff okay up we go oh my god I am officially king of the world I'm standing on top of this or this this thing here and nobody knows where I am I can just shoot an infinite amount of rockets at these tiny sausages down below and they have no idea what hit them I'm like unlike a permanent airstrike that's what I am can also produce throw these away and you know when they have all eat the ground we can do this and they're all gonna explode can I actually go there let's have a look there we go up on this thing nice I think the map ends over here I think I can go further than this yeah there's an invisible wall here huh go further I can shoot missiles further but I can't go further myself okay guys I think I'm going to leave this here if you want to see me play some more horseshoes and hand-grenades let me know what you would like to see me do in the comments below if you want me to pimp something or if you want me to continue playing this or if you know whatever you want yeah dad oh I'm flying for I think I'm creating like some sort of a nuclear weapon here there we go okay goodbye All My Jesus Lord I flew far that's the way you apparently fly to the ends of the world don't try visit home oh oh boy that is one hell of an explosion

33 Replies to “I'm the BEST ROCKET JUMPER EVER in Hot Dogs Horseshoes & Hand Grenades VR Gameplay”

  1. I like to imagine that viking whos whacky doing stupid things and talking alone in a room with something weir in the head :3

  2. You can also Sticky-jump with the Stickybomb Launcher.

    1 Sticky bomb if you wanna jump lower and 2 stickies if you wanna jump high.

  3. Wacky try using the rpg to rocket jump and then use ghe minigun to shoot at the people waill in the air

  4. Who else was triggered (pun intended) about the rocket launcher it can hold 4 rockets at a time wacky

  5. Hey wacky don stop doing videos you make me happy wen I see a heart in my comment can you make a skyblock video doing mi challenges the challenges are that you write mi name witecreper with cobblestone in the Sky and do a floating house under the island please make me happy 🙏🙏🙏

  6. Pls try to use only one kind of class at a time (use the 3 or 2 stock weapon from one of the bar)
    Like that demoman
    Only that 3 weapon
    Or heavy
    1. Miningun
    or whatever, just use 1 kind of class at a time

  7. Demoman stock weapon
    1.Grenade launcher
    Xplode on impact with enemy
    2.Sticky Bomb Launcher
    It's useful for trap
    (And last but no least)

  8. There are more of the same gun cuz those are the classes. Example engeneer has a shot gun for a primary, heavy has a shotgun as a secondary and soldier has a shotgun for the secondary, that's why there are multiple weapons cuz the classes have that weapon in there arsenal

  9. Whacky you make great content and seem to genuinely be a good guy so keep it up. Also what a beast.

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