hang on oh my god I freaking know – I was just about to pose but good morning hey what's up everybody focus on Baird right now what's going on guys hey I don't know they say does it 300k yeah that's gold very good morning we started video out by making every single person in that camera go subscribe to bear down below right there goody I saw it click on that you click on a little I'll bring it up see bear to subscribe right there you know wise over I keep bear to California and as they go subscribe bears will stay in California yeah sure you might go back home did shoot why because I have to in like three months or so and that's you know okay guys we got a cookie fared a real Hallie this video gets 50 candies or above that's what bear should have the subscriber box I we roll out right now and I'm going to snap these two little fingers and we're going to Pier where we want to appear Laguna my fingers do this snapping never I just like it never gets me where I want to go okay ready watch it one more go I feel like I could do I think I have to get higher get someone up here's you guys to see the view and then the snap work I old homeplace okay I want admit something guys I almost a spell now watch this I mean better altitude up here marks but now you're just like figures up oh my god my hair how cinematical is that there guys I want you to comment down below rate that from one to ten how cinematic that was we had 300k today thank you all so much for hitting that subscribe button if you haven't already and you want to become part of the family go under the video hit subscribe while you're there hit the bell you'll get notifications when we post awesome videos every day and you have a chance also when a shout out which I might as well do right now so shout out to this person right here for turning on their post notifications after they subscribe they also like the last video and they commented telling us hatch or my post notifications on please shout out this you guys off trance which makes you do that and thank you bone Appetit good at like bosses police car business and looking to each health and this guy's speeding we have arrived we're here at Philips Auto you guys never saw the laferrari that $5,000,000 like yellow laferrari that they have that's this place it's right there if you guys want to check out the videos good video they have a bunch of cool used cars outside too that are exotic so I go look around in shopping I mean this is my favorite part right here I want a Porsche so bad like I'm actually looking into it comment down below what Porsche you guys think would be cool the daily commune Jemma this thing is baller look at this old Porsche speedster tank on all I got you some of you take your pick your today how pretty it is look at her ah so gorge they change the set up now so you can see like the full interior it's the best everything you've ever seen the steering wheels can go to be like a signal pentagon I'm kind of upset oh my god Barrett how good is it I want one we piece it out of this joint that's the saying some some clear person's mind I only know I said it guys we're going into the Spencer and there's your car sitting out there look at that thing hmm good stop Spencer got to pull all got it sounds locked as crap look at that guy over there say hi please focus camera in the time of need like this they have an R 34 here which you never ever see and the whole interior is gutted got that Alcantara / tinfoil interior oh my god this is like the classic hyper car you guys have like a like I bet I can use to like it in this thing or like a trampoline so my entrance game step out is give them that right like jump into their underwear maybe it's like run and just like power jump into a thing I hope that you land in it that is a process I just be sure that what I do is I do not in grab your knees and then pull in there you go oh like this right here is going to be so worn out one day I want someone to know that if you weigh above 200 pounds your but cannot fit in here we get in food guys that guys are stud right there I've met that guy before do you like that guy Kaden good vibes going to look at Josh's car obviously got in at the car yellow that's what are we doing this guys right there guys this kid is straight up getting arrested right now pretty much he was standing there a meteor somehow fell off the building that he's next to hit him in the nose did he got super pissed there's a guy running on the tree with a horse he's like horseback riding kick the horses like in horse poop he kicked the horse to commend the car hit another car meteor ended up rolling off the building again hit the car knocked over the car onto the horse horse died stop hold MOH restart like in on that to the cop cause then he's getting arrested so now can I guys hope you enjoyed today so what you just missed they were on their way walking back the horse actually cut start coming back to life bear knows CPR he helped you horse out the horses battery the guy literally just called his insurance company shares company rolled up in a PCV pipe like Moby PVC his real tacos insured somebody came up he thought it was triple a bad end up being what's it called Geico and then he told the cops take 50% on car insurance the cop was like that's not true that's a myth so then what I ain't got he made them do the drug test to make sure he was ok with all walking the dude trips over falls lands on the cops you says what are those Lily doesn't car because one of those on the way down that water that was the drug test cop punches him in the face dude talk dis you straight out oh so now horse your dreams de grande cup but God killed him well you just talking to table on the face who's not doing really good same ones man up another house what is it good morning guys it is the next day we just finished out last night didn't really want to film anything we were fine waking up in the morning if them a little bit more for you guys it is 7:45 in the morning we got up early and Grammys meeting me here we're going to go grab a bottle I have the mini trampoline in the back and we're going to hit some trick shots at the park over here we got Gatorade we got Gatorade at a trampoline was that meant tighter heck yeah man sorry alright so we didn't put legs on it so we could do stuff like that go hit about him go go food Robert he killed me oh my child I was dope okay yeah I got say Jamie's everything and early y'all what up guys do we're bringing it back thank you guys all right 9 supplied some duct tape he's a lucky guy you taped some stuff guys don't bitter that anywhere but if you save something make sure you tape it up first ever duct tape giveaway clothes dress duct tapes I've got the squad with us they're rolling out the rolling deep with us tack a little bit and I'll hit like this I was so tight how cool is that that was crazy this whole little section right here where we can put the Tramp right here and we'll just cut oh my god whoa whoa oh my god but what grade you guys in I never thought I'd have so many middle school friends this morning Oh Waller leaking already set it against the fence and it'll go up onto the floor oh that's genius I know it is bro I thought of it oh you guys have a big squad I like it and drawing a picture oh my god oh we're going to go buy two of these from Chevron gets $5 oh shoot it's always a fire nobody touches that that guy's gonna live there for love let me scare enough always look check you I guess I could hear something on the phone oh yeah yeah you talk idiot yeah that's not sliding anytime on flex from 180 ah I was ready for this yeah see I look out Oh George's got middle school jack they come out this phone right here hey I've gotta fight some middle schoolers I'm sure you guys did he kind of got it stuck Oh Oh Jeremy that was so sick dude City really you want to chug go halfway cuz let's try got a team out here Alex the Gatorade retriever he just made like what it likes did you take my 80% profit on that so I guys who's the smartest here it's not cool to get deeply I'll see hydrogen oh this kid falling out yeah we we got to get in here let me check him out he's rocking a 94% a B minus B plus he's got a be an a a not bad not bad I respect that wait so which class you guys all have that you could like watch this video Sebastian all right I'm going to shower out in the video and then you guys have to tell you guys have to watch it they're watching this in class today guys all right guys ready for this first person shot first time with my expertise in bottle flipping I thought of an idea we're going to set up the trampoline with one leg pegs up in front of a basketball hoop first want to make it make a basket win first one to make a free throw getting us back yeah oh so close all right there's a line on the bottom hold on oh very sad catch him yeah try to oh shoot no oh my god done and you hold that in the air proudly what's your name again I forgot East and the filmer you win okay so they're all giving it a try like the third kid Ethan made it and we were all gonna try to take it away but all right guys that's gonna wrap up the whole video thank you guys all so so much for watching guys where you going bye god I switch the Vale of kids I'm a constant guy hi guys thanks for watching hope you enjoyed make sure you try posso vacations comment down below like like the video do all the stuff subscribe we'll see you guys tomorrow one through three ba alright when he lands the kickflip videos over [Applause]


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